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Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: DN 
To: Patrick Bellringer
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 1:07 PM
Dear Patrick,

Our U.S. Constitution provides for the removal of the president from his office if he is participating in unlawful activities.

Our president has committed numerous criminal offenses including TREASON!

Can you please ask Casper and/or S who is the legal authority to arrest the president?

What I mean to say is this: I want contact information for that person whoever it is.

That person should be flooded with queries concerning why he is not performing his duties.

Furthermore, if that person is not '' performing'' he is guilty of dereliction of duty as well as misprision of felony.

I think it is high time to exert pressure on that person or persons.

Thanks for all that you do,


FROM:  Anne Bellringer
     TO:  DN
DATE:  Oct. 29,
Dear DN:
    We forwarded your letter to Casper.  Below is his response to you.
                            Anne Bellringer
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From: Casper
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 4:25 PM
For D N  via Mr Bellringer:
The short answer to your question is--only the Provost Marshall can arrest the President. WE have been down that road with two of them who said they would only to chicken out when push came to shove.
The longer answer is that the Constitution was suspended by FDR in 1933 via his EMERGENCY BANKING PROCLAMATIONS and subsequent LEGISLATION. Since then we have been ruled by "public policy" not the Constitution. FDR's various "Emergencies" and accompanying confirming legislation was not ratified by the Supreme Court until '38 but it was done. Part of the legislative language said "only the President can declare an end to the Emergency". Once in office and made aware of his dictatorial power no President since FDR has been willing to declare an end to the Emergency and return our country to Constitutional Law. Admiralty (statute) law remains the law of the land until the end of the Emergency is declared by a President, hence the difficulty arresting any of them as they are acting as officers of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES not the REPUBLIC.   casper
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From: RG
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 8:31 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

Patrick and Anne, in reference to 'HELLO, CENTRAL' WHO IS THE LEGAL AUTHORITY TO ARREST THE PRESIDENT?, and comments by Casper:

Ok... let's see if we have this correct...

a.  the corporation called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, UNITED STATES, USA, US et al, has usurped the government of and for the Republic of the United States of America.

b.  does not matter when or why or how it was done, it was done.

c.  this existing corporation now believes it owns the land mass that we call America, part of the North American continent, as well as all structures, roads, dirt, dust, flowers, weeds, snow, ice, water, bridges, asphalt, concrete and people who live therein and thereon.

d.  the Constitution for The United States of America has been usurped and set aside, and replaced by a corporate document known as THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, including all amendments and pertinences therein and thereof.

   1.  the usurpation was illegal on its face, and perpatrated by fraud and collusion as well as coercion and threat.

e.  the original, organic Constitution for The United States of America, by its very nature cannot be dissolved, uncreated, or made moot without the full consent of the People, through Lawful means, by those Representatives, Judges, Senators, et al, that sit within the confines of that Constitution.

f.   no attempt to uncreate that Constitution has been made, therefore that Constitution is still the Supreme Law of this Land.

g.  the corporation USA is no different than any other properly created and owned corporation such as NBC, GENERAL ELECTRIC, CBS, IBM, FBI, ENRON, WESTLAW, GOOGLE, PRENTICE HALL, DOUBLEDAY, MICROSOFT, et al.

h.  all corporations have a structure within that governs it.

i.  typically that structure includes officers known as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.

j.  if any officer within that structure violates the terms of his/her employment, or commits an act that is detrimental to that corporation's policies and procedures, he/she can be held liable, arrested, imprisoned etc., depending on the depth of the violation.

k.  typically, if that violation is severe, such as Fraud in all its iterations, that violater can be arrested by the local Sheriff, Constible, Police Chief or his/her representative, upon sworn charges before any local tribunal or judge.

Now... what is the procedure WE the People need to use to have the officers, commonly known as PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY OF STATE, SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, OF THE UNITED STATES CORPORTATION, et al, arrested? 

Other than NESARA and announcements, is there anything WE the People can do?

Please, "S", Casper, Patrick, or other knowledgeable person ... correct any mistakes in the above, add to the list, and offer any other procedural advice.  Or, toss it in the trash via the 'Delete' key.


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----- Original Message -----
From: S
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 9:38 PM
Subject: "S" status
...Hi there....

Sorry I've been below radar since I last wrote....have been under some kind of weird attack in past weeks and it finally got to the point where my breathing completely shut down yesterday early a.m......had to crawl out of room to get help and get someone to drive me to get emergency meds..... I'm exhausted but still here and breathing much better.   Hard to say what this is all about, but it doesn't feel natural.  I've been staying in Presence and focused in prayer and meditation mode, clearing - releasing - making decrees etc..... I know many others are as well, and I can 'see' and an intensification of the Light and Consciousness shifting, while at same time, just like C reports, there seems to be little movement toward 'final settlement' and reboot the new system.....  For what it's worth, please tell C that his reply to Anne about "who has authority to arrest the president" is exacto mundo and would be pretty damn close to what I would have written myself.   Hope you and he and 'friends' are safe and honkered down.... I appreciate you forwarding the updates..... 

May post some things over weekend.....


[NOTE:  Let us petition Creator God for complete and immediate healing and protection for "S".  ---PHB ]
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From: JDB
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 10:30 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

Hello there,

I have been following the site now for several weeks.

It is a great site, and i want to thank you for it.

this is the first time i have written to you.

Your site and articles are wonderful.

the site has also given me hope in the knowledge that there are so many other kindred spirits out there.  I am income challenged, presently,  but hopeful, and will contribute to the site when i am more able to do so.

I decided to write because I was literally, just last nite in fact, contemplating the exact question asked today by DN, about how to get the BAMA-BUG charged with crimes and removed.

i was even looking at impeachment processes to see if the answer was there.

Not only him, mind you, so many of them....need to step down/be removed.

and there is the matter of the private bankster brigade and what to do with them as well!

That Federal Register determination item you posted? well, i checked it out. and its real all right. right there, plain as day, in the government register.

S.F in her article may very well have got that one right on target.  i think one of her earlier stories about a certain governor situation was dead on also. he was set up and neutralized by the cabal forces.

Caspers answer about us operating under statutory (admirality) law is in the area i am studying.I am using new understanding of this, and UCC to work a process of exiting the fiat system to  move to sovereign citizenry.

its either that or i may consider becoming an expat... .

the problem with the manmade \"statutory\" law that is is that the courts are no longer in equity or common law jurisdiction, as was the law under the republic.

so here is the question.

if a group of declared sovereigns came at this as a group, demanding causses of action under the original  common law, could that trump the use of the courts attempt at jurisdication somehow,

since the republic was FIRST  or could the sovereigns declare their own court, and call for the take down of the statutory rulings et all, as unlawful under the republic and do it that way??

i know that may sound crazy but there just  has to be some way to trump what was done in 1933 so that the charges  can be brought forward for the entire cadre of criminals.

the question is how to do it?

i am open to hearing from anyone on this topic, or to get on a con call or forum about it.



Thought for the day:\"when all roads ahead seem to be blocked, you have 3 options:  look for the outside path around it, see if you can  dig underneath and go under it, or jump UP and fly right over the top."

I like the last one. It is only in a truly Free-man state as God created us and HIS creation, that we can fly...

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From: WC
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 1:52 AM
Subject: Arrest
Dear Patrick,

The short answer to your question is--only the Provost Marshall can arrest the President. WE have been down that road with two of them who said they would only to chicken out when push came to shove.

Does this mean we will never be able to do anything, never receive the deliveries, never have the announcement of Nesara, never see these evil people but behind bars, never have any freedom? What are we suppose to believe?????? We are told every day that everything is under control and to expect deliveries at any moment. We are told it is our fault because we will not do any thing but expect GOD to do everything forus. We are told "Through Christ all things are possible" - that one I have always believed. We are told that we will never see the deliveries.

What can we do? What are we suppose to believe? We the little people want todo what we can to get Nesara announced and the deliveries made and these evilpeople behind bars. Where do we start???? We have prayed, believed, had faith,and done what we were told to do and still nothing. What is it going to take to getthis thing over with so that we can get on with our lives???????????????????

GOD bless you for all you do.

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From: VP
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 3:31 AM
Subject: Further to the question "Who can arrest Obama?"
Perhaps we are trying too hard to find someone with the intestinal fortitude and legal standing to "arrest" this criminal element.  Perhaps we don't have to reach this high.  If "they are acting as officers of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES not the REPUBLIC", then surely they have committed enough "crimes" in their capacity as "corporate Officers" that surely someone with some regular legal clout can find some charges that they could make stick in the regular judicial system that would effectively rid us of these menaces!  Surely one of his horrific deeds is punishable by regular law, effectively removing him from office!  If they could do it to Enron, why not the  CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES?!
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----- Original Message -----
From: di
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 4:21 AM
Subject: Re: Does The Provost Marshall Have The Authority To Arrest The President?
Dear Patrick,
I did some inquiry with some fellow retired and active duty military officers that are in the know, concerning the question of "who has the authority to arrest the President?"  Some serve in the Pentagon.  This is the best response I received from an awesome fellow Patriot.  I will withhold his name to protect him from retaliation.  However, he is not afraid.  This matches what I was taught in the Intelligence schools and military schools at Air University and other Universities that I have attended.  I served my Country and the US Constitution for 32 years as an Air Force Officer.  I still work as a consultant on matters of national security.  There are many God fearing patriots in our military and intelligence ranks, but there are also many traitors.  The good guys outnumber the bad ones, but the bad ones have their allegiance tied to the New World Order, and the Illuminati Masters, so they utilize that power to override the authority of the good guys.  A day is coming when the tables will reverse.  I feel that it is very soon.  The President and his handlers are trying to push through their agenda before that day of judgment comes, but the inside talk that I hear is that "it is at the door."  I know that you and the CASPER group probably hear it too.  The good guys are not going to sit by and let this nation fall to communist traitors.  That is what I have been told from top sources.  Get ready for some action soon.  Thank you for your dedication, your website, and all of the awesome information that you publish.  Please thank the CASPER group for all that they are doing, and please pass this message on to them. 
God Bless,
A Fellow Patriot

Question: Does the Provost Marshal General of the Army or Marine Corp have the athority to arrest the President?

This would not 'usually' be the case. The Provost Marshal General

of The Army is a Headquarters US Army flag officer position and serves directly

under the Chief of Staff - US Army.

In one of our legal classes in Command & Staff School - Air University, the

scenario was built classroom-style that greatly parallels the terrible situation

we find ourselves in today. (Please remember that these classes were taught by

Harvard Law School folks with a string of letters behind their names as long as

your arm.)

"It has been determined that the president has committed treason in a manner

unmistakable to all. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff convenes a

covert meeting to get a vote of the JCS. (Here is where the Provost Marshall

General of the Army and/or Marines may be in attendance.)

Please remember at this time that a military officer takes an oath of office to

do one thing and one thing only - "....... to support and defend the Constitution of

the United States against ALL enemies, foreign OR DOMESTIC." They must

determine above a reasonable doubt that the enemy domestic is the treasonous


A convoy of 10 to 12 HIGH ranking officers depart the Pentagon, accompanied by

a large contingent of Military Police (Provost Marshal General??) and all necessary

armament and provisions to enter the grounds of the White House, by FORCE if

necessary, proceed to the location of the president and put him under arrest.

(This scenario is when we are not at DECLARED WAR)

Then, The Chairman of the JCS would advise the Speaker of The House, The

President of the Senate, The Attorney General and the Secretary of State of

their actions.

In times of DECLARED WAR, the president can be shot on the spot if he resists

or is a threat to the nation or those around him. Please remember, that the

last DECLARED WAR was the second world war, declared on 8 December 1941.

Why haven't we seen this today. Simple - we are devoid of Constitutional military

leadership - they have morphed into political, pussified, wishy-washy, pants-wetting

yes-men. (Enough to make you puke)

Hope this helps.

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----- Original Message -----
From: "Cl"
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 5:11 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 Hello Patrick,

 This is for placement with the comments/questions,regarding arrest of the President. Thank you, and everyone else too, for expanding this inquiry.


 From the writings of 'S' and others, I understand that the CORPORATION is or may be functioning under a Charter, being an adaptation of the Constitution we all know. But even so, any corporation must be headed by someone with mental stability. From CASPER's reporting, supposedly based on eye-witness testimony, OBAMA's mental stability is questionable; even his so-called campaign promises (which could also be considered military campaign objectives) have been completely reversed by him or ignored altogether. It is irrelevant that he may be under the rule of a secret handler; his arrest would arrest that complication too.


 As to the requirement that the critical 'announcements' must follow the initial deliveries (by some treaty or court judgment?), it would seem that, per the Doctrine of Impossibility (the impasse created by instability of the President), the announcements could legally/lawfully precede deliveries without compromising the underlying agreement.  



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----- Original Message -----
From: Ca/cd
To: "Patrick Bellringer" <>
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 6:45 PM
Subject: Hello central! (comments)
 Hello Patrick... I'll just cut to the chase.

 Concerning the HELLO CENTRAL; ...authority to arrest...:

 The thought occurred to me that; the key to reclaiming America lies within the reestablishing of Article III courts and along with it th> Grand Juries who abide by the Organic Constitution for these united states of America

 In so doing, a proper militia can be established to carry out any arrest warrants handed down by the Grand Jury. The people have a voice in such a court as it the only court system intended for civilians.

 It's possible to argue in a corporate court system and win if the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is invoked into being as applicable to whatever proceedings found in a corporate court setting. Most of what is needed is found within section 1-100~400 and where 1-207 states unequivocally of one's own choice of sovereignty in context to all other law, statute, code and etc, regards reserving their rights/jurisdiction to their person/being--in perpetuity. The UCC is founded in International Treaties and therefore, should any judge defy its authority, they could be held liable for committing an international crime.

 Should any of the above prove to false in anyway, please indicate so and redirect with the truth.

 Thanks and may the power of the people prevail.


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----- Original Message -----
From: EW
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 12:15 PM


I take umbrage against the statement by 'di' in Reply #6 where he states at the end of his response:

"Simple - we are devoid of Constitutional military leadership - they have morphed into political,

pussified, wishy-washy, pants-wetting yes-men. (Enough to make you puke)"

The problem is with his use of 'pussified'.

Even my pussycat has the guts and fortitude to fight, and fight hard, for his own territory.


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----- Original Message -----
From: EW
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 12:39 PM
Subject: Re: Who Can Arrest The President

This YouTube video explains my response to Reply #6 on the Who can Arrest The President post:


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----- Original Message -----
From: JDB
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 1:11 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

good morning,

i read what RG wrote on this thread, and he is right about what happened. A false corporation, called/posing as the USA, formerly the republic, was created.

well, we know that now, so the question becomes: how do we take it back?

some say guns are or will be our  only answer.

but is that really the only way?

is there a way we have not thought of or attempted sufficiently at all yet?

one that could work without violance. is this even possible?


lets ponder this a moment.

here are my musings on this topic today...and questions.

We know that a true republic under the real constitution was organically created. We know that it came first, and that it is still there. no action, so far anyway, has dismantled it or taken it down.

we know the usurpers want it to be taken away from us, they want to strip us of our unalienable rights under God.

since our true republic was FIRST, it cannot be trumped by the laws or rules of the unlawfully created corporation called the US corporation,  because that entire false entity was created under and through fraud of the american people.

so, what about this?

we create a sovereign citizens group, right here, now, through this site.

there may already a group or groups doing this, if they are out there, and they are like minded with us, and they are authentic in loyalty to our true republic, we find out who they are and we get together with them, somehow.....

bring our cause in unity of purpose.

if someone knows who/what such groups are, and knows of their authenticity of mind, it would help to identify these groups.

i suspect that there are other things going on, but the trouble is we are not unified.

the sovereign citizens  need to create together an actionable  document, one that reflects the reclamation of our original constitution and all of its organic and original authority.

the action document will cover the full list of causes of action against the false corporation and its officers, collectively and/or by name.

the document could be developed like a complaint we see in court today, but perhaps different in that our court today is under the false law under the false system created.. i think by the false corporation.

our cause of action would be against the entire fraudulently created corporation, and all of its officers and representatives who are operating under oath to the FALSE corporation.

yes, all of them.

action would be filed where?

Supreme court?  i doubt we can go there, as i dont think it will do any good.

reason being, if i  understand this right, the judicial body, in its entirety,  is  operating under statutory jurisdication, the falsely created public policy one, and that whole thing was made up by the falsely created corporation.

so that means the court system serves the false corporations interests, and literally has no effective \"jurisidiction\". 

so if the above is the case, what do we do?

what judicial body or court then could \"hear\" the argument/complaint or filed charges so that the next actions are done \"lawfully\" under the TRUE constitution??

it would probably have to be something set before  a duly  appointed citizens tribunal.

so, if there is not one of those out there, then what has to happen?

well, we get one.


how?  not sure, but someone out there may have some ideas on this.

we need a judiciary that is under oath to the old organic constitution.

what this may mean is that our very action... takes down the judiciary as it currently operates, or else makes a demand of it and its judges that they either revert their allegiance and oath back to the true republic reclaimed by the action, or else they are out of work.

i am no expert on any of this, but as far as i have learned, the judiciary of the true republic can operate only under 2 forms of law, those being... law of equity and the common law.

the tribunal would become the superior duly appointed judiciary, and the sovereigns case can be \"heard there\".

this judiciary\'s orders would be lawful. True constitutional law/original law trumps the false law operating in court today.


so, what would be among our actionable demands?

one is to charge the entire falsley created corporation, its officers, benefeciaries, assigns, etc. et all, with fraud and demand its immediate cessation/revocation/reccission of all its power.

second demand is the arrest of all of its officers. all of them.

the last post yesterday  by a member who knows the military side, talked about that body making arrests.

is our military under oath to the fraudulent corporation or to the real republic? not sure how that would work, but someone out there probably has some ideas.

whoever makes arrests has to be under oath to the true republic.

not sure how to assure or do that, but that is what is needed.

there would be much more to the cause of action, but this is my 2 cents worth for now on this topic.

the question i have in my mind is is not whether or not WE CAN do this,  the question is, if we do act, will it work? 

if it will work then how can we come together to move the ball from here?

is this at all an answer to the question: what can we do???

thanks to all for any responses/answers.

We must remain in LOVE and faith toward all our fellow FREE men and women. We are all on the journey seeking God\'s heart in all of this.


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----- Original Message -----
From: MH
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 2:07 AM
Subject: :SPAM: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


In Re: Who has authority and how to oust our appears Communist President

An e-mail I prior sent regarding this subject, but attached as a P.S. to another message sent to you, I mentioned that if O\'Bama is taken to court for treason, for the illegal seizure of the U.S., the U.S. Supreme Court would defend him.  This was in reference to him not being born in the U.S., the CA 9th Circuit District Federal(known to be radical) Court refusing the issue, the case going to Federal Appeal, and that it would end up at the U.S. Supreme Court where the case would loose, as shown in past record regarding this subject material.  If you think about it, the Chief Justice is a party to the action because he sworn Obama in as President and originally the Oath was incorrectly administered...Why, is it a conspiracy?, i.e. is he part of the conspiracy?  Appears Socialist/Communist George Bush, whom appears O\'Bama is being known for keeping close ties with, assigned and appointed this extremely intelligent Judge. 

In this case a possible foreiger named O\'Bama is seizing the country as a Socialist and a Communist, has fraudulantly represented himself as a U.S. Citizen to gain power, and he refused to obey the Constitution that he swore under that was the Power to Be for this employment position.  I suggested to you that the case should NOT be heard in Federal Court but either the International Court at the Hague, who has jurisdiction over war criminals, or at the Federal Court of Claims, now known as the U.S. Court of Claims.  I stated that when the case is filed, to see if a Stay can be Ordered stopping any and all Presidential Orders until the merits of the case can be decided, for the sake of National..., the list goes on. I\'m adding that any executive decisions he made should also have a Stay until Decision by the proper court of venue that would have jurisdiction. 

I also mentioned the middle ground, whos who, referring to is Obama really a good guy waiting a chance to proove himself or is he what he appears to be; a liar, a crook and an organized mafia type serial criminal instigating a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) crime.  He definitely should go down into history for personality tactics.  Myself I think he\'s the Dark Horse of the Apocolypse.   

For a case to be heard with the Federal Grand Jury, the case cannot be submitted to be heard by We The People as in a Civil Grand Jury.  It has to be Fed. submitted.  I don\'t know where my rule book is on this where I checked this out years prior regarding court and county corruption, but their rules and procedures are posted on the Internet. I have no idea if as a Private Attorney General may work or if the Jury would accept.  Also how are these members determined and can the selection be controlled, especially by who is the Chairman, which could be assigned by a Judge.  In some lower grand jury\'s the Chairman does not notify the Jurists of the rules, laws and duties relating to their job.  In one tri-county a law suit was actually instigated stating they were only an investigating and reporting arm and had no power.  FIJA, Fully Informed Jury Association, may be able to give insight on this and what kind of problems to look for. 

No matter, Decision, these people don't obey Orders so even if We The People won the case, then what, lock them up, where?  Also what happens when you have a Country without a King; can\'t be the V.P. who appears to be part of the conspiracy, how about Nancy Polisi or the Top Admiral, or the General in charge of Norad whom somebody told me has the real power?  This also needs to be determined in advance.  I really don't know.

A simple definition of the Court of Claims is attached for your review.  Any others that may think another direction, rather than Federal Court, is needed, may also have ideas.  There cannot be mistakes on this one. 

Suggestion, these facts could also be reviewed and determined by a 4th year law school where they do stratistic (strategy) legal studies or set-up a legal research team with intelligent We The People as part of.  This idea could also backfire.  The Straw Man UCC idea, as in Cracking the Code book, I am aware is supposed to be fact but has been sabotauged by crooks, example take a car without money payment stating your birth certificate and name in lower case has value and is the money.  I have not been able to study these rules and laws to be able to speak on the subject but know numerous Judges ignore it and years ago was informed they had a meeting on how to deal with the Redemption in Law procedures.  UCC1 Straw Man and Common Law procedures appears to have been eliminated to public eye and to these students, the same as many of the Common Law Courts have been shut down. 

Also J__ posted joining the people together.  The people do need a leadership group, a place they know where to go.  Many will not rock the boat, be on a list, until there is no other choice, because of fear and uninformed.  They say it's too big, what can I do.  They will follow the masses.  Everybody doing what they can, determining what they are best in, makes a powerful unit.  Myself I enjoy research and have a bad taste of illegal court corruption for the purpose of theft from the innocent.  Congressman Ron Paul is an obvious honest and knowledgable leader but I don\'t know if he would be willing or able to lead something like this and the position he's in now may be the best, but hopefully can be part of.  We can't forget what happened to people like Trafficant and the deceased ones.  Alex Jones is another strong leader but may be too radical for the masses.  The founder of Judicial Watch, Kenneth Clayman, may also have some ideas.  Same with the White Knight group.!

