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'HELLO, CENTRAL!' A FEW DOUBTS! (Updated Feb. 4, 2014)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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----- Original Message ----
-From: SK
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 6:34 AM
Subject: Hello Central A Few Doubts
Hi Patrick,

Been some time since I wrote to U, hope everythings fine with U and Anne. As usualsome silly doubts again, sorry to bother U amidst U'r busy schedule, it's justthat it's taking the best of my curiosity. Hope U don't mind clarifying some

things for me.


1. The Darkside wants to stop the pole shift from happening and they do all thatthey can to prevent it, just because pole shift will would mark the end of theirevil era on this planet. What I don't understand is that in the past 10 years orso, in numerous instances the forces of light have stopped the pole shift fromhappening, why would they do such a thing. If they wouldn't have tried tostabilize the planet back then, then the planet would have made her move whichwould have resulted in the evacuation of sananda's flock and the end of dark ageand 3rd dimention on planet earth. It would have also been the end of sufferingfor planet Earth and the Lightworkers. But that didn't happen and the sufferingjust continues, why would the forces of light try to stabilize a planet which isalmost on the verge of dying and wants to save itself and it's chosen few. Whywould they give the dark controllers more time to carry on their stupid plans forone world order


2. Satan is uncreated by his own consent, would his minions be so very stupid tocontinue with their evil plans in world domination, when they very well know thatthey don't stand a chance any more. As Satan is no more, does that mean thatthroughout the seven super universes, 3rd dimention or evil won't exit.



3. The Pheonix Journals tells that on planet Earth, using nuclear power fordestruction would not be allowed, but isn't it a fact that the cabal created thejapanese 2011 tsunami and thus damaged the fukishima plant, isn't it a form ofnuclear warefare against humanity, because our oceans are polluted and theradiation is already taking it's toll. How was this allowed by the forces oflight?



4. After Evacuation and Shan returning to her pristine condition in 5D, does itmean that never again anywhere in the entire universe would evil be allowed to goto such an extent as it was allowed on EarthShan?



Thanks for U'r time, Bye

In Love and Light,


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  SS
DATE:  Jan. 15, 2014
Dear SK:
    Thank you for your letter and most thoughtful questions.  I shall address them in the order you list them.
    Q. 1.  In the Phoenix Journals Hatonn tell us that some of the Pleiadian starships were used to stabilize our planet for a time, but, I believe, it was in the late 1980's that all such support to Shan was removed at her request, and none has been given since.  Thus, our planet's pole wobble has continued and increased, as she slows her spin.  This wobble allows her to tip further on her axis to the point where she shall flip, like a top does, when its speed slows.
    I believe we are very close to such an event.  As you know, this is the natural process for a 3D planet to cleanse by way of the ocean's salt water and start over in a pristine state.  Those saying the Forces of Light have recently stopped Shan's pole shift are presenting wrong information.
    Q. 2.  Please understand that evil never quits.  Satan's minions know with absolute certainty that they can never win against the Light, against Truth,but they carry on with their evil, with the intent to take as many of the souled-beings on our planet with them to their evil end, as they can.  In doing so they think in a sense they have still won against Creator God.
    The presence of evil in the third dimension provides the school room of choices we need to learn our lessons in soul growth.  Without choices between good and evil there would be no learning and no soul growth.  The 18 Laws of God and Creation are given to us as an absolute.  Evil provides the temptation to choose otherwise.  Thus, it would seem that evil is necessary for all 3D school room planets.
    Q. 3.  It certainly seems that the nuclear radiation coming from the Japanese Fukushima nuclear power planet disaster is a way of using nuclear for evil intent.  In the Phoenix Journals Hatonn was concerned about the actual nuclear fission reaction, where the nucleus of the atom was split in two, and matter was destroyed.  He said such a reaction would scatter the soul essence of a souled-being, and that much time and effort was required to retrieve such a soul.  Thus, Creator God made the edict to stop all further use of nuclear for evil intent.
    Apparently, this edict does not include the use of weapons with depleted uranium and the radiation fall-out from nuclear power planets.  This certainly destroys life but not the soul essence.  Creator God has made it very clear that mankind does not have the prerogative to destroy mankind.  God created life and only He has the Cosmic Right and authority to un-create it.  That is why, I believe, the Forces of Light have already neutralized much of the radiation from Fukushima and from nuclear weapons, biowarfare, and other harmful technologies across our planet.
    Q 4. By our choices we allow evil to increase or decrease.  In the Higher Dimensions there is still freewill.  Lucifer/Satan had obtained the highest position of Archangel next to Creator God Aton of Light, but he was not satisfied.  He desired to be God,and one-third of the angels supported him.  By their choices negative energy increased and controlled them.
    Creator God did not "throw them out of Heaven".  They left because they could not stand the tension and stress between their negative energy and positive energy of the Light,  They roamed the Cosmos causing havoc until Creator God ordered them to choose one planet, as their jail planet.  Thus, they chose the most beautiful planet, Shan.
    Because Satan was confined to our planet, evil increased, and Shan became the most evil planet in the Cosmos.  Will it happen again?  That all depends upon freewill.  After reaching 5D status, no evil will ever be allowed on Shan again.  Because of freewill in 3D, anything is possible both with the Darkness and with the Light.
Other 3D planets have varying degrees of evil.  I understand that many 3D planets are quite enlightened and are quite pleasant places to live, but, of course, the school room would also be less difficult.
    At some point we may choose to again help another Dark Planet.  Why, do you suppose, we chose this one, this trip?
 In Love and Light
Patrick H. Bellringer
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Original Message -----
From: CC
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2014 12:41 PM
Subject: Comment about Hello Central "A few doubts"
Dear Patrick,
Regarding the comment about the pole shift being near, I recall that there is an article from Soltec
about the oil in the earth is used by her to stabilize her orbit around the sun, and that taking this oil
does indeed cause great harm.  Thus, it would seem that the pole shift was always inevitable, since profit and control
by the darkside is their game.  You've mentioned that the earth has not shifted yet because she wants as many souls
to graduate.  It's just not the Phoenix Journals; that woman Tuella who communicates with the Ashar Command wrote back in the early 1980's about evacuation.  I hope the great changes happen this year and the earth suffers no more.
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  CC
DATE:  February 4, 2014
Dear CC:
    Thank you for your comments.  Oil is also used by Mother Earth to lubricate her joints/tectonic plate junctions so that they move easily.  Without oil to lubricate, great friction is created and tension builds at these "joints", so when movement occurrs great earthquake damage happens.  We are seeing such today.
    Tuella was Sananda's scribe for some time prior to Dharma/Doris Ekker replacing her due to health problems.
    I believe this to be the year for change to Goodness on Shan!  Let us hope so!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer