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Anne and Patrick Bellringer

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On 11/22/2019 1:04 PM, J wrote:

Greetings Patrick and Anne

This morning I was looking over some of the “Hello Central” and Bellringer archives writings. I frequently visit the Archives, for Patrick’s writing INSPIRE me, especially during low points.

This morning after spending some time reading, I broke out in song telling God/Aton, Sananda, and all of our Star Family how much I love them. I just make it up as I go along-pouring out my gratitude and love for them. As in every case, when breaking out in song-singing my love for my brethren, I begin to weep; the tears just start streaming down my face. This morning I stopped and asked, why this keeps happening to me; the weeping when singing?

God/Aton spoke to me and said, “I AM weeping because I am so moved by your song of love for me; your energies are presently being coalesced and added to the whole”. I had Sananda convey a personal message to me as well, all of which I was so grateful to receive.

The reason I am telling you this little story Patrick is because it is your writings that moved and inspired me to break out into song. As you know, man’s greatest lesson is to learn how to GIVE.  You continue to give through your writings which in turn inspire others like me to re-give to God’s Creations.

In the Journal called The Science of Man it talks about man’s purpose-it says, “Your purpose is to multiply God-awareness in you so that your purpose is God’s purpose. God-awareness in you means becoming the Being which God is. As that awareness increases, you then become Love which YOU manifest by giving-and YOU become truth and the Law of Balance which YOU CONTROL. When God-awarenss is complete in you, YOU are the CREATOR of all that IS because of your knowing your Oness with the One. When you have thus become the Universal One Being, you are then the ecstatic IMNGINER—the cosmic dreamer of dreams—the visioner of IDEA and the creator of imagined-bodies for imagined-IDEA”.

When I look back in time to see the person that I was even just 5 years ago, I do not recognize that person that once was. Your writings-these Journals have forever changed the very core of my BEING.

I have such a deep abiding love for all of humanity-for you and Anne and I am so ever grateful for all that you give, your unbending service to humanity. My words on the page can never convey that which I feel in my heart but please know that I honour you and Anne. The two of you have given too much that it cannot possibly be measured. I am so grateful for you both.

Ohh, how I wish and pray that all of humanity could but recognize their own divinity; their world would but forever change.

Blessings to you both

Love and Light,



FROM:  Anne and Patrick  Bellringer

      TO:  J

DATE:  11-23-19


Dear J:

    Thank you!  We are honored to walk the Red Road of Truth with you!

In Love and Light,

Anne and Patrick Bellringer