  NESARA may be claimed as having a financial interest.  Too bad it couldn\'t be somebody like Sanandra.

Court of Claims Wikipedia definition below and may surpirse you that it may be the proper place to go?  But who are the players of this court and how do you keep them honest?

Thank you for everything, 'Mr. Godly, Work-A-Holic', Wow Patrick, sounds like a rhyme.  


cc James - White Knights 911

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----- Original Message -----
From: SB
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 1:02 AM
Subject: Re: Who Can Arrest The President
Hello Pat (or Patrick if you are feeling a little egocentric today )
Well this topic "Who Can Arrest The President?" is turning into a real think fest.
I think this topic has struck a chord with many Four winds Followers including myself
I too click on Casper's updates every day to see what the latest is with the Nesara ,deliveries and who's done what to whom and how.
If it wasn't so serious, I'd swear it,s a soap opera being made up as it goes along.
How long has it been going on for now is it 2 or 3 years? (Deliveries on /Deliveries stopped /Deliveries back on.Trigger packs removed/Trigger packs recovered and back in D.C.)
Could it be that the delays and frustrations are part of the design intended to bring the rats out of the wood work and identify who is for the dark and who is for the light.
If this is the case, a lot of the badies have been caught trying to get their fingers in the Nesara till, but they never seem to be arrested or taken out of play. Why not? If they are not taken "off the field of play" the game will never be over and there will not be any  Winners/Losers only some really bored spectators. These Spectators will eventually wonder off  in frustration and start their own game with better rules to make the game more interesting and real.
As to the question of arresting Quasi President O'bummer.
I'm an Australian living in Brisbane Queensland  and what has motivated me to write and send you this email is a sense something very exciting in the making.
Something is stirring, I see Americans awakening, asking what can I do? What can we do? Americans getting frustrated. Americans thinking long deep and hard to find a solution to these problems. Can we regain control of our country? Do we have to continue taking this crap? What's happening is Real Americans the ones that raise their kids right and have ethics and help one another in hard times are looking at the problem together A team is forming, a movement is starting .
Real Americans are exchanging ideas.  Many have talents and abilities that far exceed the people responsible for these problems. If these jerks had superior intellects and talents they would not be playing the losers game in the first place.
So what can a lot of good intentioned talented and enterprising Americans do?........ ANYTHING THEY WANT!!! 
Ask God and each other "What can I Do to make this work". "What is my Destiny?"
Something I have always admired and Loved about you guys is your "CAN DO" attitude and your confidence ...
Come On........ You Know it's time...... You Americans are trail blazers and you've got a trail to blaze...... back to your Individual Sovereignty.
You have got enough smarts to solve this problem intelligently without guns a thousand times over.
Once you have succeeded and you will without doubt...People all over the world, like me, will take your lead and do likewise in our own countries.
Let's reclaim something even more valuable than our Nesara payments, our own independent Sovereignty and Dignity.
I know some of you probably think "It's OK for you buddy ,you're not here, why is it up to us Americans"?
The answer is... because you hold the key to set the world free from this Greedy Cabalistic Rule that has incarcerated all of us for far too long.
You have the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution for those United States of America. These are the strongest Common Law legal documents that enshrine your legal entitlements to Individual Sovereignty.
Love and Light to you all.
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Answer: A "case" must be presented to a "Category 4", non-treaty American Native judge, duly appointed by proper authority [one of which, I am]. It is better if a panel of 3 judges sit to hear the matter.

This is EXACTLY what "daddy" Bush did to get "permission" for Desert Shield. He sent his counsel of Attorneys to the Honorable _______________, [please block out his name for any publication] presented proof of "breach of contract, etc.," had the orders signed by the Honorable judge (an honorable officer receives no remuneration for services. All "judges" as you know them receive pay as well as access to "Slush Funds" and are offices of PROFIT.

Personally, I only know of one other duly appointed Category 4, American Native judge. I\'m sure more could be found.

You asked how, now you know. An arrest warrant could be issued, just like the one issued for Sadam Hussein.

D. D.

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JDB, Patrick, Casper, and fellow patriots,

I believe I may have found the group of people that are doing the very thing that you inquire about. What they are doing is, through original jurisdiction, seating our governors, senators, representatives and eventually the president. The name of the site that a majority of these patriots congregate is They come right out and say they will not give you the answer, but they provide the education for the answer. They explain why much more eloquent than I can, so I'll leave that for them.

I had found myself not satisfied with all the alarmists' commentaries, however, very informative, very concerning and much appreciated. It has always seemed as though why or how was never

answered. So through a lot of research and reading, at the expense of my family time, an answer seems to have started to present itself. As stated earlier and on the Four Winds 10 website, re- seating our original jurisdiction government, is the direction that I am going to concentrate my efforts and try not to be distracted

into political rabbit trails. If/when this truly takes place how I believe it will, it will be the one of the largest upsets, of Biblical proportions, in the history of this world.

I hope this helps you in your path to re-educate yourself. Pardon the example, but it's like taking the "Red Pill".


ps. Another site that I use is "Against the Grain Press"


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Response to Reply#10  of JDB

In JDP's proposal for a sovereign citizen's group - he first need to  understand that in the Roman system, that is totally corporate  (Holy Roman Empire), a 'citizen' is a slave member of the  corporate body, a slave who is granted 'privileges'.

Unrevealed to the American people, the United States of America existed long before the war as a subservient incorporated Province of the Holy Roman Empire. Each colony was a corporate entity under the Holy Roman Empire, the head corporate body of the World. The Republic was never established as being a totally independent entity of the World, and

the Articles declared within the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation signifying such an independent status were never implemented in the Republic that begins with the adoption of the Constitution around 1790.

If your readers don't accept my word that the whole NWO scheme originates in the Vatican, then they need to check out the facts one finds on this website:

Note that the proclamation of 'crowning the new Pope' is a secular declaration, and not one of religious dominance. Quote:

"Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the world, Vicar of our Savior Jesus Christ."*

'Vicar' means vicarious presence - substitute worldy presence. If you GOOGLE translate (Latin to English), 'sus' means 'swine', and 'Ie' is a prepositional phrase. It "I" was changed to a 'J' in the 1700s. Christ comes from Christos, a Greek version of the Hindu pantheon god, Khrisna. 

So, what I am pointing out to those who are thinking along the lines of JDB is that there needs to be a specific definitions list added to the Constitution, and an implementation of the Committee of the States that is mandated in the treaty terms of the Union - the Articles of Confederation Section 5 and the return of States representation by State Legislatures appointment of Federal Senators. That, at least would be a start.

Or to simplify - there needs to be work done on the foundation of the house before there can be any meaningful restoration to the now almost demolished structure.

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 Hello Patrick,

 I am not a constitutional scholar but I understand what I read. The most important part of the Constitution is the Preamble which clear states in anyone's terminology that WE ARE IN CHARGE. Just like owning something and appointing someone to watch it for you we can let them go, if the "steal it" we have recourse to take it back. We are NOT the fourth branch of government for by virtue of the Preamble WE ARE THE FIRST BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT...Now I hate to see this go as far as arresting them, but please, from this co-owner, kick them in the pants when you cuff 'em....Make it a great day...M

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Re: Reply 16  by M

May I suggest that anyone like M who has his understanding of the US Constitution

should take the time to listen to the 20 YouTube segments of Lysander Spooner's

dissertation on the Constitution - called 'No Treason'. Spooner was a Boston lawyer

of the 1870 period. His report certainly is not something that most 'constitutionalists'

in America wish to hear - truth is not always pleasing to the ear. The first episode

starts here: