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Patrick H. Bellringer

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SUBJECT:  Photographic Evidence-California fires stared by Directed Energy Weapons


DATE:  11-13-18



Hello Patrick and Anne, hope this communication finds the two of you well.
What will it take Patrick to stop this kind of destruction being used by the adversary?
I pray on a continual bases petitioning the Lighted Realms to remove and or send to these ones to the Void. The destruction continues with no seeming end in sight except when Mother Earth tips on her axis.
I am bewildered that not even the Gold Standard has come yet despite all the good that is taking place behind the scenes.
I pray for this madness to end.
Love and Light to all



FROM:  PatrickH.Bellringer

     TO:  P

DATE:  11-14-18


Dear P..

         We are well, thank you!  As foretold, this is the ‘End Times” with Armageddon, and we are in it!  Those of the Light are becoming better, and those of the Darkness are becoming more evil!  Evidence of such is everywhere.

          The Rothschilds are behind the laser fires in California, see the video “The Plan to Burn up California”.  There are evil factions of the U.S. Military and the CIA cooperating in this evil action.

          Be encouraged that much is happening to establish a worldwide gold standard monetary system.  U.S. President Donald Trump is a key player in this plan.  The November 9, 2018 Sorcha Faal article entitled, “Trump’s Solving of ‘Triffin Dilemma Now Has World Poised On Brink of Nuclear Holocaust” explains some of Trump’s role in such a gold system.

          Ignore the lying media, as they are only a distraction to keep the public ignorant and in fear.  Indeed, in spite of the intense Darkness, the Light is shining, and shall never be extinguished.  Those creating positive energy are bringing change.  Your prayers are of great help, and through the power of our Spirit, together we can trash the adversary’s plans.  Be of good cheer!  Send out Light, and greater Light returns.  The madness shall end!

                                                                      In Love and Light,

                                                                      Patrick H. Bellringer