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"Hello, Central!" My Question is About Killing The Illuminati in Defense Of Earth & Its People.

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: TS


Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 5:12 PM

Subject: The Aton order.

I don't know exactly what impact this this has on Nesara implementation. To paraphrase: Aton/Haton ordered the Chinese Secret Society to kill those Illuminati in defense of earth and its people. This is acceptable within "Laws of Creation." It’s a matter of self defense and Aton did not give this order frivolously. This message from Aton has never left my mind. It was most unusual. I can't stop wondering about it. The senses just cannot get the "whole picture".


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Oct. 14, 2007


Dear TS:

The Truth in the Bible has been twisted. Creator God never said "You shall not kill!" He said, "You shall not commit murder!" If you read Phoenix Journal #27, Esu Immanuel Sananda explains Law/Commandment number seven quite clearly.

You must protect yourself and your family from someone intent on murdering them. By not doing so and allowing any of your family to be murdered, and you did nothing, by Cosmic Law you have committed murder. By doing nothing to stop one from killing you and you die, you have committed suicide.

The same holds true of society. The people in a society must protect themselves from those, who are killing them. They kill only those, who are the murderers. This is what is happening in Iraq. What G.W. Bush likes to call "Insurgents", in most cases are Iraqi citizens trying to protect themselves and their family from the U.S. Military killers. They are freedom fighters. They are killing in self-defense, which Creator God allows.

Your physical body is the only vehicle you have in this lifestream, through which you can express and experience to learn your lessons in soul growth and carry out your mission contract you made with Creator God. Your physical life is precious, and by Cosmic Law no one is allowed to freely take it from you. Therein is murder!

The situation in Israel today is another example to consider. The Zionists say, " we must kill or be killed". They have stolen the land from the lawful owners, the Palestinians, and to keep it they murder the true owners, while the Palestinians kill in self-defense.

The most recent national example of killing is the slaughter happening in Burma today. The Buddhist priests are committing suicide by their pacifist stance of not trying to defend themselves against the military and police, while the people are committing murder by taking no action to stop the killing of the priests and innocent people. Of course, the military and the police by evil intent are committing out-right murder of the Burmese people.

Know that Creator God values human life very highly and always considers the intent of the heart.

May you always find the Truth you seek.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer