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Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: DG
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 4:23 PM
Subject: Hello Central

Hello Patrick, I am responding to the article written by Hatonn and Sananda, and found it to be very informative and I do appreciate the work that you and Anne are doing keeping us informed to the ongoing changes around the world. I do have further questions in regards to the "Evacuation" that is imminent. As Hatonn says that all lighted souls, children, and pets of all sorts will be given priority to liftoff.  However, in the span of 15 minutes, there is still of lot of problems for the rest of the masses.  For the people whom have recent knowledge of the "Liftoff beam", what about the remaining 99 percent of the masses that will be.....

1) Asleep during the time of day/night that one may need to be awake. (Including people on sleeping pills)
2) When there are many private/commercial jets are in the middle of flight destinations. Is the beam going to be available right on the planes even for the pilots that are busy flying?
3) When people are in active duty in hospital, policing, firemen, and many other jobs that require life or death situation. Do they stop what they are doing and step into the beam?
4) When people are mentally or physically ill and are into an unconscious/conscious state.
5) When people in around the world are in jails, prisons, refugee camps.
6) When people whom are very religious from around the world would not be receptive of the beam and would consider this to be "evil" therefore be in fear mode.
7) When people read this and "Believes" this is going to happen, but their loved ones and friends do not.
8) When there are many mentally/physically handicapped beings that do no understand the full scope of the event to take place they would also be into fear mode.
9) When there are addicts/non addicts like those who are drinking and do drugs. ( I do not succumb to these habits myself). Even if they were knowledgeable of the beam and they chose to step into it, would that make their energy more difficult to transport?
This is just a very short list of people that would not be able to initially be able to have the time nor understanding of what is about to happen in the next 15 minutes let alone not to get distressed into fear when stepping into the beam.  I am guessing that there would not be very many people would be given much of a chance to act this through, and the ones that would, would be about 1 percent of the total population. Another thought that I had as I am sure that this is against the rules of Universal Law of free choice, is that we could evacuation anytime now and not just limit ourselves to the last 15 minutes of life on Earth and since the world is going into a transitional shift and we could all be removed from Earth without the fear and the pressure of not having any time to step onto the beam. 
Patrick, if you are able to answer these questions for me as best as  you can, this would help better understand my situation as well as your readers on Fourwinds.
Regards, DG
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
    TO:  DG
DATE:  March 11, 2009
Dear DG:
    Thank you for your letter.  I have already answered your questions in prior "Hello, Centrals" and other writings.  Thus, I shall be brief.
    By telepathy everyone will know in advance what is happening and be given instructions of what to do for evacuation to the Starships.  At a soul level people have already decided what they intend to do, so there will be no last minute delays.
    Creator God and the Star People do not make mistakes in a planetary evacuation.   They have done this many times before and are very experienced.  They are not handicapped by our 3D laws, as are we.  This process is not against freewill, as everyone must decide what they will do, to leave or to stay.  There will be no fear for those prepared to evacuate to safety.  They will know that all is well.
    Those not following The Laws of God and Creation will have low frequencies and will be unable to safely pass through the evacuation beam.  By their freewill actions they have chosen not to board the ships, and yes, the evacuation beam of Light will come to wherever you are, whether aboard an airplane or in the bathtub.  Tell me, if the pilot leaves the airplane in flight, will it matter?  You will be fully clothed when you arrive aboard the ships!
    For those of the Light, evacuation is a time of joy, not of fear!  How many will go?  Sananda has said, "I come to take my little flock home!"
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: V
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 11:57 PM

 Dear Patrick,

 May i add a quick and simple technical truth to the discussion please?

 In basic terms, our highest levels of measurable vibrational consciousness come when using our mind energy towards Prayer. The more practised we are with Prayer, the more technically aligned the energy of our consciousness can therefore become with any form of transportational beam.

 Thank you and Anne kindly for your continued integrity,

 in love and light,


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From: GK
To: "Bellringer" <>
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 1:01 AM

 Hi patrick and Anne,

 I have 2 questions regard to evacuation.. 

 Ashtar says,"...Some of you will be taken to cities on other planets to be trained in advanced technology before being returned to the planet Earth to start rebuilding. This will all be determined by counseling or prearrangement. Children will be reunited with parents and families, etc.  ..."

 1)Do you have info about when would that be  when people returned to the planet Earth after evacuation took? Are we talking (in earth time approximately)

 around 1 year or 10 years or what??  Of course I think by then the dimension of earth time will be will be different than the concept as we have of time on earth now.

 2)By the time when people have returned to the planet Earth, after pole sifts, after a big change,   cataclysms of Atomic war, nothing on earth left the same.. I mean houses buildings etc., everything would have destroyed by then. How the civilization of new Golden Age will start? Do people on earth then start all over again? Can you explaine a bit of detail on this please??

 Thanks much always!

 With love,

 In Love and Light,


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:  GK
DATE:  March 12, 2009
Dear GK:
    Thank you for your letter and questions.  As I have said, our source of Truth is based on what Creator God Aton/Hatonn has said in the Phoenix Journals about these "End Times".
    Q. 1.:  This present cycle of ending this civilization on our planet, Earth Shan, and moving through her cleansing and renewal mode, will carry her into the fifth dimension.  In all past cleansing and renewal cycles Shan has always returned to the third dimension.  Because no evil is allowed in 5D, Shan shall never again experience evil.
    Hatonn says the restoration of Shan to her initial pristine condition shall take 3000 earth years.  There is no time in 5D, so you could be aboard a 5D starship, chat with a few friends for two or three days, have a cup of Liquid Light and then be told that Shan is ready for your return, if you so choose to return to her.  You have been told that in the Higher Realms, a day is as a thousand years or a thousand years as a day in earth time.
    Q. 2.:  Moving into 5D means nothing of 3D human concoctions shall remain on Shan.  She shall be vibrant with plant and animal life and untouched by 3d humans.  All signs of any 3D civilization shall be gone.  Only 5D humans shall be allowed to return to Shan.  Will they set up tents or start over as cave people?  Of course not!
    A 5D human has the ability to thought-create whatever one desires.  Hatonn says a planet needs 144,000 seed people to start a new civilization.  For centuries the number 144,000 has been tossed around by religious people, not knowing its true meaning.  Now you know!  These people thought-create beautiful crystal houses and cities using technology beyond our imagination.  There are no roads, cars or airplanes, no factories or pollution.  Travel is by starship or by thought, etc.
    All is in harmony and balance and peace.  Why?  Because this is Heaven!  I shall stop!  Use your imagination.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: "NL.  from Switzerland>
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 6:25 AM
Subject: Planetary Evacuation
 Dear Patrick

 I am a little confused about the coming Planetary Evacuation. When Lady Gaia has to soon clean herself and there is no other way to survive than beeing boarded on a spaceship, for what reason would then all the preparations and struggles for Nesara and the deliveries be good for? When we don't even have time to practise and live the new rules on Earth? Would it be just preparation for the time after the big cleaning, when we are supposed to come back with full consciousness? And what do you really think about Sheldan Nidle's Updates? There is nothing to find about an imminent danger or a coming evacuation. My heart tells me, that your information is right. I can hardly imagine, that it would work to begin all over again on a high 5D standard (fully dedicated to the Light), without a full cleansing of Planet Earth first.

 Thank you so much for your Light-Work!

 NL  from Switzerland

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FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  NL from Switzerland
DATE:  March 13, 2009
Dear NL from Switzerland:
    Thank you for your letter and questions.  The delivery to the people of the bank packets for their participation in the various Prosperity Programs of the 1990's, and of the Farm Claims for fraud against the U.S. Government, and the resultant NESARA legislation have been a long time in coming.  The money involved is coming not only to the U.S., but also to many other countries to provide for humanitarian needs worldwide.
    NESARA is to implement major changes by removing the U.S. Corporate Government and returning to the Constitution of the Republic of the U.S. of A.  Banking is to be changed to a gold standard, illegal taxation by the IRS abolished, debts forgiven, etc.  This whole process was part of Heaven's Plan to create a better world of peace and prosperity and happiness.  We now realize that due to the delays caused by the Darkside, Mother Earth has run out of time and can no longer wait for this plan to be fulfilled.  She is dying from the pollution, destruction and negativity that has been caused by this civilization and must soon move into her major cleansing mode.
    You ask, with little time left to bring Goodness to Earth Shan and enjoy a future here, why should we struggle further against the Darkside to bring funding and implement NESARA?  There are two basic reasons for doing so.  First, the Lightworkers and White Knights have worked hard to achieve success in this NESARA Mission.  They need victory to bring closure, to know their work was not in vain, to have succeeded in their mission.  Though many are exhausted, to drop the mission now would be a great disappointment.
    Secondly, victory is needed to declare to the Darkside, "You lost!"  The Darkside needs to be soundly defeated, to know they did not win their One World Order, and that the Light has won on Shan!  Yes, the Light wins when Shan tips on her axis and dumps the evil beings and their negativity into the salt water, but to know that the Lightworkers won the initial victory is far more rewarding to those, who have given so much to complete the NESARA Mission.
    Sheldan Nidle does not talk about coming earth changes or planetary evacuation because he is following Plan A., which has been obsolete for several years.  Had the Darkside kept their agreements with Creator God Aton of Light on August 17, 1987 and returned to the Light, we could have had great change to Goodness by now, the Star People landing with new technologies and a more peaceful planet.
    This would have greatly reduced the negative energy on Shan, allowing her to have a much smoother cleansing cycle than is presently the case.  The point of no return to Plan A has long been passed, and the Lightworkers have continued on to do battle with Darkness for these past twenty-two years.  They are tired.  Mother Earth Shan is tired, and it is time to "let her rip!"  She needs to cleanse prior to moving into fifth dimension, and we need to have some rest and relaxation!
    Do you agree?  We live in exciting times.  Be in Peace!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: NL - Switzerland
To: "Bellringer" <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 5:15 AM
Subject: Re: Planetary Evacuation
 Dear Patrick

 Thank you so much for your answer! I totally agree with you, we are living in exciting times. I must tell you, that I almost can't wait, till the Big Change is starting. Since I am a child, I was different, always looking for the truth and because I was so sensitiv to all the negativity around me, I prefered being in the nature and with my horses. Later I started a very successful international model career, travelled around the whole world and lived in Paris and N.Y.C. Because I didn't know any techniques to clean and protect my aura that time, I always was very exhausted, often sick and I felt drained. In summer 1991 I had a vision. I saw one of my spirituel teachers on the street in Paris. That was an experience, I'll never forget. I was so touched in my heart and my first thought was, I never saw such a beautyful man with so sparkling eyes in my life before. First I didn't realize, that it was a vision, but he showed himself another time, so I was completely sure about it. This very strong experience made me stop the modelling business right away, I left my apartments in N.Y. and Paris and moved back to Switzerland. Nobody could understand my decision, except of my mother, who herself is a truthseeker. Now I am on a fast track towards enlightment. I'm a mother of 3 wonderful indigo children with great remembrances.They talk to me about the spirituel world and the outer space, about all the spacecrafs and brothers and sisters in the sky etc., like it would be the most normal thing in the world and that started from the age 4 up, without getting any inputs from my side. That just makes me incredibly happy, I can talk to them, like to an adult, or brothers and sisters. The older ones are 12 (girl) and 10 (boy) and the younger one (6). Before I had children, I felt very much alone, nobody, except of my mother, could really understand my philosophy, my way of living (being a vegetarian), my answers to the politics etc., not even my wonderful husband, who is not awakend yet. Dear Patrick, I just had to tell you this to express my thankfulness for your wonderful work with fourwinds, which is a very important part of my life! I wish you and your wife all the best and I'm sure we're going to meet one day. Greetings from little Switzerland, NL