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"Hello, Central!" Obama, "the dark one" ! (Updated May 23, 2008)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: BR


Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2008 2:55 PM

Subject: Obama (and a Matthew Message which is Unbelievable)

This was from a recent message of Matthew - 5/21/08. However, I cannot believe this nonsense, since I know Obama is either a Clone or a Lizard (he is definitely lacking in compassion and love -- a true lightworker would not divide the population as he has done -- also quite alot of lightworkers say he is a dark one --and a President must represent all the people -- not just certain groups).

Just about all of his support money is coming from the Banks and other Illuminati from the Wall Street, etc. (and do you think they would let him get by with anything), and also Lobbyists (although he has lied about this -- doesn't he know that some law firms are lobbyists also). His wife also works for CFR (out of Chicago) and he has lied more than often enough about his background. He has also had meetings at AIPAC, CFR and also participated in Israel Day (with Cheney) the other day (sucking up for approva).

When I saw him on TV, I saw only a "dark one" (not skin color), with a lot of charisma to suck them in (a real clue here is that the most spiritually advanced individuals do not have this much charisma -- however, they are "matter of fact" individuals and keep to themselves mostly).

In fact, if this individual would get in, he would most likely bring the "New World Order" in to its full potential. His policy is also give things, tax, give things, tax (to make himself wonderful at the expense of the population). Also is supporting a bill in the Senate that would give more of the taxpayer's money to the UN for foreign aid (taxing the population again for this) and within this bill also he wants the UN to help in disarming the US population (and you know what that would do, especially before any changes are made -- full control).

Really has no concept of the economy -- which is already in shambles.

Also, I have heard from the Ashtar Trance Teleconferences that when the announcements are made, all members of Congress and many Government people will be resigning and Obama, Clinton, McCain, etal will have to resign (a fill-in president, etc. will be made, but none of these individuals).



An except from Matthew message,, 5/21/08

"Attention is being given around the globe to the United States presidential candidates. Despite the rigged primary elections to favor Hillary Clinton and John McCain’s supporters waffling because he himself waffles, soon it will be glaringly apparent that Barack Obama’s greater popularity among voters will be sustained.

Thus free will choices of the majority have been made and now, without influencing those choices one whit, we can reveal that in the energy field of potential, Obama’s momentum always was unstoppable, and we can tell you that this highly evolved soul with many lifetimes as a wise and just leader came from a spiritually and intellectually advanced civilization specifically to rise to his current prominence.

At soul level he knows this is his mission, but consciously he is aware only of his innate leadership abilities and genuine intent to serve his nation as he so states; in time he will become consciously aware of his origin and purpose for embodying in this lifetime.

Once he is in office, some darkly-intentioned persons expect to control him just as they and others before them have controlled a succession of US presidents and many members of Congress.

However, that vicious kind of governing is at an end, and contrary to the protestations of Hillary Clinton that this race is not over, she and other top Illuminati know they are witnessing the demise of their “secret government”; therefore, the Obama family members are among the most intensely light-protected persons on Earth."


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  BR
DATE:  May 22, 2008
Dear BR:
    Thank you for your letter and wise comments about Barack Obama.  The tactics of Darkness never change, as the evil ones have no ability to create anything new.  Thus, they are able to fool a majority of the people most of the time with the same strategy of changing what is to what it is not.  They call black, white and darkness, Light.  Lucifer calls himself the "Illuminated One", the bright morning star, the bringer of knowledge, and people believe it.
    Sananda warned his disciples about the wolf wearing the clothing of a sheep that would come and steal the sheep from the sheep fold, and no one would notice.  Matthew says in his message of 5/21/08 that "the Obama family members are among the most intensely light-protected persons on Earth".  Say, what?  Barack Obama says he will be the best U.S. president ever and will lead this nation into the path of righteousness to become the shining example of goodness to the whole world!  Do you believe that?
    How long will the people continue to be deceived, to be People of the Lie"?  In the Casper Update for today, May 22, 2008, is out-laid only the recent panorama of deceit of our last three administrations of the past twenty years.  The Darkness has become so great and the people so deceived, that we can see no hope whatsoever of returning to goodness without Divine Intervention.
    Not Obama, not Clinton and not McCain shall lead this nation and our world into the path of goodness.  As clones under the clone masters of the One World Order, such is not possible.  Oh, some of the people receiving funds have great hope of restoring society and saving our world, and that was, certainly, the intent of NESARA, but given the depth of the Darkness, and the destruction to our Earth Mother, restoration looms impossible.
    This is not to say our future is doomed.  Quite the opposite is true, but people are under the delusion that this 3D mess can be cleaned up by First Contact and Star People magic, and even while we sleep?  Right!
    Believe me, this civilization shall end and begin anew not as most people think, but by Creator God's perfect plan of renewal, which most assuredly includes the cleansing actions of our Earth Mother, which are already in process.
    You are quite right in your discernment that Obama is not the answer to our future of Goodness and Light.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: KT
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 12:15 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Dear Patrick,

You have always appeared to be a staunch supporter of NESARA and the good that it would do in restoring the rule of law and Constitution of the United States.

However, in your response to BR about Barrack Obama, you stated, \"restoration looms impossible\", and seemed to imply that the darkness has grown too strong for humanity to win.  
This is counter to what I have been reading in the Phoenix Journals. The Journals, as well as other sources such as Sheldon Nidle with PAO, say that the light workers are moving forward to overcome the dark and that a wave of positive change will begin once NESARA is announced.


Can you please clarify your position to me regarding NESARA and the efforts of the lightworkers and Galactic Federation? I understand that Gaia/Mother Earth is undergoing her own cleansing process and many souls will be removed to continue their karmic paths here or elsewhere but NESARA is something completely different and I get the feeling that you no longer believe that this will be the great event we have hoped for.




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:  KT
DATE:  May 23, 2008
Dear KT:
    Thank you for writing.
    Sananda has made it quite clear that due to the destruction done to our planet and the negativity we have, as a civilization, created, our Mother Earth is beyond reclaiming by us.  This is not counter to the Truth in the Phoenix Journals.  Go read with discernment.  I have made my position quite clear on this for a long while.
    If you wish to believe the fairy tales of Nidle and others, that certainly is your choice, but I choose to believe what Creator God is telling us.
    How would you purpose to even start to clean up the mess Casper describes in his first update of May 22, 2008?  How would you remove all evil from our planet and establish a Kingdom of God of righteousness?  This will not happen by magic nor by the Star People, while we sleep, and Earth Shan does not graduate into 5D with evil upon her.  That is Cosmic Law.
    The cycles of nature operate under Cosmic Law, and Cosmic Law is absolute.  Our planet has tipped on her axis before for self-cleansing and restoration, and she shall do so again, right on schedule.
    To leave with evacuation or to ride the waves of salt water is certainly your choice, but for me and my family, we shall board the starships.  Be in peace!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer