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On 10/7/2017 10:34 AM, AM wrote:

Dear  Patrick, it has been  quite a long time since I wrote you last, and I hope that my message finds you and Anne  well.

I have a question about our soul. As human being, we suffer when we lose a loved one, or when we are abandoned by a lover, a job, a position, or in many other  circumstances.

Sometimes people can even experience  at a certain moment , a situation that is causing them a great pain that can last all their life.

I’m not talking about physical pains that are disappearing after a while, but about other types of pains.

So my question is: in this case, is the soul suffering, or the pain can be only at a psychological level or else? 

Many thanks.

In Love and Light




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

    TO:  A.

DATE:  Oct. 9, 2017


Dear A:

    Thank you for your question, my friend.  There are humans, who have souls, and there are humans, who have no souls.   These no-souled humans we call "human clones".  As souled beings, we are spiritual beings here on planet Earth Shan having a physical experience to learn our lessons in soul growth. The third dimension density provides the best experience for rapid soul growth.

    Our physical body is only the suit of clothes we wear or the house in which we live, while in 3D. We are spiritual entities. Your soul is you---the real you!   You are spiritual, so any real pain you feel ls at the spiritual level.

    Oh, we have physical pain from our physical body, as the doors squeak, shingles blow off the roof,and the pipes break, but the pain we feel when people suffer, the agony over the wrongs, the violence, the destruction and death everywhere  is,indeed, that of our God Spirit within.  We cry out to Creator God for help, for relief  from the evil onslaught, for we have learned our lessons and we have compassion for those, who have not.  Yes, our soul (we) suffers!

    Yet, we have hope.  We have love for all, for we know the answers.  We know that Creator God shall soon win against the Darkness.  We know that Earth Shan shall dump the dark energies and be restored to perfection.  We know that Sananda shall soon return aboard the Phoenix and take his flock back to the stars.

    We know and feel what human clones cannot know and feel!

                    Is not the psychological the soul level?


In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer