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| WATCH | The COVID Shot: Risk vs. Choice - Dr. Peter McCullough

Mat Staver

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Freedom Alive™

The COVID Shot: Risk vs. Choice - Dr. Peter McCullough

The truth about the COVID treatments has been blatantly censored. On this episode of Freedom Alive™, Dr. Peter McCullough shares life-saving information and examples of how each person can exercise medical freedom.

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Covenant Journey Podcast

Hosted by Mat Staver, author, attorney, pastor and founder of

Covenant Journey

A fascinating study of the Scriptures that brings to life the meaning of the biblical text using history, original languages and Jewish culture. These in-depth messages will strengthen your faith and your understanding of the Bible.

The Pools of Bethesda - Part 1

Dive into the cleansing pools and experience a life-changing moment in history.

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The Pools of Bethesda - Part 2

Immerse yourself in a deeper understanding of one of Christ's most profound acts on earth.

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