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GUARDIANS OF THE NIGHT - A Poem by Patrick H. Bellringer

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Under the Cosmic canopy, a myriad star specks of Light

Outline the constellations on a warm summer's night.

The Heavens are telling the glory of God,

---all starships camouflaged from the unknowing!


Through the vast smokey-white Light of the "milky-way" band

With stars more numerous than the sea shore sand,

The firmament proclaims God's handiwork,

---and only a few take notice!


A lighted starship swiftly travels his designated Cosmic pathway,

Weaving silently through throngs of fellow lighted travelers,

As day to day pours forth God's speech,

---but few have ears for hearing!


The golden flash of a beamship arcs gently across the night sky,

And Starships flash rainbow beacons against the backdrop of endless space,

As night to night declare God's knowledge,

---for only a remnant to understand!


The prancing blue-white Light circle of a Cosmic traveler,

Leaves an angular trail of golden stardust behind.

Watchers are hushed into etheric silence,

With only the cricket chirpings to mar the One Source stillness,

---and Earth-Shan waits!


The startling shadow of a grand lighted disc,

Floats quickly and nearly unnoticed overhead,

Like a hawk gliding silently through forest trees,

Leaving no record but an image on the Spirit-Mind,

---and there are those who know!


The twinkling blue-white flashes of a lone starship,

Peeps through a rift in the winter clouds,

And through the frost on my window pane--

A Cosmic sentinel stationed at his primary outpost,

---and I see---and I know!


The silver white Light of a gloriously round moon,

Streams across the Christmas Eve snow,

With the intensity of a Cosmic searchlight,

Leaving a single twinkling ship standing guard at sun up,

---and the crew on the Phoenix waits!


The command ships of the Lighted Realms appear ever bolder, never still.

Ptaah of the north and Ismiahh of the southern sky,

Semjase of the east, Korton of the west,

And the Phoenix against the golden sunrise---

Welcoming each new day,

---and All are my guardians of the night.