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'HELLO, CENTRAL!' ALL IS LOST! (Updated Nov. 23, 2009)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: D

To: <>

Sent: Saturday, November 21, 2009 5:39 PM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


 Hello Central.

 I myself, and Millions of Dedicated, educated, American\'s see the  reality. that everything is fixing TO EXPLODE.

 We don't see anything that is going to stop the TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF  EVERYTHING. Our freedom, our health, of paycheck, our home\'s, our  environment, water's, soil, food's, everything, everywhere is fixing to  go into total control of the ruling elite.

 THEY, have covered every aspect of protection to defeat us. I\'m sure your  aware of these protective aspect\'s they have in place, to destroy not  only US, but the entire PLANET.

 I'm afraid that before they let any bit of their control be taken from  them, they will, put in place the destruction of the MANKIND, and possible  earth\'s SHAN.

 I have spent the last 8 year\'s reading, searching, and digging into every  part of this corruption, control, and the massive amount of weapons they  have to, destroy, and control us.

 I'm sure you have seen the practice scenario that they have going on in  the Ukraine. Which from what I can see is a total success on their part,  in the destruction of life on earth.

 Daily, I pray to our creator, to stop the genocide on earth, In the  Ukraine, and the evil intent behind the vaccine. But, yet it continues.  And intensifies. I\'m sure there are thousand\'s if not million\'s of  people just like me, begging, and praying for God\'s help, in stopping the  genocide, and evil intent of the Satanic evil controlling our planet.

 I have daily watched, and listened to the Continental Congress, in St.  Charels, IL. They are as I type. Fixing to vote on the final resolution,  to go to every member of Congress.  Then it goes to the net, to get at  least 8 million signature\'s. Demanding that DC, and the whole of  Congress, to turn to a constitutional Congress.

 By the time this get\'s the signature\'s, and get\'s to them. #1. they  will not care. #2. It will be to late.

 As said by Pastor Lindsey Williams. The only thing they fear is US. US  being educated to the truth, and a total rush to DC, to use the lamp  poles!!!

 Do you think there is any other way to get our country back? I have always  thought, that it would take this to succeed.

 The trigger pack\'s, if they are still in control, will never get through.  they have showed us that.

 Myself. I think it\'s time to unite, and go for broke. I\'d rather die  trying then let this great planet, go into the complete control of the  ruling elite. And that is exactly where it\'s going. Tonight at 8 PM. Is  the start of the end with the vote on health care. In Love, and Light,



FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

      TO:  D

DATE  Nov. 21, 2009


Dear D:

    Your letter surprises me.  Apparently, you have not been paying attention!  Having spent the "last eight years, searching and digging into every part of this corruption, control and the massive amount of weapons they have to destroy and control us", you have been totally focused on the 3D illusion, trying to find 3D answers to satisfy your 3D equation.  How sad!

    Do you not know that there is a Divine Plan that supersedes Satan's plan?  Do you not know, who created this planet and the people on it?  Do you really think the Creator of Goodness will allow His Creations to be trashed by evil?  Please pull your head out of the dark and musty archive files of history and turn to the Light.

    You are a prime example of the end product of the Darkside's disinformation plan, a "doubting Thomas".  They want mind-controlled robots, totally ignorant of the Light of Truth, and not knowing the Light potential that lies within you.  You carry within you the answer to all your questions, but neither do you know it or believe it to be so.

    Why poke around in all these old file drawers, when the Truth is bursting out all around you?  See beyond the 3D illusion, look higher, think higher and see the Divine Plan coming into its fulfillment, right on schedule.

    The Darkside wants you mind-controlled, living in fear, running around in panic, collecting guns and bullets and thinking that this will save you. "Oh, ye of little faith!"  Your guns are not big enough, my friend.  Do you really think the Continental Congress is going to save you?  Do you think a million truck loads of "pink slips" will save you?  Do you believe a ten million man march on the District of Crooks will save you?  I think not!

    Creator God Aton of Light has said repeatedly that our only safety is in the Light.  Our God Spirit within is our connection to the Light, my friend, and to all the help of Heaven.  Go within and connect, and ask for protection and direction.  Learn the knowledge of the Light, which brings wisdom and "knowing".  Learn how to use your creative power within to neutralize the Darkside's negative energies and evil plans.  They have no power against the Light, none!

    Great warriors of the Light have been "taking our country back" for years.  They are about to declare victory, but how could you know that?  You have been too busy running around in panic and fear!  Never say "never"! With Creator God, all things are possible!  For goodness sakes, He made this place, didn't he?  You say the "trigger packs will never get through".  How

so?  "Oh, ye of little faith!"

    You want to "unite and go for broke", and die trying?  What will you have accomplished?  Your own suicide?  Then what?  That is not how you win a spiritual battle.  Evil is "Spirit" and "Light" is "Spirit", so to win you fight with Spirit, with Light, with positive energy, with thought!  Who ever thought you could win by thinking?  God did!  Guess what, He created everything by thought!

    So can we!  We have His "image".  We have His Spirit within.  Let us think victory over evil, and ask Heaven for help, and it shall be!  Light shall defeat Darkness right on schedule, and according to Heaven's Plan. Think!  Yes, everything is fixing to "Explode"---into Light!

                            In Love and Light,

                            Patrick H. Bellringer



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From: BW
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 12:21 AM

As most of my study has been the old and new testament  , The scripture declares that if 1 can chase a thousand and 2 can chase ten thousand then 3 can chase 100 thousand 4 can chase 1 million 5 10 mil, 6 100 mill , 7 one billion. Thi is how we out number the enemies of light.

 all we need are 8 intercessor prayer warriors of light on each continent in agreement with all praying the same prayer at the same time to command the obstacles be removed and cast into the sea and it will be done..this would release such a wave of creation and light, darkness would be eliminated.. if the whole body of true believers would all cry out in unison   come quickly even come Lord Yashua.
deliver us from evil. Well i would not want to be one of those responsible for the mess they have made of this planet. 
If only we all would wake up to the authority we have to create change by speaking to the things that are not as though they were and watch them appear or come to pass. well the reverse is also true to speak against the things that should not be as though they are not and watch them be removed..
I have been walking in the beginning levels of this kind of  faith for a number of years and it works but only proportionality with the level of faith and maturity you walk in. You get what you believe ,


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  BW
DATE:  Nov. 22, 2009
Dear BW:
    Thank you for your letter and wise words concerning the power of prayer.  I add some further thoughts for you to consider.
    You speak of having several Prayer Warriors "praying the same prayer at the same time" to be effective. Does this mean God, like the local Parish Priest, has a set schedule when he will hear my prayer?  If I do not make the proper timing or have the proper words, does this mean my prayer does not count or have as much effect, as those who did?
    I am not trying to belittle what you have said about eight Prayer Warriors on each continent saying the same prayer at the same time.  You are quite correct in your statement.  I only wish to expand your thinking on this concept.
    Time is not important in Heaven, for all is in the "now".  Space and matter do not exist in the Higher Dimensions, so place and distance are not important either.  Time and placement are important only to us living on a 3D planet.
    Secondly, we say "God hears" our prayers.  No, it is not the words that matter, but the energy they carry, for all is energy.  All is made of Light energy, and all emanates its specific "finger print" of energy. 
    So, when I pray, it matters not where I am, or the words I use, but the energy my thoughts and words carry from my heart, my life source.  Yes, one sincere prayer from one, who believes in the power of prayer can "trump" that of many, who do not.  My point is that it is not the place or the words or the exact time of prayer that is important to Creator God, but a sincere prayer in the "now".
    It is most important to understand that there is a multitude of Prayer Warriors, who have been standing strong with their petitions and prayers to Creator God in behalf of Earth Shan and her people, for a very long time.  Without them the Darkness would have won!  Because of their positive energies and the positive energies of all the Enlightened ones today, the Darkness is being conquered.  To those with "3D vision" this may not seem true, but the Power of the Light has been held strong, and the Darkness has not overcome it.
    I offer one last thought about doubt.  Doubt carries powerful negative energy.  Doubt is the opposite of belief, and the energy of belief can be cancelled out by the energy of doubt.  This is a common fault of the would-be Prayer Warrior.  Our prayers to Creator God carry positive energy, but when we doubt that our prayers are heard or will be answered, the negative energy cancels the positive energy of our prayer.  That is the reason so often that our prayers are not heard and not answered.
    This is the very reason why Esu Immanuel told his disciples to "Pray, believing!"  May we truly pray, believing, and create the energy of Light to overcome the Darkness, now!  It is possible, and we can do it, my friend!  We can do it! 
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: RR
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 11:13 AM
Subject: Thank you!
Thank you, sir!
I just read your response to 'Hello Central!  All Is Lost!' and your response was exactly what I needed to see.
I am so grateful to have see your words.
Again, thank you!
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From:  FB
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 12:54 PM

Hi Anne and Patrick,

I would just like to say some things for 'R' who doesn't seem to be able to see 3D proof, where there are loads!

Remeber before 2003? WW1, WW2, vietnam war etc,  then 9/11 happened, the iraq war.

9/11 for me was the greatest event ever, please don't get me wrong, I still are saddened by the death of the people there and all the consequences.

But one of the amazing consequence of 9/11 is that it awakened people worldwide to the evil on this planet. According to Kryon who predicted it long ago, it was supposed to happen exactly for that reason, awakening the people world wide.

9 - end/beginning of a cycle

11 - illumination.

Anyway after that they went on the iraq war.

And then in 2003 Hatonn decreed no more earth disrupting event would be allowed (meaning nothing that could destroy the earth in irreparable ways).

Since that day I haven't seen anything to make me doubt that.

US/Israel has been trying to launch a war on Iran since 5-6 years now? have you seen it happening? just words and words, and they are talking of sanctions against Iran since 4 years now... nothing ever happened and nothing will happen, so they just keep on talking about that on TV to create fear..

What people should realise is that they have been talking about that for so long now? If they had the means to attack Iran they would already have done it. I'm sure they've tried but their attacks were cancelled anyway.

Remember all the failed shuttle launches... oh a leak in the pipe for the fuel, or a piece was lying somewhere that made the shuttle go wrong...

Do you really believe such idiotic things? they have thousands of people working on these launches. And they managed to launch many shuttles well before this date. So why would it suddenly start to fail launch after launch...

The idea of a leak in a pipe or some piece of hardware badly fixed is just ludicrous.

Or even that 'moon bombing' that went totally wrong, you saw the images?

Why would all of their space technology fail now when they didn't fail 20-40years ago.

Because our space friends don't allow it anymore, like they don't allow any more big war to happen. Sure there are still many small wars in africa, but this is not something that could disrupt the earth well being. Whereas anything that could disrupt the earth well being is consistently cancelled by friendly space friends.

Since 2003 I haven't seen anything happen that would make me doubt that we don't have some sort of protection from above! Just look for the clues and turn off that TV forever.

Now for the Swine flu, Hatonn or I can't remember exactly who also decreed that they wouldn't allow a mass genocide to happen and it seems it's going well.

Millions of persons caught it but like maybe some thousands died.. turn that into statistics: 1000/1000000 = 0.001 which is 0.1% of deaths one people who caught it! It's not very bad! meanwhile more people die due to other causes everyday!

Now if you put that onto the mass pandemic they predicted. Lets say 100 millions people caught the flu, event if it's much lower.

(100 millions) / (7 billions) = 1.4% of the world population... Which means 0.01% of dead among these 1.4%, I'll let you do the maths.

I obtained these results by pumping up numbers which are much lower! Where is the mass pandemic they predicted I don't see it anywhere?

Same for ukraine. They make a big hype about it, many people caught if very quickly, If I get the approximatly correct number of what happened these last 2 weeks, it's like 2000000 people by now. But only a bit less than 100000 hospitalized having severe effects. Also talking about that I would like to know who are the persons hospitalized, if they were people very weak, or people with a very strong immunity system? I would mostly bet for the weak immune system, but they don't tell us or do any statistics of this kind.

And now about less than 500 deaths (unofficial number) the official if even lower.

Also the propagation of the disease if slowing down now from what they say.

So lets do the math:

Ukraine has about 45000000 habitants.

infected people 2000000/45000000 = > 4% (I know it's also spreading in poland and other countries around, but just seeing the ukraine numbers is enough for me to see it's not such a big pandemic, even if it spreads very quickly, so I ignore other countries here)

100000 out of these 2000000 are hospitalised: 100000/2000000 => 5%

500 dead out of 100000: 500/100000 => 0.5%

500 dead out of 2000000: 500/2000000 => 0.025%

500 dead ouf of the total population 45000000: 500/45000000 => 0.001%

Hum for me a pandemic would need to account for at least 50%-75% of the population, there I'd be worried, but not with such low percentages. We are very far from a pandemic

Compare that to the 1918 influenza statistics... That was totally different. Also things they never mentioned publicly, all the ones that had problems were using tamiflu and conventional techniques. People healed by homeopatic means and other similar methods had 90-95% percent recovery. This is also ignored when they talk about the influenza.

Anyway these are some numbers to have some 3D proofs which I can see everywhere around the world now, you just have to look.

So since 2003 it was decreed that nothing very harmful for the population of earth would happen and I see absolutely nothing that makes me doubt this decree!

The only thing I see more and more is mainstream media reporting things that seem to be more and more totally out of phase with what is really happening in the world.

Medias are the veil stopping us from seeing all these good changes, stop watching medias and make your own statistics, you'll see nothing is really that bad.

What about the organic food industry growing by 20% every year? isn't that good! It means more and more people are paying attention to what they eat and how it's made and for the well being of animals.

What about all the tea parties in the US against the growing government.

What about spain, france, italy where more and more mobile phone companies are beings sued (and have to comply with demands) by mayors and habitants to stop implanting antennas in the middle of inhabited areas.

What about the orgonite movement and thousands of people going everywhere around to disable the harmful effects of every single microwave tower and transmitter everywhere in the world.

What about Casper, I'm no insider at all and yet I can still find more than enough proofs that what he's reporting is indeed true.

I could go on with the examples.

As Patrick always says light is winning big time! And it really is so, the small problem here is that media still keep the veil of illusion. That will soon disapear as well as the news go more and more out of phase with the reality of what is happening.

From a prayer of light that never doubted in the bright future ahead of us.

In Love and Light

F. B.

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From: DD
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10
Dear Patrick,

Thank you so much for your reply. And in a way, a awakening to my  approach, in my attempt to assist in the re birth of earth's shan.

All of my research, and investigation into the evil intent of the Ruling Elite. Has been info, not only to educating myself, as to their true intentions. But to share, and TRY, to awaken those who I have contact with. Of Which, is always followed with the Recommended reading from the Phoenix Journal's.

But, VERY FEW PEOPLE, take it serious, or take the time to actually look into it. And, go about their lives, as if everything is going to be OK, if they just go about life in the MATRIX. Not educating themselves, or sharing the info. with others. As I intended it to be.

Is this not what Sananda recommended us to do in the Phoenix Journal's? Spread the truth. Far and wide. to awaken Earth's shan.

    "Why poke around in all these old file drawers, when

the Truth is bursting out all around you?"

I do Patrick. Most every clear night. I go outside. Look to the star's. "star ships" And watch them twinkle. Some of them, almost flashing bright, like a Winter solstice Holiday tree. Knowing they are there, to assist us in the removal of Satan's helpers.

I was only trying to help create more Great warriors of the Light, by sharing, and educating the people of the power's and intentions of The Ruling Elite. To turn them to the Phoenix Journal's, and the truth.

As far as the Trigger Packs. Sorry I blew up, on saying they would never be delivered successfully. But, how frustrating for the reader's of fourwind's and Casper's Post's. It seems that every time they go out. "They" say jump, and the people who have the trigger pack's, say how high. My goodness, if these things got frequent flier mile's.  They could then travel for free, indefinitely.

I'm going to go back to the Phoenix Journal's, and continue where I left off. And move my energy, to perfecting my soul, in preparation to graduate into the higher dimension. To use my creative power within to assist the others in defeating Satan's plan.

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

In love, and Light,