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“Hello, Central!” N E S A R A Mission Questions

Patrick H. Bellringer

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It has been quiet these past days due to a serious gag order on news of the critical meetings and actions happening away from public view to bring a conclusion to this Mission. Finally, reluctance on the part of the “non-captain” of the western team to sign the last remaining document was at issue.

Quoting “Poof”, this “document was signed in U.S. late Friday night. Back on line for the finish. This will be over within days.” The signing of this document removed the remaining hurdle to moving the funding into position. Quoting “Casper” – “Deliveries should occur within 48 hours unless G.W. blows something up and blames it on Iran” (dated 11-05-07). Let us hope that we complete the NESARA Mission this week.

The accounts held in banks that close are to be moved to gold-chartered banks and the account holders notified accordingly. Your money will be kept safe and exchanged one for one with the new gold currency. The entire process of funding the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims was dependent upon having a gold-backed banking system in place. Until now this was not the case.

To fund these programs under the credit money system of the Federal Reserve, would only mean that the money would be stolen by the bankers again, and the people would have nothing. It has been a long and hard struggle to establish the Global gold banking system, but it has been accomplished, and the Federal Reserve fiat money system is now crumbling of its own corruption. The bankers and politicians and the U.S. Administration have used every trick in their book and in Satan’s Book to keep their evil banking system in place, but they have been defeated.

You should see many things happening quickly in these next few days to bring the changes to goodness that are so needed. May we celebrate a most joyous Thanksgiving Season this year.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer