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"Hello, Central!" What Are The Prosperity Programs? There Are Many Of Us Who Do Not Know About Them (Re-post)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: PD


Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2006 7:33 AM

Subject: Prosperity Programs

Dear Patrick,

You have described this distribution of wealth called the Prosperity Programs. Also, you have stated that there are packets being delivered to some people, somewhere; with great secrecy.

Will you please explain, at least, what these Prosperity Programs are, when were they started and what categories of people are receiving them?

Some know about the Farms Program meant for the farmers and piggy-backed by people who submitted their names in the law-suit. There were also those various programs touted by Clyde Hood and the Mattoon gang under various names,e.g. Omega, etc. All associated with those thrown in jail for deception and using funds from the people who thought they were getting into these programs. Then there were programs through Michael Kasinski who collected cash from people in order to insert their names into these programs and then there was Dove who posted on your site for some time and was banished. There were tens of thousands involved, some who waited for over 20 years, some 10 years, dangled by promises of packets coming; today, tomorrow, next week; so on and so forth.

Q. Are these the programs you are referring to? If not what other programs are you talking about?

Please post and comment on this.


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: July 23, 2006


Dear PD:

Thank you for your letter. The name "Prosperity Program" was given to these programs some years ago by "The Dove", who was reporting their progress for awhile. These are bank "roll programs" that are commonly used only by bankers and other wealthy people to gain great return on their money. These programs are also known as arbitrages in the financial world.

A small amount of money is invested in a trade or roll program that generates a return of 200:1, 5:1 or even 1000:1 and more in 30 days or even only one week. If the money is left in and "rolls" again for the next 30 day cycle, much more money is generated. Basically, this money is produced by "ripping off" the assets and resources of third world countries.

In the 1900's there were children of very wealthy families, who did not like the greed of their parents, and who wanted to do something to help remove the poverty of humanity. One hundred of these wealthy children each invested one million dollars in their parent's "roll" programs, and stipulated the return to be used for humanitarian purposes only. In a few years enormous funds were generated by allowing the funds to "roll" again and again. That money will be used for great good after NESARA is implemented.

Wealthy people make friends with other wealthy people and invite them into their roll programs. In the early 1990's multiple-level marketing was booming and a few multi-level marketers became wealthy. Guess what? Someone invited some of these new wealthy people to invest in their roll programs. Big mistake! When a multi-level marketer finds something good, he shares it with his down-line, for that is the nature of his business.

Suddenly, word was spread from one multi-level marketer to another, and to their down-lines, and in a matter of only a few days, news of these roll programs was spread across the U.S. and around the world. Arrangements were made for people to invest as little as one hundred dollars in one of these roll programs. When enough money was accumulated to meet the required amount for a "roll", the money was put into the "roll", with the understanding that each small investor would receive their apportioned share at pay-out time. During the 1990's thousands (maybe millions) of little people became involved in at least 72 different roll programs.

Some of the names of these programs are Savage, SBC Charcoe, Bergevene, ITI, Morgan, Hong Kong, Omega and Treasury Gate. As in any money transactions, there is always greed and fraud. The bankers were angry that their roll programs had been found out by the people, and that so many people were now involved in them. The bankers worked to stop these programs and stop their funding. The lied to and bribed program managers, and hauled many into court under false pretense. Some program managers were corrupt and worked for the Darkside.

Over the years many people went to jail, while others went under-cover or died. Few, if any, people ever received funds from these programs. Most are still waiting and hoping to be able to use their money due them to do great good for their fellowman. That was the purpose of these Prosperity Programs and it still is.

Know that God works in strange ways, His wonders to perform. There were many good people in these programs, who helped to save them by keeping the records and covertly moving documents and information and money through the proper channels. Price-Waterhouse and the Treasury of the Republic of the U.S. of A. have worked together to maintain, audit and secure the records of these many Prosperity Programs, which are now in the process of funding.

As with the Farm Claims, these Prosperity Programs have been held and not allowed to fund until we have a gold standard banking system. The money must be paid out to the people only when it is backed by gold and silver, as lawfully required by the U.S. Constitution of the Republic. Otherwise, the Federal Reserve bankers would steal the money under their fiat credit money system. Because NESARA brings in the gold banking system, the bankers have worked hard to stop NESARA and/or the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims. Money is power, and to give money to the people is to give their power away.

Think how long the bankers and the tax people have worked to take the money away from the people to build their One World Order. For them to give the money back to the people is insane. They would rather die than give up their power. Rest assured that Creator God's Plan is to bring balance and harmony to Earth Shan, and returning wealth to the people is part of restoring balance in the financial area.

Many times some of these programs were ready to fund, but the Darkside stopped them. That may have been for good reason, as the people may have lost their money under the FRB system. Things are now in sequence for goodness to prevail on Earth Shan. Expect good changes at anytime. The delivery of the bank packets for these Prosperity Programs has been on-going these past weeks, and is now nearly completed worldwide. NESARA brings both the banking change and the funding of these programs. NESARA can happen on any day! We are that close to great changes for good.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer