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Patrick H. Bellringer

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 From:     D
Sent:      Tuesday, August 11, 2009 4:31 PM
Subject:  Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10
Hello, Central:
I want to thank you for all that you do. I visit 4 winds, several times per day.  Staying informed, and educated. I encourage all my family, friends, and manly people from several forum/'s to do the same.
My question, is pertaining to the COMING, forced vaccinations. I make my own Ionic silver, and was looking at getting on of these:
It gets the ionic silver in the blood stream quickly.
And I also have a BUNCH of the Sodium Chlorite to make about 80 units of the Marcile Mineral Supplement.
You can read part 1 of his book. I have Part II. If you send a request by email.  I will send it to you.
Have you hear of the MMS?  It is remarkable, in it/'s ability to Kill Most all viruses, bacteria, and purify the water in the body.
If I am forced to take the vaccination, Will, my CS, the MMS, and asking GOD to protect, me and my family work?
I would like to know on the CS, and MMS, Because I have lots of it, and want to save my friend/'s, neighbors, family, and so on.
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  D
DATE:  August 24, 2009
Dear D:
    Thank you for your letter.  I hope you realize that there is no Swine Flu epidemic, let alone a pandemic today.  This is all a fraudulent creation of the World Health Organization (WHO) to fulfill the One World Order's plan to drastically reduce the world's population to what they desire.
    Yes, I know about MMS.  It is a mineral supplement used to improve your health.
    The Swine Flu vaccine is not a vaccine at all, but a mixture of poisons designed to make people sick or kill them to create genocide.
    The Swine Flu information by WHO is disinformation and lies to fool the people into taking their bio-weapon vaccine.  Colloidal silver (CS) is an anti-biotic that destroys harmful bacteria and viruses but does not neutralize toxins.  MMS and CS are helpful in keeping your body healthy, but are of little value against a bio-weapon vaccine containing toxins.
    Why would you be "forced to take the vaccination?"  You do have a freewill to choose not to take it!  Your best protection is that of Creator God.  Request that the Swine Flu vaccine be rendered harmless, and even be changed to enhance everyone's health.  We have the creative power to do that.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer