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'HELLO, CENTRAL!' EARTH SOUNDS -- SKY QUAKES ! (Updated Jan.. 26, 2012)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: WM
To: "Bellringer" <>
Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2012 11:14 AM
Subject: Sounds

 Greetings, Old Warrior.

   I hope this finds you both well. With regards to earth sounds. Do you

 feel this to be just another, Dark side

   diddle, to generate fear, or the end times Trumpet, referred to in

 the Journals?.

                                                                          Thank you,

 In love & light.




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
    TO:   WM
DATE:  Jan. 24, 2012
Dear WM:
    Thanks for writing, and for your question.   Indeed, all signs point to the "end of the Age" that is upon us.  I know that many still believe the Blue Beam Project to be still viable, and these"earth sounds" to be part of it.  Others have seen and recorded pictures of ugly beings in the storm clouds of Shan.  Supposedly, these images and sounds are part of the Dark Agenda to cause fear and manipulation of the minds of the people.
    I believe the Blue Beam Project has been made useless by the Forces of Light.  As you may know, in the first attempt in the 1990's to use "Blue Beam", Hatonn said his Star People stopped it by simply turning the satellites a quarter turn.  This created horrible sky-images and not that of Buddha, Mohammed, Christ, etc. as intended to depict the false-flag "Second Coming" of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, the project was quickly suspended at that time.
    I believe the "earth sounds" being heard all over Shan this month are the moans and groans of our planet in great pain and distress.  Scientists tell us the sounds emanate from inner earth movement, are carried to the surface and echo again the "sky-screen", thus they seem to have no source or focal point.
    Mother Earth is in great travail.  Her birthing into 5D is in progress, and evacuation of Shan is imminent.  The Dark Cabal are in fear and panic, and are trying every means to escape the Light of Truth.
    These are very exciting times, as we witness the Light over-coming the Darkness.  Be discerning, my friend, act in wisdom, and be in peace!  When the trumpet sounds, you shall know.

 In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: F


Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 11:17 PM

Subject: questions


Dear Patrick and Anne,

Your last response to WM sounds like a definite yes that Mother Earth is in the process of going into 5th dimension.  Are we also changing into 5 D beings?  What is to become of us as we are rescued from the cataclysmic changes that will occur upon the planet? When Sanada talks about graduation, will we become as 5th dimensional beings? I may be confused as I've read too many articles that maybe too tinted with New Age theories.  C ould you please give me the references to the Journals that describe Ascension.  I have been re-reading all references I could find in preparation for these end times

  I pray so often that Nesara might occur before the "end times" as described in the Journals.  Do you think that we may have a time of respite before Mother Earth "flips"?  There is a lot going on in our planet that indicates that the evil Cabal is loosing their power over us and that the White Knights and others of the Light and winning.

Thank you for your devotion in reassuring us as we continue to ask for help from our heavenly beings. 

Love and Light,


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  F
DATE:  Jan. 26, 2012
Dear F:
    Thank you for your letter and questions about coming changes.  The frequencies of Earth Shan are constantly rising, as are those of people with positive energy.  Those of negative energy are finding it increasingly more difficult to cope with the tension created in their body cells between these positive and negative frequencies.
    Mother Earth does not obtain her fifth dimension status until all third dimension frequencies have been removed from her via her cleansing process.  Those positive energy/enlightened people shall have frequencies high enough to pass through the tractor beam of Light and board the evacuation ships.  Those choosing to be evacuated with lower frequencies shall experience physical harm and even physical death when moving through the beam of Light.  Regardless, all souls choosing to evacuate shall receive much soul growth.
    All souled beings, regardless of their spiritual status, must leave Earth Shan at her time of cleansing, and all shall go to the Astral Plane (4D) for their judging.  Each shall stand before Creator God Aton of Light, and each shall judge themselves according to how well they have lived the Laws of God and of the Creation.
    At this point some will graduate into 5D (Heaven), while others shall return to another lifestream in 3D to continue their lessons in soul growth on another planet.  Two main references to these happenings recorded in the Phoenix Journals are Phoenix Journal #5, "From Here to Armageddon", Chapter 5, and Phoenix Journal #4 "The Spiral To Economic Disaster:, Chapter 9.
    No one knows the outcome of NESARA, and no one knows the time remaining in 3D for Shan and her people.  As Lightworkers, we hope for balance between Darkness and Light to be restored, if only briefly, but given the condition of Shan and the ever increasing harm being done to her, it is doubtful she can survive much longer.
    People continue to awaken to Truth, causing the Darkness to recede, but is it happening fast enough for Earth Shan?  May we all walk worthy of our calling.  Be in peace!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer