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"Hello, Central!" What Does It All Mean To The Average American & World Citizen?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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some of the Phoenix journals and feel a lot of truth recorded there.

However, with all the Poof reports, Casper reports, Nesara reports, and now Global banking reports, what does it mean to the average person in the world, since the US dominates the world and what ever happens here will happen there.

My first thoughts were that the packets (which I am not one of those to receive) would start the Nesara announcement that would help the US and World citizens. Now I am not sure about that and wonder if you could now state what you think is going to happen when these announcements happen.

Also, I recently read on the Zeta reports that the puppet master, Mr. Rothschild now wants to own the new banking system to replace his ownership of the Federal Reserve, so if that is true, wouldn’t that leave us all in the same boat we are now in?

What I thought I had learned from past reports from many sources was this:

Nesara would wipe out all interest bearing debts and people would be freed to learn about the coming earth changes and could better prepare for them (since the stress of money would be gone), because even the elite know about the coming earth changes. So if possible could you give from your vast background the coming events and how they affect mankind.

Thank you for all the past information.



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Oct. 8, 2007


Dear SR:

Thank you for your letter. In my recent "Hello, Central!" entitled "Our New Global System", I believe, I have already addressed some of your questions concerning coming events. Many other "Hello, Central!" have also covered this topic.

We are led to believe through the U.S. Media propaganda machine that the U.S. dominates the world, but this is far from true. Our entire economy is now supported by loans extended to us from other nations. Either China or Japan could "pull the plug" on us and our economy would totally crash.

Since the 1970's and their development of the Nikola Tesla technology, the White Russian Military has been far superior to that of the U.S. Their cosmospheres with scalar technology control the skies of planet Earth. The U.S. Space Program is almost totally fake. Nuclear is now obsolete and Russia could destroy the U.S. military in an instant, if they so desired. They are working with Hatonn to stop the use of all nuclear for evil intent on Earth Shan at the present time.

Due to the past and present corrupt U.S. Administrations the U.S. has totally lost its standing for goodness in the world. The U.S. has nearly bled itself to death through its unlawful military actions worldwide in search of Empire and world conquest, and now stands in history, as a hollow nation, bereft of its high calling to be the Lighthouse for goodness in the world.

To further answer your questions the implementation of NESARA by public announcement will start the process of recovery in the Western Hemisphere. The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton Cabal will go down together. Rothschilds have wisely chosen to work with Global Family on the side of goodness. Debt settlement for all nations, debt forgiveness to the Federal Reserve, end of unlawful taxation, abundance to care for the needy, justice and freedom for all people, and the establishment of sovereignty for all nations under a Union of Peaceful Nations is the plan for the future.

We shall proceed with Creator God's Plan for our time until Mother Earth provides us with other attractions.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer