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Patrick H. Bellringer

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DATE:  12-10-19

Hello Patrick and Anne, I hope all is well with the two of you-please know I pray daily for your healing Patrick.

An old girl friend of mine C. recently contacted me after some years of separation. My friend told me that her daughter committed suicide by jumping off the 17 floor of her balcony apartment; alcohol and drugs were involved.

C. nonetheless is in a deep state of grief and shock over the extraordinary means of how her young daughter chose to end her life; she leaves behind two very young daughters.

While C. is struggling to make sense of her daughter’s suicide, I have been helping C. in answering some of her inquiries about reincarnation, and the Laws of God and Creation which naturally come directly from the Phoenix Journals.

One of the topics we spoke about was what happens to a soul once the person leaves earth plane. I talked with C. about her daughter going to the Astral Plane where no time exists, whereby she would stand before God and judges self against the Laws of God and Creation, and reviewing her lessons in soul growth.

My friend was quite concerned whether her daughter was suffering while being on the Astral plane. I suspect depending on the level of the Astral plane one is on, the lower the vibration the more one would suffer. I am ultimately not entirely confident if my deduction is accurate.

What degree does a soul suffer while being on the Astral plane Patrick? I’m not even sure if the term “Suffer” is the correct term to use.

Lastly because no time exists in the Astral plane, is it possible for a soul to complete one’s life review on the Astral plane, then assist with earths transition aboard space ship before moving on to their next physical experience? I suspect a very enlightened soul could assist aboard ship once completing their life review on the Astral plane. I do know that there are ones leaving earth through the death experience at this time, because they are to be more useful on the other side of the veil in assisting with earths transition.

As an example, could my friend C. see her daughter aboard ship when the planet is evacuated? C. found such a possibility to be very comforting but ultimately I told her my answer would only be my opinion. After all with God/Anything is possible!

In closing I have put my friend onto Phoenix Journal #5, which I have read many-many times but do find parts of it still difficult to understand, particularly the “Acquisition of the Soul”.

Thank you kindly for any feedback you can offer.

Love and Light



FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  A.

DATE:  12-12-19


Dear A.

    Yes, it stands to reason that one would suffer on the Astral Plane.  You review your entire life and consider all the good and bad (wrong) things you have done against the Laws of God and Creation.  One would have regrets and remorse at a soul level.  I know my mother did.

    My mother was a devout Christian and would not listen to the Truth.  She called me the "son of Satan".  When she died my wife and I were told by Sananda that she wept in agony when she realized her error.

    When one commits suicide, they have opted out of their lessons in soul growth and guarantee their return to 3D to continue where they left off in the learning.

    The degree that one suffers on the Astral is in relation to how much one has not  lived the Laws of God and Creation to the best of their ability to do so.  "The lower the vibration, the more one would suffer".  And, yes, a very enlightened soul, who graduated into 5D could certainly help with earth's transition before going to the next assignment.  One still has freewill!

    Merry Christmas!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer