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Patrick H. Bellringer

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On 2/20/2018 1:34 PM, F wrote:
Dear Patrick and Ann,
With all of the positive changes taking place do you think that Mother Earth has given us a chance to escape the clutches of the Cabal? I understand that  our friends "upstairs" have helped us in the past and may be continuing to do so. So this may be a time of reprieve for us to win this battle with the Deep State and the wicked Zionists.  I pray and am grateful that Mother Earth has been lessened in her suffering that we have caused her.  Hopefully we will be able to live in Peace and happiness as he Cabal looses their grip on us.
I try to raise my vibrations through meditation and prayer but I feel that I am going through an arid challenge of the darkness of the soul.  Hopefully this will pass an that I may regain the feeling of the bliss that I once experienced through prayer and meditation.
In Love ands Light,



FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  F

DATE:  2-24-18


Dear F:

    Thank you for your letter.  Be not discouraged!  The Cabal is not going to win.  Presently, the Deep State and the Zionists are running to save their very lives.  Of course the lying Zionist controlled media portrays a very different story to keep the people fooled.

    Do not expect peace and happiness for our 3D world, but only in your personal space, as you create it.  This idea of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth comes from Judaism, the arch enemy of Christianity.  Their God is Jehovah Satan, and the Jews plan to create Satan's Kingdom on earth.  As we can see, they have done a good job trying to do so, but now the "tide is turning".

    I believe that soon it shall be established that the Darkside has lost this long battle.  Then I expect to see Mother Earth dump this mess, for she, too,is sick of 3D.  Be at peace, my friend, be hopeful, and be ready for the better times that lie ahead for the enlightened ones.

    Clear your space of negativity and fill it with Love and Light.  Find some one to help, and the "darkness of the soul" shall pass quickly, for happiness comes from helping others.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer