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'HELLO, CENTRAL!' - SATAN'S ISRAEL! [Updated 9-20-19]

Patrick H. Bellringer

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    TO:  Patrick Bellringer

DATE:  9-19-19

SUBJECT:  SerialBrain2 and Israel


Hello Patrick and Anne

I have been loosely following SerialBrian2 decodes as well as observing comments written by SerialBrain2 followers. I have been specifically watching for SerialBrain2’s stance on Israel, as well as any feedback given to followers who inquire about whether Trump is controlled by Israel.

I believe that the SerialBrain2 platform has provided a great deal of insight and understanding of how the “Cabal” communicates in plain sight as well as a window into what is taking place behind the scenes.

I do observe however, that there are a great number of SerialBrain2 followers who are seeking Spiritual answers to what is presently taking place in our world as well as within the individual. It is most unfortunate that SerialBrain2’s teachings on spirituality are not the Spiritual Truths that have been given forth to humanity as presented in the Phoenix Journals. On the contrary such perceived truths are based upon the Christian Cult’s Bible and thus are leading followers astray.

I also observe that SerialBrain2 is asking followers to pray for (Bibi)-Benjamin Netanyahu as well as stating that, Bibi is on the White Hats team and is an amazing warrior. (see link)

Someone writing in to SerialBrian2 is not so blindly accepting all which is offered about Benjamin Netanyahu being one of the “good guys”. Contrary to this belief, the individual equates Judaism with Freemasonary.

Whoever this unknown writer is behind SerialBrain2, his ignorance and lack of sound historical knowledge and wisdom is showing. In which God does the person behind SerialBrain2 believe in? God Jehovah Satan of the Old Testament, or God/Aton of Light, Truth and Love?   

SerialBrain2 states, “Act 5: Judaism--Not beating around the bush anymore, it’s now time for the frontal attack: he equates Judaism to Freemasonry! Not kidding: here.” 

See original communication in below link-quarter way down.

The latest SerialBrain2 posting called, Our Journey Back to Edenis even further telling in regard to this individual(s) stance on Israel. The posting reads, “Same thing in Israel. Bibi won the April 2019 elections but they plotted, paralyzed the system and found a way to call for a second election that is actually happening today”.

(see below link for full commentary)

Now I understand and know that Donald Trump believes in Israel as the “Promised Land” as well as believing that the Jews are God’s “Chosen People”. You-Patrick have also stated that Trump “does not understand their God is God Jehovah Satan and the “chosen” are Zionists and enemies of true Christians. Jared Kushner his son-in-law is an enemy in his own household”.

Why am I telling you all this?

I find this all very disturbing and disconcerting because if Donald Trump is to do a thorough cleaning of the SWAMP, Israel must be included because Israel is the U.S. and the world’s biggest enemy!

How can Trump or others not see how the Palestinians have been corralled like cattle for the slaughter by Israel? How can Trump being as intellectually smart as he is, not know that it is Israel who has stolen the Palestinian lands and homes?

Surely Trump must know that the U.S. Air Force is or was controlled by U.N.-Israel.

God/Aton always welcomes those who are knowingly or unknowingly being used as a tool for Satan back into the fold of His One Light, but unless I am missing something I would hardly say that Benjamin Netanyahu is a white hat—a good guy.

Please Patrick, am I missing something here? Do you have any new insight on what is taking place behind the scenes as far as Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu are concerned?

I appreciate any feedback

Love and Light




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  J

DATE:  9-19-19


Dear J:

    You are raising the same questions and concerns that we have had since Donald Trump took office as President.  He was a true Christian cult believer and trapped in the Lie!   Some say he is faking it concerning Israel and the Zionists and Kushner to trick them, but if that is true, he is taking a great risk and playing very high stakes at the expense of many innocent people, for example, the Palestinians.

    He is surrounded by Zionists, who are his enemies.  Does he know this?  Is he that naive?  Personally, I think not.  He has a plan and will act soon.  He has delayed the indictment arrests because he has no money to pay civilian prosecutors to handle the case load.  He is waiting for the financial settlement between nations to happen, which is in process, to have the funds he needs to act.

    Benjamin Netanyahu is a devote Satanist.  Israel's God is Jehovah Satan.  Israel is Satan's "promised land" for his chosen people, the Satanists; whereas Judaism is Satanism.  The Talmud makes this quite clear.  Indeed, people of the Christian cult are  people of the Lie.  Creator God Aton of Light makes this quite clear in the Phoenix Journals.

    Thank you for your letter.  We pray for our president and we send Love and Light to the Zionists to neutralize them.  There is a Divine Plan unfolding, and you/we/Lightworkers everywhere are making it happen by the Power of our Spirit within.  Be in peace and joy!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer



On 9/19/2019 4:26 PM, J  wrote:

Hello Patrick and Anne.

Just wanted to thank you for your feedback and response to my letter on Trump-Israel-SerialBrain2.

I was not aware as to why Trump was delaying arrests and often wonder how certain arrests are even to be carried out if Trump is in bed with Israel and thus Benjamin Natanyahu.

In your response you say, " He was a true Christian cult believer and trapped in the Lie"! Was being the operative word. Just to clarify, are you saying that Trump has had a course correction?

I too continue to pray for Trump and his family as well as others around the world. I do have hope that this man will do the right thing for the people of the U.S and around the world, but nonetheless I remain concerned.


Again I thank you for your response.

Love and Light






FROM:  Patrick H.Bellringer

     TO:  J

DATE:  9-20-19


Dear J:

    To answer your latest question, yes, I believe that President Donald Trump has discovered the Phoenix Journals and the Truth concerning the Zionists, and of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda.  The ripple effect from this could be "earth shaking!"  Let us hope!

 In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer