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Patrick H. Bellringer

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On 1/3/2019 7:09 AM, L wrote:

My dear brother Patrick!

I thank you from my deepest heart for wonderful New Year wishes! You truly touched my heart and I appreciate it and I’m endlessly thankful for it.

May I suggest you one interesting thing to do. Before I tell you what it is about, in order to support my credibility in this issue, let me share with you that I have succeeded to help 6 year old girl Larette from South Africa to fix her damaged brain only with PURE VERBAL INTENT .  I met her by Ubuntu Festival in April last year in Mpumalanga with her grandparents and three months later it was done. I can give you contact with her grandma, who is living near Johannesburg, to check the story.

The point here is that you trust me that I KNOW HOW to express pure conscious intent so that goes into manifestation.

Let me now quote God Hatonn/Aton from Phoenix Journal 14:

“The Justice system has been raped and is your enemy--completely controlled and operated by the conspiracy--but public attention still carries great force because Satan is a worker in the dark, secret and underground routes. He never confronts--he always shoots in the back! Yes, the job is conceptually overwhelming. One step at a time, chelas--one step at a time. First we crawl (but ones have crawled before you and can assist you), then one step by step and then jog and then run and the race is won. But first must be truth--integrated so you can see it in a lump and go unto your libraries and confirm our messages and then there is no army which can stand against us--for when asked in, in peace by enough of you brothers, we will stand in form beside you and WE KNOW OUR POWERS. WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY WHICH WILL INSTANTLY HALT THE CONSPIRATORS AND THEY KNOW IT; THAT IS WHY YOU ARE TAUGHT FEAR OF US FOR THEY KNOW ONCE YOU HAVE ASKED US IN TO SERVE GOD BESIDE YOU---EVIL IS THROUGH!”

I know how to ask God properly so that it will go into manifestation and you have millions of readers – that is where we can join our good will to make a GOOD for the humanity.

The conscious pure intent must be expressed in peace (see above), what means first to take few times good deep conscious inbreathe through the nose only and then breathe out through the mouth only and after that pronounce this intent:

In the name of Christ Self, and in the name of living God, and in the name of Gaia Self, in the name of ALL life forms on planet Shan, and in the name of I AM THAT I AM, I ask You and I allow You my beloved Father God, to stand in form beside me and to serve God beside me by using Your technology to INSTANTLY halt the conspirators on our planet for the best and highest good. I thank You my Father God and I love You. And so it is.

You can use it as your intent and share with your readers and they will accept it and will do it since they trust you. You do not need to mention me, I do not care at all since I do not feel separation between us.

This is the new energy way: let the energy serve us doing nothing, powerless life! We let the new energy to accomplish it for us and we go and enjoy the life – live our passions!

It is up to you now my dear brother Patrick.





FROM:   Patrick H.Bellringer

    TO:    L

DATE:  1-4-19


Dear L:

    Thank you for your kind words and thank you for the reminder from Phoenix Journal 14 of the Light power we have available to us.

    I ask our Fourwinds Readers to follow the instructions given, so that together we can make a great difference in confrontation of the Darkside on Shan.

    We can do this!

 In Love and Light,


 Patrick H. Bellringer