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Patrick H. Bellringer

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On 2/12/2019 4:32 PM, C. E. wrote:
Hello Patrick and Anne
Hope this communication finds you both well.
I have been doing some reading on Scalar Electromagnetic Technology which the adversary has been using on the human population throughout the world. This vile technology being used on the masses is most disturbing and upsetting.
Today I used my third level prayer asking the forces of Light to pray and neutralize any and all implanted chips that all human beings may have received around the world. I commanded the forces of Light to end this vile practice on the human population at large.
My question for you is there such a thing called Psychic Implants? How does this happen?
If someone like myself unknowingly was chipped would the forces of light neutralize the implant within me and the population at large? Is this kind of petition to great to be granted?
Perhaps this is a stupid question, but I would really like to know the answer.
I would appreciate any feedback.
Love and Light
Below is a very large archive on the topic
FROM:  Patrick H.Bellringer


TO:  C.E.

DATE:  2-15-19



Dear C.E.:


    Your question concerning psychic implants is most important.  Yes, they exist and many kinds of them.  The Darkside can inject implants into your psychic when you let your spiritual guard down, just as evil spirits and demons can enter through your Crown Chakra with even one drink of alcohol.


    No petition is too great to be allowed by the Realms of Light!  They have great power over our evil 3D world, but we must ask for their help to act in our behalf, as you have done.  If you have asked for the complete and permanent protection of the Light against the Darkside, and believe that you have it, you are protected from psychic implants and all other evil technology.  Know it!


    In Phoenix Journal 5, page 83, Ashtar says, "you can destroy the Gremlins".  Quoting:  " The technique for destroying such etheric entities is to command them, in the name of Jesus Christ, to disappear and cease to exist.  In the name of Immanuel

Christ, Or Sananda, or Creator, or, or, or is quite sufficient". I add that it is important to ask that the space they leave be filled with Love and Light so none others replace them.  Boot them out, then ask for protection.


    It will help to request protection for others, but they must desire it for such to be truly effective.  We cannot go against their freewill.  It is my understanding that the "population at large" must desire individually to have psychic implants, demons, evil spirits, etc. removed for that to happen on such a large scale.  We cannot "save" another or the whole world, only ourselves, though we help by telling them the Truth.


    If people at large or yourself unknowingly have been implanted by implants, these can be removed upon request.  The key question is "unknowingly".


    No sincere question is ever a stupid question!


In Love and Light,


Patrick H.Bellringer