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'Hello, Central!' Why Do Deliveries / Announcements Have To Happen Prior To Evacuation?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From:  PW
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 7:08 PM
Subject: Re NESARA Update Nov 10
Hi Patrick,
I welcome your positive message of November 10. Contrary to your possible impressions from my previous emails to you, I do not dismiss your communications out of hand, and would be as delighted by the end of all this Illuminati sponsored insanity and nonsense prevailing upon Mother Earth at present as much as you would be yourself.
Just one thing continues to puzzle me. Why do the Deliveries/Announcement have to happen prior to Evacuation and the Salt water cleansing of Earth Shan? What is the point of receiving the Prosperity packages then shortly thereafter leaving the planet's surface? When we come back 3000 years later to a 5D planet after the cleansing money isnt going to matter. Yes, you could say "I just don't get It", and you'd be right with respect to this aspect of our Divinely ordained future. Can you enlighten me, please?
Love and Peace
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  PW
DATE:  Nov. 11, 2008
Dear PW:
    Thank you for writing.
    We are closing out 3D on our planet.  Closure for the Lightworkers is needed to bring balance which means NESARA and deliveries of Prosperity packages.  We do not need money in 5D, but the intent to use money here for good, will gain much soul growth, even though we may not have much time to do so.
    Also, to take the money away from the Darkside and give it back to the people is a definitive statement of victory over the Darkside.  So is NESARA!  We need to proclaim victory of the Light before leaving this mission.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer