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HELLO, CENTRAL! 'I AM NOT GOD--I AM OF GOD' [Updated 6-9-18]

Patrick H. Bellringer

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On 6/5/2018 12:45 AM, A.M. wrote:

Dear Patrick;

 As you know, English is not my mother tongue language, and sometimes when I read some  messages written in the Phoenix Journals, I have some doubts that maybe I misunderstand the meaning of some phrases.

It is the case with the above message where in the beginning, God Hatonn says :


I am called everything from the Brotherhood leader of evil to a God of Creation.  I AM NOT GOD--I AM OF GOD.  What you call me is none of my business!  What I AM is MY business.  However,what I AM is OF GOD of Life sent in representation of His attendance TO YOU. 


Here I am a bit confused as if God Hatonn  says that " I AM NOT GOD--I AM OF GOD", so my question is: if Hatonn says that he is not God, who then is God?

Many thanks in advance for your enlightening answer.

In Love and Light





 FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  A. M.

DATE:  6-5-18


Dear A.M.:

    This same phrase caught my attention when I first read it.  Hatonn is making his statement "I AM NOT GOD - I AM OF GOD" from his perspective, not ours.  His God is Creator Source.  Each Universe has a creator (God), and Hatonn (Aton) is the Creator of our Nebadon Universe.

    Hatonn goes on to clarify by saying "However, what I AM is OF GOD of Life sent in representation of His attendance TO YOU."  Creator Source is the "God of Life", and Hatonn (Aton) is His representative to us

    Do not feel badly about not understanding fully Hatonn's writngs.  Sometimes we English speaking natives have difficulty with Hatonn's use of English.  I marvel at your ability to understand three languages and probably more.

                            In Love and Light

                            Patrick H.Bellringer.

P.S.  Great things are happening in Italy!

 REF:  HATONN:  "The Playing field of God's Game"



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FROM:   R M.

June 8, 2018

After reading the first paragraph of Hatonn's message "On The Playing Field Of God's Game", A.M. writes: "Here I am a bit confused as if God Hatonn says that " I AM NOT GOD--I AM OF GOD", so my question is: if Hatonn says that he is not God, who then is God?" As A.M.'s question perhaps mirrors the same questions other readers are silently asking, I would like to share my thoughts on the subject.  Below are excerpts from two different messages by Commander Hatonn. At first glace, they may appear to contradict one another.

I am called everything from the Brotherhood leader of evil to a God of Creation. I AM NOT GOD--I AM OF GOD. What you call me is none of my business! What I AM is MY business. However, what I AM is OF GOD of Life sent in representation of His attendance TO YOU. Therefore, I SHARE my being that you might grow and learn your expression, but not necessarily your experience. YOU create or allow the flourishing of any and all of the above headlined perceptions.

--Hatonn - CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, October 24, 1995, Volume 10, Number 13, Page 16.


... [H: An interesting concept--"those labouring in the realms ABOVE you ." THERE ARE NO REALMS ABOVE ME. I am projecting as God, imaging oft-times as a Space Commander herding you through the path of safety and Truth. Other times I must hold your hands while you let go of the ties of perception that keep you from full realization--most from teachers who write the myriads of books. The Truth is usually never allowed to get spread about the public. ... Furthermore, if you try to arrange the hierarchy of the "higher realms" to suit the seating arrangement of a presumed banquet feast--you are going to find zilch at the feast save the adversary. ... ]

--Hatonn - CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 22, 1993, Volume 1, Number 13, Page 11.

In my opinion: Hatonn says, in the first statement above, that he is of God (which all souled beings are). In the second statement above, Hatonn is saying He is projecting as God, and God is imaging often times as a Space Commander-- Hatonn; he literally takes on the mantle of God, or is God manifest.  So, Hatonn, then, serves two different purposes or roles:  1. Hatonn is a fourth dimensional Space Commander;  2. Hatonn often times becomes the fourth dimensional vessel or receptacle for God. How is this possible?  God lowers His frequency to mirror Commander Hatonn's fourth dimensional frequency.  Why would God do this? So that He can experience through the eyes and mind of His fourth dimensional Commander, and better relate to and respond to the needs of His souled children of third dimensional compression at this time, and because He is our Creator and Spiritual Teacher.

Now, consider the following:

Take all from thy Guide, Hatonn, in sweetness and gratefulness, chelas, for his truth is strong and unbending. He is thy leader; he is thy Father. When he wears the cloak of his fullness; he is Aton and none else come first. Behold him in his glory that ye can rise unto that glory.

--El Morya - Phoenix Journal 7, THE RAINBOW MASTERS, Chapter 15, Page 109.

El Morya's statement confirms both of Commander Hatonn's statements, above.  The process of projection or manifestation becomes easier to accept when one realizes that God Aton is THE limitless, all-powerful omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Light being of our universe.  In short, He can do anything.  The vast majority of us souled human beings down here on planet Earth-Shan have not yet learned how to, nor have developed the will to, commune directly with and receive directly (through our minds) from Creator God Aton.  For this reason, He must often commune indirectly with us from without (as hATONn, and through Sananda, and His other Lighted Hosts).

At Earth-man's current level of spiritual development and dimensional compression, we do not completely understand God's mind, His ways, and the full range of effects of His thinking, nor are we expected to.


This is the way I see it.  I hope this has been helpful.



FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  R.M.

DATE:  6-8-18


Dear R.M. 

Thank you for your response.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H.Bellringer


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On 6/8/2018 12:04 AM, K.E. wrote:


In love and light to the Bellringer’s,

I was pondering this dialog, and I think GOD is an acronym, as well as HATONN itself.  I am still working out on how I came to this conclusion, but as each time I have seen them written, the majority is in capital letters.  I will go from there.  Not to mention that it makes sense to me.




Dear K.E.:


    Thank you for your response. To clarify I assume by "acronym" you mean "a word formed from the initial letters of other words", such as FBI or CIA.  It is the being, not the name, that is important.


    Creator Source gave each human a spark of Light, which is our soul, the real you, that is eternal.  Aton created our universe and all within it that exists as third dimension matter.  Aton created our physical body or the clothes our soul wears, whereas Creator Source created the "real you".  Creator Source is God of the Cosmos, and Aton is God our our Nebadon Universe.


    We can pray to either Aton or Creator Source or to both at the same time, as we are all one by our spiritual (Light) connection.  The same is true for Hatonn, who is Aton in a 4D form to better communicate with us in3D.  Note that in the English language the first and last letters are silent in the name "H-aton-n". 


    Therefore, we are all of God, but Creator Source is the top "coconut!"


                             In Love and Light,


                            Patrick H. Bellringer


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At 6/8/18, 12:04 a.m. K.E. replied:


Yes, to the description of acronym, however; your explanation makes more sense to me now. I have a tendency to ponder such thoughts before I go to sleep each night. I like that, because it beats worry all the way around