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"Hello, Central!" Our New Global System(Updated 10-7-07)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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in the military, I was taught redundancy. In other words, when a mission needed to be accomplished, the “Higher Ups” would have multiple teams ready to accomplish the mission without them knowing that there are parallel teams being prepared. This of coarse would assure that the mission would be accomplished no matter which team actually made it happen.

I say this because, I see a sense of redundancy in Casper, Poof, Christopher Story, Ron Paul, NESERA, and a couple of other organizations/people that are in essence working separately and possibly without any collaboration with each other yet attempting to accomplish the same mission. I have noticed a great sense of similarity regarding dates, events, terminology, and even the programs itself. I must admit, at times it makes me wonder if we are all one organization and if so, who is truly behind the scene leading the pack.

We speak of attempting to abolish the Federal Reserve because they are independent criminal bankers who were established by the Illuminati for their self gain and domination. We speak of reverting our monetary system back to a Pre-Federal Reserve state where we give strength back to our constitution and bring back the true meaning if the word “sovereignty”, yet our new system is Global linking other countries together with ours and bringing us closer to a one world monetary system which is in part what the Illuminati have been planning for years. We preach against a New Word Order or New Underworld Order as some call it, but are in essence creating or preparing the way for the very thing we preach against.

I say this not to mock our system, but rather to speak the obvious. In the eyes of a simple man, this can be quite confusing and overwhelming. Many of us, have been given false hope in that time and time again, we have been promised redemption and yet our day still lingers on with no clear sign of when it will actually take place. Dates, promises, and announcements are written, posted, and spoken to no avail. This can be very frustrating not only to the receiver of these messages, but also to the givers themselves.

I write you because we all who read your reports appreciate your Intel and feel your frustration. I often compare your Intel with mine and those of the list above to see if we are all on the same track. I too write and talk to a local group of our progress and often get frustrated when what we are told will happen does not.

One thing is for sure, “we are all waiting for something to take place within these days.”

Is your system the same as mine? I do not know.

Does it involve the abolishment of the Feds, Yes.

Does it involve the U.S. Treasury; Yes.

Is our monetary system “Asset Backed” (Not Fiat); Yes.

Should we have been up and running already; Yes.

Are we online as of today but not made public; Yes.

Are monies available but not yet transferred; Yes.

Are we also waiting for an announcement to take place before we start; Yes.

Must it all happen at once; Yes.

Are the “powers that be” doing their best to prevent it from happening; Yes!

Again I ask, is your system the same as mine? “I don’t know…”

Is there redundancy? Absolutely!!!!

So what is the point behind my writing? Simply that, this very thing that we are all waiting is going to happen. One of our teams will finally accomplish the mission and we will all be better for it. Do not grow weary. Do not grow faint. Do not get discouraged. Continue to write what you are being told by your sources. Your readers will understand the variables.

Soon the day will come; very soon..


Another team member.


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer

TO: J:

DATE: Oct. 7, 2007


Dear JL:

Thank you for your letter and your words of encouragement. You are a very wise man.

Creator God Aton's Plan 2000 is a global plan of peace, freedom, justice, abundance and sovereignty for all, who dwell on Earth Shan. Had the Darkside returned to the Light twenty years ago, as they had agreed to do, probably we would have achieved this Plan by the year 2000. Then we would have had a fairly smooth ride into 5D for our planet. Such was not to be.

As you well know our country and our world has been on a downward spiral into Darkness at an accelerating rate, which has alarmed the Lightworkers worldwide. Rest assured that Creator God has no intent to allow the Darkside to win on Earth Shan. Though it may not seem so, His Plan 2000 is still viable and slowly unfolding for goodness to reign supreme.

Yes, there is to be a New World Order, but quite the opposite of that planned by the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Bush/Clinton Cabal, etc. Creator God's New World Order is forming under the direction of many enlightened ones, who are directing the process. The United Nations, as we now know it, is being re-structured and will form the organization that over-sees the peace, justice, freedom, abundance and sovereignty of every nation.

The process of bringing the nations of our world into goodness is now occurring with many governments and leaders being replaced with new ones. The most belligerent nation in this process is the United States of America, followed by Britain and Israel. These Zionist governments are determined to achieve their own evil One World Order by any means, even to destroying our planet. Human life and God's Creation has little value to them. Their reasoning is beyond our comprehension, for they would destroy all to gain their goals.

After years of work by Lightworkers in key positions God's Plan 2000 is finally taking shape. On September 19, 2007 the Global Banking System was established. The U.S. Treasury of the Republic is now under that system and is scheduled to activate this week. NESARA is also scheduled for implementation this week. This would begin the domino effect of worldwide change by abolishing the Federal Reserve Banking System and the Internal Revenue Service and the present unlawful U.S. Government, including the Department of Homeland Security and Patriot Acts I and II.

You ask, "Is your system the same as mine?" My answer is, "yes!" I also answer "yes" to all of your ten questions. Great minds think in the same circles. As someone once said, "I love it when the plan comes together!" I believe the plan is coming together this very week. Soon we will be able to say, "Mission accomplished!"

I need to remind you that God's Plan 2000 includes the option of Mother Earth and what she chooses to do. We are well aware that we have failed to be good stewards of our planet,and that she is dying. Therefore, at any moment our 3D experience may be interrupted by major earth changes, which require evacuation. The Plan continues with Earth Shan's restoration and re-population in a 5D mode.

We shall press on until we have completed our mission. Know it!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer