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"Hello, Central!" Why the California Fires?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: SR

Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 10:51 AM

To: Bellringer

Subject: California fires and Nesara

Hello Mr. Bellringer,

Today I read your update about Nesara and all the hoped for things to come. My question today is:

Do you think the California fires were started by the government to cause another incident to occur to delay the announcement of Nesara? Since they did that on 9/11 wouldn’t be to surprising to learn that they did this.

If not that, then do you have any idea on a spiritual level why this is happening to California? I grew up in San Diego, and half of my family members are still there and other places in Southern Ca, we are all waiting to see the damages after the winds die down. Some of my family has been evacuated but they did not go to the stadium, don’t want Fema in control of their lives, if things turn worst I have asked them to come to Arizona where I live.

Any insights would be appreciated.

Thank you



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Oct. 25, 2007


Dear SR:

Thank you for your letter. You ask the same question with which many of us have struggled these past few days. We have been told repeatedly by Creator God Aton that the Forces of Light are under his orders to prevent any further terrorist attacks in the U.S. Many times they have stopped G.W. Bush from nuking major U.S. cities, nuking the huge oil depot in Texas City, TX, or creating artificial earthquakes in California, etc. Should such a terrorist attack be accomplished, the government plan is to blame the attack on Iranian terrorists, as a reason to bomb Iran off the face of the earth. Such shall not be.

Thousands of the fire victims in California were evacuated to a huge stadium for "safety", against all the rules taught to emergency personnel, just as in the Katrina Hurricane situation. An "artificial earthquake" could have collapsed the stadium and killed thousands in another U. S. Government planned terrorist attack, as was 9/11. People woke up to that possibility and left the California stadium quickly to be sheltered with family, friends, churches, schools, etc.

These California fires were not started by arsonists, though the authorities are trying hard to pin it on someone. Mother Nature is the cause of these fires and is part of her cleansing. The firefighters can not explain why spot fires start in the most unusual places and sometimes many at one time. Some authorities know the reason but are afraid to speak the Truth.

This area of California is made up of volcanic mountains with fault lines and steep slopes. Much of the vegetation is chaparral, a low growing brush with high oil content that grows profusely. It may burn off every year but grows back, because the roots are not killed. In the fall the leaves dry, the desert type vegetation and grasses dry, humidity is low, temperature and winds are high, and all is set for a disaster to happen.

Lightening may start fires, many are man-caused by cigarettes or trash burning, etc. but this year is different. Mother Earth is rocking and rolling all along the Pacific Rim but few are aware. California is part of the Pacific Rim and is shaking badly. Fault lines are moving and new fissures are opening. From these cracks in the earth methane gas is seeping out. This gas may spread and be ignited by a spark from a passing car engine or tire on the road, or spread to a house and be ignited by a spark from an electrical appliance, gas pilot light on a furnace or hot water heater, match, cigarette, etc.

A whole valley or hillside may suddenly be engulfed in flames when the methane gas reaches the proper concentration and is ignited. A news reporter on T.V. yesterday said that fire can follow a tree root underground for a thousand feet and suddenly emerge and start a spotfire. That is nonsense. The fire is following a fissure from which methane gas is emerging.

Methane gas is lighter than air and is seeping out of the ground from fault lines in many parts of the world. Last summer the unexplained grass fires in Texas and Oklahoma were fueled by methane gas seeping from fault lines. The ground would keep burning and the fire could not be put out, or a large area of grassland or open ground with no vegetation would suddenly burst into flame. Methane gas can also be ignited by friction between moving rocks in a fault line. If enough gas is seeping to the surface, such fires can burn continually and are difficult to extinguish.

People, who are enlightened, understand that there are reasons for fires, and that fire is a great cleanser of negative energies. Negative energy has been increasing in Southern California for many years. The source is fear, greed, hatred, immorality, selfishness, materialism, etc. stemming from the Hollywood scene and movie industry, wealth plus the affluent society resulting from Hollywood, increase in population and the resultant crime, racism, and now the illegal alien problem, among many other factors.

Earth Shan is cleansing away negativity and bringing her people back to reality. Things are not important and are lost in the fires. Life, love, relationships, family, friends, neighbors, caring, giving, receiving, awakening to Truth and lessons in soul growth are what are important. That is what is really happening in California. That, I believe, is "Why the California fires?" In Katrina water was the cleanings factor. In California it is fire!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer