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Patrick H. Bellringer

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FROM:  Billy D. Finch


     TO:  Anne and Patrick Bellringer


DATE:  May 1, 2016


Thank you for all your help and study regarding all of my questions.  I believe you sense the spirit in which the questions are asked.  Searching for truth the other day, I ran into George Green and his Handbook for The New Paradigm.  As I listened to George o his you-tube talks I hear that he has, been there, did that, and knows all. but I might be wrong in my view of the man. I have been wrong before, before, etc.  Patrick do you have any knowledge and thoughts on The New Paradigm book?

George Green claims to have some insight regarding Billy Meier, who claims to have inside info about the Pleiadians and God and Jesus.  Looking at Billy’s pictures did not give me confidence that I would benefit from spending time on Billy’s information.  Does Hatonn mention Billy in any of the Journals?  I would like to read what Hatonn has said about Billy

Patrick any information on these two topics would be greatly appreciated.



FROM:  Patrick Bellringer

    TO:  Billy D. Finch

DATE:  May 2, 2016

SUBJECT:  Thank You and Reply to "Question about Handbook for the New Paradigm"

Dear Billy:


          Thank you so much for your support to Fourwinds.  You are helping in our mission to give Truth freely to our world.  May you be greatly blessed for your kindness.

          You asked about George Green and his New Paradigm book.  George Green was bad news for the Phoenix Project in Tehachapi.  He was a CIA plant and conned his way into the Phoenix Institute to work with E. J. Ekker.  He upset their work, stole money and caused the project to fail.

          George green stole the first fifty Phoenix Journals and claimed them as his own.  When George Green learned of Billy Meier’s contacts with the Pleiadians he met with Billy Meier and conned him out of his writings and photos of the aliens and sold them for his own profit and fame, and to bury much of the Truth.  Later Billy Meier was cloned, and his work altered to present lies to the people.  I quote Phoenix Journals number 197, p. 58, paragraphs 2, 3 and 4.

                    [Quote] When it was discovered that George Green had run off with almost $400,000.00 worth of gold intended for the Phoenix Institute, it became even more clear why George wanted to become involved. He saw what he thought was a chance to set up a gold mine with the Phoenix Institute. When George discovered that he wouldn’t be able to split town with all the Institute funds, he took what he could, and is still trying his best to make E.J. and Doris responsible for his actions. God only knows what stories he told some lenders to the Institute. It’s very interesting to note that the few who are trying to shut down the Phoenix Institute now became involved financially because of George Green when he was an Officer and Director of the Institute. Now, they are blindly following a course which could only benefit George’s lawyers and George. Go figure.

These adversarial people are motivated in different ways. Some are moved by what they believe is their work, some by money, others by over-inflated ego (which translates to feelings of very low self-worth) or any combination thereof. George and Desireé’s main motivation, as far as I can tell, has been money and ego. They are constantly moving and trying to cover their tracks. George recently told a bunch of people that he moved to Las Vegas when, in fact, he moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

How many of you know that George loaned almost a million dollars to Lee and Brit Elders to finance the publication of Billy Meier photos in book form? How many of you know that George turned right around and sued them for his money back and obtained most of the books and, for all practical purposes, bankrupted the Elders? Does anyone else see a pattern here?  [End Quote]

            Concerning the book “Handbook for The New Paradigm” by George Green, anything that has his finger prints on it is suspect.  We are not here to change the world to build a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”, but to save our soul, to learn our lessons in soul growth by living the Laws of God Aton and Creation, with the goal to graduate out of 3D and enter 5Dk where the Kingdom of God already exists.  Be very discerning, for George Green’s “slight of hand” may fool you.  I suggest that you stay with the Truth presented in the Phoenix Journals, not George’s version of it.

            You may also find the following “Hello, Central” of May 23, 2008 helpful.

           Your last question was about Billy Meier.  Yes, there is much written in the Phoenix Journals about him.  Hatonn's first reference to Billy Meier is in Phoenix Journal number three, "Space Gate" p. 16-17 but a much larger discussion is in Phoenix Journal number twelve, "Crucifixion of the Phoenix, pp. 112-118.


In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer


REF:  "Hello, Central!" How Was George Green Involved With The Phoenix Journals? (Updated May 23, 2008)
By Patrick H. Bellringer

He has made me feel very uncomfortable because I feel optimistic about the future but he is all doom and gloom.   Could you please let me know how he is involved with the journals.   Thanks.  Z


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  Z

DATE:  May 20, 2008


Dear Z:

    George Green was a CIA plant with the goal to stop Contact and The Phoenix Journal Project, because they were very critical of President Bush, Sr.  Hatonn says George Green stole the first 50 Phoenix Journals and tried to copyright them, so he could sell them for his own profit.  In this he failed.

    He was able to gain access to the Phoenix Institute of the Ekkers and stole three hundred thousand dollars in gold coins, buried them in his back yard, and when he was found out, he fled to Canada.  These gold coins had been given to the Phoenix Institute by Dave Overton.  George Green was instrumental in destroying the Phoenix Institute, the source of funds to publish the Phoenix Journals.  Thus, less then half of the Phoenix Journals were ever published.

    Through the work of the Contact Newspaper the presence of good aliens and their starships around Earth Shan was being revealed to the general public.  The U.S. Government said this was a No-No!  Much pressure was applied by various government sources, including Green, to stop their work.

    It is worth noting that during this time the information from Billy Meier of Sweden and his contact with the Pleiadian Star People was becoming known.  George Green became involved in stealing Billy Meier's starship pictures and documents to bury them from public view.

    I really know of nothing good to say of George Green.  He has done and is still doing a grave dis-service to mankind by helping to destroy the Truth.

 In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer

NOTE:  All published and unpublished Phoenix Journals are available on Fourwinds


----- Original Message -----

From: KT

To: <>

Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 12:30 AM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Dear Patrick,

I contact Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot regarding the recent post referring to George Green. They asked that I share with you their response and they gave permission to repost if you feel inclined to do so. I am neither in support or against Mr. Green. I am just a truthseeker trying to find answers to many questions and so the issue of Mr. Green, his knowledge and intentions, and his integrity are important to me since he had a definitive place in the current 2012 movement.




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

      TO:  KT

DATE:  May 23, 2008


Dear KT:

    What I have said concerning George Green and his connections to the Ekkers and the Phoenix Journals is solely based upon what Creator God Aton of Light has said about this situation.  If you do not wish to believe it, that is your choice.  No, I will not post this garbage you have sent to me from some interview with George Green.  He was and is a CIA plant and has caused much confusion among the Lightworkers.

                            In Love and Light,

                            Patrick H. Bellringer