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Patrick H. Bellringer

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12-12 -17

          Through out history Jerusalem has been a city of violence.  It has been fought over by many military, political and religious factions, torn down, rebuilt and now claimed by the Serpent People, the Khazarian Zionists, as their future capitol for the world.  Jerusalem would then become Satan’s capitol for his Kingdom on Earth.

          The Old Testament of the Christian Bible claims that the land of Israel was God’s “promised land”, who would be occupied by God’s “chosen people”, the Jews.  Thus, Christians believe that support of Israel and the Jews is vital to their Christian faith.  President Donald Trump, a Christian, also believes this, and thinks by moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem he would receive God’s favor.  By recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel he believes God would grant him “divine protection” for himself, his family and for the U.S. of A. from the “Satanic forces” of the Deep State.

          President Trump says he is basing his decision concerning Jerusalem upon an Old Testament verse where God says “I will bless them that bless Thee, and curse him that curseth Thee: and in Thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”  [Gen. 12: 3]  The question is, how does one honor God and receive His blessing and protection by moving an embassy?  How is that possible, when the promise is based upon lies?

          In which God does Trump believe, the Old Testament God Jehovah Satan, the God of Darkness or the New Testament God Aton of Light?  The answer to that question makes all the difference in the world.  Christians do not understand the trick Satan has played upon them.  Much of the Old Testament was written by Satan and his helpers to fool everyone.  The “promised land” is for the Serpent People, who are Satan’s “chosen people”, who have stolen the land from the Palestinians.

          Trump’s decision honors Satan and his Serpent People, and does not give him any “divine protection”.  To have such, he needs to get his “gods” straight and his spiritual compass corrected.  Donald Trump said to Putin, “Either God will wins or I will die”.  Is Trump suggesting that God could lose?  Yes, God Jehovah Satan shall lose, for Creator God Aton of Light always wins over Darkness.  To live or die is President Trump’s personal choice, which depends upon which “God” he chooses.  May he choose wisely!  Only then shall he have “Divine Protection!”