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Patrick H. Bellringer

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----- Original Message -----
From: C.E.
Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2016 3:25 PM
Subject: Russian Cosmopheres

Greetings Patrick and Anne, hope the two of you are well.

I have been reading a great deal on Russian Cosmospheres in CONTACT-pg. 17 states, “The Russian’s monitor all American missile bases, new and old, by means of their Cosmospheres.” It is evident to me that the Bolshevik rulers of the US are hell bent on carrying out their final plan of nuclear war against Russia however these numerous Cosmospheres that monitor all military bases have actually been preventing a world nuclear war.

It seems to me that Russia’s space technology is far superior to that of the US and yet there is a great deal of posturing on the part of the US military-hell bent on going to war with Russia. I hear and read so many people talking about if Hillary gets elected the US will go to war with Russia.

I think this is nonsense because first a foremost 1) God/Aton will not allow a nuclear war on this planet 2) Russia’s technology over the US military to neutralize nuclear weapons

Please correct me if I am way off in my analysis of this play but is all this chest beating or posturing just that; a child throwing a temper tantrum?

Is there more going on here that I am missing, like perhaps the US knows they can’t win but let’s continue with the charade to fool the masses anyway?

Lastly, are Cosmospheres a type of large spaceship or a type of space satellite; what do they look like? And do they monitor military bases all over the world?

Thank you kindly


Love and Light to all

FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  C.E.
DATE:  Oct. 31, 2016
Dear C. E:
    Thank you for your letter.  We are fine!  Due to their advanced technology, Russia considers nuclear to be obsolete.  The 'White Russians (Christians)" have been working with Hatonn for years, and have agreed to monitor and neutralize any nuclear that would cause a Word War III.  They do this by placing their Cosmospheres for surveillance over all military bases on Shan.
    Indeed, Russia's space technology has always been far superior to that of the U.S.  They accepted Tesla's technology over a century ago, when the U.S. rejected it, and they had a moon landing base long before the U.S. made their one time visit to the moon.  Due to their evil intent to set up weapons on the moon, the U.S. was told to leave and never return.
    Your analysis of the U.S. plans for nuclear war with Russia is correct.  The Zionists are determined to win their One World Order at any cost.  George Bush, Sir.'s military have ravaged the Middle East with no victory.  The Zionists are like the bully destroying all the toys in the sand box, and hurting everyone around.  They control through fear, yet they are losing badly.  Their end is near! 
    Cosmospheres are space ships and have many shapes and sizes, round, oblong, but mostly lenticular (cigar-shaped).  They are called levitation platforms and hover or move by magnetic forces.
    I consider the present Corporate U.S. Government administration to be quite stupid, as they are disallowing the Keshe Foundation plasma technology as was done with Nikola Tesla's work.  Russia developed scalar and particle beam technology, and now they are well advanced with the use of plasma and cosmic energy.
    There is so much that could have been, and shall be, used for good!  Be in peace!
 In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: CE
To: Bellringer
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2016 8:14 AM
Subject: Re: Russian Cosmopheres
Thank you kindly for your response,



I know that the US has always hidden the true military nature of their various missions, like placings spy satellite(s) over Russia, the secret space reconnaissance mission of Columbia to name a couple; all failed attempts and all MILITARY missions.



Patrick could you please tell me one more thing, who or what was behind the Sept. 1st 2016 Cape Canaveral explosion? My instinct tells me the mission was evil in nature as they all have been.



and is the small orb in the picture a Cosmosphere?


Thank you kindly, love and light to you and Anne




FROM  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:   Caitlin Evans
DATE:  Nov. 3, 2016
Dear Caitlin Evans:
    It is my understanding that the 9/1/2016 explosion at Cape Canaveral was caused by a laser beam from a Russian Cosmosphere stationed in the area.  The U.S. satellite carried a nuclear weapon to be used to destroy Syria and start World War III, and a surveillance satellite to be used over Russia.  The orb in the picture of the explosion is a U.S. drone.
    Oh, the tangled web that evil weaves!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer