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~ THE TRUTH HURTS -- Patrick H. Bellringer ~ (with Comment by Anne Bellringer)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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NOTE:  I was asked by Patrick to post this tmiely writing.  He wrote it in1996, but the Truth statements are timeless.  May this article be helpful to many.   ..... Anne




Does Truth reveal? Uncover? Bring into the Light?                                                  

          Does Truth relentlessly fracture past relationships?


Does Truth upset ideas? Traditions? Customs?

          Does Truth invade your hard-won privacy?


Does Truth uncover the lie? The evil secret?

          Does Truth bring to light the hidden past?


Does Truth threaten your ego?

          Your self-centeredness? Your pride?


Does Truth offend your "religious" teachings?

          Does Truth run counter to your "holy book" notations?


Does Truth cause you agony and sleepless nights?

          Does Truth bring you fear? Guilt? Remorse? Insight?


Does Truth invade to your very soul? And tear you apart?

          Does Truth bring the spreading warmth of Light?


Does Truth bring forgiveness? Cleanness? Healing?

          Does Truth bring new hope? Vision? Love?


Does Truth sweep away the cob-webs of the mind?

          Does Truth give divine teachings of knowledge? Wisdom?


Does Truth give revelation of the God-Spirit within you?

          Does Truth release the creative power of your soul?"


Does Truth bring peace in knowing that---ultimately,

          Lie is swept away---and only Truth prevails?


Does Truth hurt?

          To the point of the re-creation--of a new you?

by Patrick H. Bellringer - 1996