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Patrick H. Bellringer

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July 21, 2018


          President Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump recently traveled to England.  News pictures showed them not bowing to Queen Elisabeth, and walking ahead of her, with the Queen showing great displeasure.  Apparently, she was unhappy for having just signed documents giving up her control over her “American Colony”, which allowed the united States of America for the first time in its history to be a sovereign country, free of British control.

          The President and First Lady have, also, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland on July16.  Russia, a Christian nation, is our friend, and Putin and Trump are working to bring peace to our world.

          A friend sent me the following email this morning.

          I have been told by a source today that yesterday an assassination attempt on Putin and Trump was stopped by Russian Security acting on information. The attempt was made by the Vatican's holy alliance service and MI-6.

Just thought I would share this with the two of you.

Please pray for their Lighted protection.”

          May we all resolve to pray for these two important leaders, their families and all, who are working to bring balance and harmony to Shan!


                                                                      In Love and Light,


                                                                      Patrick H. Bellringer