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Patrick H. Bellringer

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     TO:  Anne and Patrick Bellringer

DATE:  4-30-2018

SUBJECT:  Info Wars visited by Mossad (Isreal's Secret Service) and MI-6 agent(s)

Greetings Patrick and Anne,

Over the past few years I have wondered about Alex Jones working for the adversary. On one hand he disseminates much truth and yet my GUT INSTINCT tells me there is more going on. Since Trump took office Alex Jones worships Trump like some idol who can do no wrong.  A message throughout the Phoenix Journals is “by their fruits [behavior]you shall know them” . I have also been observing the type of people that Alex Jones has as regular guests on his show, particularly Dr. Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone.

I have witnessed Roger Stone flashing Freemason symbols just as Trump does when giving a public address to the masses. I witness Jerome Corsi promote Q-Anon, (not Q2) interpreting for the masses what the messages mean. The latter is a big red flag. In the past when I have viewed some of Corsi’s YouTube video messages, a small voice arises within me. The voice is telling me something to the effect that the man is obese, a clue that he indulges and is out of balance, out of balance with what?

Not too long ago I heard Alex Jones state that he supports the state of Israel-that it’s their land and that  Palestinians are vagabonds, because of this no one wants them or will take them. Well I just about fell off my chair. A man who claims he researches EVERYTHING believes that Israel has been around  "forever" were his words.

Based upon my observations of Jones especially lately, I now believe the man is definitely compromised. All the signs point to him supporting the Christian Zionist narrative. What tipped the scale for me was a video that I listened to this morning called, Zionism & The Gatekeepers EXPOSED — Adam Green

Here is a small excerpt of the conversation covered in a YouTube video called, "Zionism & Gatekeepers" by Adam Green and James Corbett.

At the 19:40 min mark Alex Jones is heard saying, “I support the Jewish state of Israel…that is their land.”

Adam Green: “Jones tries to pretend that he is neutral and impartial and is non-bias and covering it objectively and honestly but really he’s always been hard core pro Zionist, he’s very anti Islam.”

In the video Jones goes on to state that, “Israel had finger prints all over 9/11…all a lot of these wars a lot of this stuff happening in the middle east is because of the Israeli lobby, one of the most powerful in the United States.”

Adam: “Now he [Alex] says move over Israel its Saudi Arabia, its China, Saudi’s run Hollywood, Saudi’s run the Federal Reserve”.

Alex is seen stating that Israel was involved in 9/11 and that there is a Jewish Mafia at the heart of the New World Order.

Adam: “He doesn’t say that anymore, this is just a few years ago with the old studio”

At the 22:57 min mark Alex talks about being visited by a Mossad Agent. Alex states, “I’m not against Israel, I’m not against anybody-I’m just against World War III….and then MI-6 showed up”

Adam: “Alex Jones has a back door into Israeli intelligence through Gerome Corsi”

 It certainly appears that Alex Jones has been flipped. At one point in time it does appear that Alex did report the news impartially-presenting only the facts. However in the last few years this is not so any longer. More and more alternative media sites are becoming compromised. This is very disheartening and disturbing for obvious reasons.

Patrick it appears that yet another Light worker bites the dust, can you offer any feedback about Jones supporting the Zionist agenda?

Do you think the masses will ever see Khazarian Netanyau, the Queen or the present Pope be brought to justice in our time on earth?

There is so much disinformation in the alternative media I have difficulty discerning what in the hell is going on with Trump from one week to the next. It certainly does appear that Trump is no longer working for the Light; am I wrong? It is clear to me that Trump is a Freemason and an Israel supporter-a Christian Zionist.

While I see a great deal in the alternative news about indictments and arrests, I see no evidence of people being arrested; people like clone Hillary, Obama, and many others.

I clearly know that there is much going on behind the scenes pertaining to our Star Family containing those who do not wish to give up control. I just seek to understand more clearly what is going on.


Thank you kindly for all you and Anne are doing in presenting truth to the world in this closing cycle.

Love and Light



Alex Jones visited by Mossad Agent

Alex Jones Deemed Kosher by "Top Israeli Intelligence"

Dr. Jerome Corsi receives “Text Messages” from Israel disclosing Trumps nomination for the Nobel Peace prize by Israel!



Alex Jones is a Zionist Gatekeeper

Alex Jones saying “I support the Jewish state of Israel” “Israel is a scapegoat”

1min mark

Adam Green’s YouTube site: No More News




FROM:  Patrick H.Bellringer

     TO:  C.E.

DATE:  4-21-18


Dear C.E.:

    Thank you for your letter.  All is not as it seems.  I have had my doubts about Alex Jones at times, but his track record of presenting Truth to the masses over  many years counts for something.  Is Alex Jones making the Zionists think he is one of them?  We shall see.

    The same holds true for President Trump. Trump is making his enemies, the Zionists, think he is one of them by allowing some of them on his staff, and by bombing Syria, etc.  He had made a deal with Putin to target only three locations in Syria, a science building planned for demolition, and two abandoned airfields that were so damaged by war, they were to be reconstructed.  No soldiers or civilians were killed in the attack that followed.  Trump satisfied the Zionists for propaganda to fool the people, but Putin got a promise from Trump to remove all American military from Syria by mid-October, 2018.

    Donald trump has a secret plan with his key military and Putin and others to defeat the Zionists.  They have quietly removed some already around the world, such as top pedophile, Peter Dalglish, in Nepal recently.  Evil people such as Queen Lizzy,  the Pope and Netanyahu are on their list.  Through military tribunals there are over 20,000 indictments now ready.  Last winter the Atlanta airport was closed due to "power failure" for a day.  Trump used the airport to send out military planes with 46,000 troops to begin arrests of those indicted at that time.

    Believe me when I say that Creator God Aton of Light as a plan to restore America to again become a lighthouse to the world, and Donald Trump has a part in that plan.  Trump may have done wrong things, but he is no one's fool.  The intent of the heart in the moment is what matters.

    Because all is not as it appears to be, these are times for lessons in intuition and wisdom, my friend.  May we "see" and "hear" and understand Truth, as never before.  What is happening in the spiritual realm is far more significant than what happens in our physical world.

 In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer