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Patrick H. Bellringer

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On 8/11/2019 8:28 PM, W. wrote:

 Salutations, Patrick and Anne


 After a recent experience I find myself stuck in a Psychic Link with a family member. He suffers greatly under a constant transmission of information from my mind to his. We'd like to know how to undo this. If you have any knowledege or wisdom to share on this topic, please respond.


 Thank You,

 Love and Light






FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  W.

DATE:  8-12-19


Dear W.:

    Thank you for your question.  Any psychic control of your mind is Satanic.  Creator God Aton of Light does not allow any control by the Light of anyone's mind or freewill, whatsoever.  Such control is only by the Darkside, and which you have allowed.

    Through the power of your God Spirit within you have the means to stop and remove any and all evil energies and entities controlling you.  In the name of Esu Immanuel Sananda (Jesus) you order all negative energies and entities to immediately leave your space and cease to exist.  Then you request that only Love and Light fill your spaces.  You must believe this is so, and it is.  Doubt, and it is not!  It is that simple.

    Through your God spirit within you,you have great power to do much good and to create your way.

                            In Love and Light,

                            Patrick H.Bellringer