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Patrick H. Bellringer

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     TO:  MW
DATE:  Jan. 24, 2010
Dear MW:
    Thank you for your letter and questions.
    You have asked for my thoughts on the cause of the recent Haiti earthquake.  As you may have noticed, we have refrained from posting on Fourwinds much of the Internet spin on the cause of this quake, as it is not accurate.
    It is true that the Illuminati possess the technology and the capability to cause artificial earth changes and weather modification and have done so, but the Haiti earthquake was natural, meaning it was the result of the cleansing actions of Mother Earth.  In 1998 Creator God Aton of Light gave the order for the Darkside to stop the use of all technology being used to cause weather control, earth changes, biological warfare and weapons of mass destruction, including the use of nuclear for evil intent.
    On occasion the Darkside has defied that order.  Examples of such definace are the Kolbe, Japan earthquake and the China earthquake.  The Forces of Light have now stopped the use of such technology on Shan and neutralize all attempts by the Illuminati to control the weather, cause earth changes and use weapons of mass destruction, including biological and nuclear warfare.  In other words the Darkside is under "lock down" and not allowed to cause further massive harm to Shan and her people.
    Your second question concerns disaster relief and Divine help for the Haitian people at this time.  We are both shocked and saddened at the massive suffering and death and the slow relief response in Haiti at this time.  As you, many people around the world are praying for Divine assistance for these people, and manly miracles are happening.
    Always, we ask the question "why?"  Why did this happen to these poor and neglected and manipulated people?  There never are easy answers to the question "why".  Was this happening something they agreed to experience in their soul contract?  Is this karma that needed to be resolved?  Did Mother Earth provide this traumatic event for lessons in soul growth, while cleansing the negative energy accumulated in that area?  Yet we know there is a Divine Plan and that the basic Cosmic Law is that of Cause and Effect.  There is no such thing as fate or luck, as the Darkside would have us believe.  There is a reaon for all that happens, anywhere in Creation.  There is always a cause and an effect, no exceptions!
    Yes, we can pray and petition for Divine help for these dear people and we are doing so.  Just know that death is only the physcial death of the human body, but not the soul, the real you.  Death is only the release of the real you from the "clothes" you wear here in 3D, and such transition is most certainly not a victory for Satan, as you suggest.  Satan has already lost big time, for much negative energy and karma has been released from this beautiful island by this earthquake.
    As I have said many times, every sincere prayer from the humble heart is heard by Creator God everytime with a guaranteed response, and a prayer as simple as "God, help!" are all the words or thoughts needed to make a Divine connection. 
    I offer this prayer:
    We petition the Lighted Realms for immediate help to provide for the needs of the people of Haiti.  We ask for water, food, clothing, shelter, medical care and life support for all who need it.  We also request for those still buried in the rubble to be rescued either by human means or evacuated to the starships by Divine intervention, according to Creator God's will and Divine Plan.
    We give permission for the Forces of Ligth to go against freewill, if necessary, at this time for the cause of Goodness and Light.  May the Creative Power of Heaven be released and utilized fully in fulfilling our petition at this time for the people of Haiti.  So be it!  It is done!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer