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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Patrick has again directed me to pos=it this "Hello, Central!" because it is most helpful at this time. It's a lesson for all of us.'
On 12/20/2019 9:19 AM, jk wrote:
In order to control the future:  Free will, free speech and critical thinking, the foundations upon which America was built, must be eliminated.  Is it a coincidence, that for the last 80+ years, all three of these are being attacked or slowly eliminated by our government through laws and the debasement of the educational system?  J K

FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  JK

DATE:  12-21-19

 SUBJECT:  Reply

Dear JK:

    Thank you for raising this most critical question.  It is definitely not a coincidence that free speech, freewill and critical thinking have been slowly eliminated in our society and in the entire world.  This effort is directed at control of our world by the Serpent People, as Creator God Aton of Light calls them. We know them today as the Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks (KGB) or Communists/Socialists, etc.

    The person, who uses his freewill and critical thinking to understand the Laws of God and Creation,  and endeavors to live by them is a major threat to the tenets of the Serpent People.  When a person learns the power of his God Spirit within and speaks and acts to create Goodness, the Darkside Serpent People are rendered helpless and tremble in fear.  They have no such spiritual power.

    Therefore, to gain control of our world the people must be "dumbed down", ignorant of knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge, and not allowed to use their freewill or to think for themselves.  The Serpent People have done a good job of carrying out their plans thus far, but they shall not win.  A few people are realizing the power of their Spirit and using it to make a stand for Goodness.  Thus, the whole world is awakening!  To start the process it only takes One!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer