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"Hello, Central!" The Omegans (Updated May 14, 2008)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 9:10 AM
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 I saw Casper's entry last night and I am a bit confused...I agree that ALL of us should reflect on our positions: where we are and what good we will do with the prosperity funds should they arrive....that said, lots of tomorrow\'s involved....more importantly, I do not know if I had misread the entry from Casper...he refers to (US) as Omegans, unless I am reading this incorrcetly, the information below defines US as being on the (wrong) side of the Spiritual Fence. Can you please elaborate and explain as I do not know if I an 180 degrees out on this!




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:  R
DATE:  May 14, 2008
Dear R:
    Thank you for your question concerning Casper's reference to the Omegans in his May 13, 08 Update.  Those, who are in the Prosperity Programs, and especially, in the large Omega program have no question about Casper's meaning of "The Omegans".  Those, who invested their money in Omega, did so for a return to be used to help many people in need.  They call themselves the Omegans.
    You are confusing this understanding of the Omegans with the Darkside's historical Omegans, who, supposedly, are the armies of the Antichrist.  Much of this information has been espoused by Sherry Shriner on her CIA website, where she claims the Omegans (Darkside) are behind NESARA.
    If your understanding is the same as Casper's in that those people, who are in the Omega Prosperity Program are the Omegans, then it is true that the Omegans are definitely behind NESARA.
    Please understand that the Darkside always twists the truth to make it appear the opposite.  Why do you think Lucifer called himself the "illuminated one", the Angel of Light and the Bright Morning Star, when in fact he was a fallen angel?
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer
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Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 6:25 PM
Subject: Fw: OMEGANS
Dear Patrick,

I believe the following information gives insight into the Omegans.


You have my permission to print this if you like.

Germaine Confirms that it's the Omegans behind NESARA, and his army is called the Omegans:


     Below is a prophecy by Saint Alphonsus Logori which foretells that a group of people called Omegans will ". Change the world for the betterment of all mankind .". I'm grateful to the person who sent this prophecy information to me and consulted Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine about the authenticity of the information. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine says the information is authentic although there were some typos which He suggested I correct including the year and the spelling of Saint Alphonsus's name.

     Many people who read the Dove Reports can identify with this prophecy:

... In the year 1770 Anno Domini, a Saint called Saint Alphonsus Logori of Italy conversed with the Lord daily and was instructed on how to tell people how to come to his door and open it unto God for petitions! Said the Blessed Lord to him: "Alphonsus say to them that by faith, and love of thy brothers and thy sisters with a contrite heart, humble with no pride left within your soul will my Father and yours answer all who come to Him. Tell them that of all the virtues, love of thy fellow man is second to love of Him that please Him most."

... "In future times man will loose this precious gift because the world and all its prideful virtues will overcome them, consume them, and hearts will wax cold. Before my second coming my Father and yours will raise up a mighty Army of the faithful to deal a mighty blow to the cruel and greedy men of this world. He will pour out a mighty gift upon His little ones who will change the world for the betterment of all mankind, and the Greedy Men will know He is The Mighty One of Old and The Mighty One of those times to come. In those days they will hide their faces from His mighty light and seek refuge in the darkness of the Dark Prince of this world. Blessed are His children who come to serve Him and lay before the gifts given to them. He will incamp a mighty Angelic Army with swords of fire to protect them. I am the Alpha & the Omega. In those days He will call those children His Omegans."

     Let's look a little closer at parts of this prophecy which speaks of Omegans and the times in which we live now:

.. "Before my second coming my Father and yours will RAISE UP A MIGHTY ARMY of THE FAITHFUL to deal a mighty blow to the cruel and greedy men of this world."

-- Clearly this tells us that BEFORE the second coming of Christ, the Father will raise a "mighty Army of the faithful" to take action overcoming the "cruel and greedy" of the world. Please note that the very last line of the prophecy tells us the name of the army: "Omegans" and the word "faithful" clearly shows the spiritual foundation of the army.

.. "He will pour out A MIGHTY GIFT upon his little ones who will CHANGE THE WORLD for the BETTERMENT of all mankind, ."

-- We must recognize that the huge prosperity being given to members of the Big O humanitarian prosperity program (and several other prosperity programs) can only be so large and protected throughout all the years because it truly is a divine gift. Remember, this was foretold hundreds of years ago.

.. "He will incamp a MIGHTY ANGELIC ARMY with swords of fire TO PROTECT them."

-- We are protected because we are here to serve the Divine Plan and each of us has a unique part to play. Our prosperity funds have been protected miraculously over the years because these funds are divine gifts to be used to improve the world. We are protected because we have agreed by our joining the Big O program to carry out our divine missions. Even if some members of the prosperity program have not realized the divine nature of the program and their participation, they will realize it soon after NESARA is announced. We have great protection given us by the Ascended Masters and the benevolent Forces as well as others because all of us have very important, world improving missions to carry out in service of the Divine Plan.

.. "In those days He will call those children His Omegans." -- We have been called and we have agreed, dear Friends, to carry out our great missions.

We are involved in something much larger and grander than ourselves. We who are Omegans are being extraordinarily blessed; we also have a divine mission to bring forth a world which no longer is controlled by the "cruel and greedy". We must be courageous and loving in our service which comes at this key time when we are being called upon to help end the age of darkness and begin 13,000 years of light and shifting the world into the higher realities of the Golden Age. We will receive tremendous assistance and guidance from the Ascended Masters, benevolent Forces, and the White Knights as we carry out our world improvement projects.

     Soon after NESARA is announced over 20 Ascended Masters will be introduced and speak to us. Ascended Masters of all major religions are assisting in bringing forth the Golden Age on Earth. Below is a note from someone who attended a workshop recently by Drunvalo Melchizedek who said that Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine is "infusing the world with money". Drunvalo apparently has his own connections; it's good to hear others in the global spiritual community speak about what they know is true.

   At this time, I wish to express my sincere and deep "THANKS" to many people who have helped to spread the word about NESARA and the Dove Reports. I thank the great people at who have hosted the Dove Reports and emailing of the Reports for some time and given generously of their time and energy to do these valuable services. I also thank the numerous people who have developed websites around the world where the Dove Reports are posted and who have added their own unique contributions to sharing NESARA with the world. I thank all the hundreds of people who forward the Dove Reports to others over the Internet and also by fax and even by snail mail. I thank all the thousands of people who have supported NESARA over the years in the many different actions we as a group and individually have taken to help bring the true NESARA law to announcement. I also thank the hundreds of people who have given their caring support to me personally so that I am able to carry out my Dove world service. Each of us has contributed to bringing NESARA's blessings to the world.

    When we see NESARA's announcement, let us celebrate the great blessings NESARA brings our people and our world. Those of us in the humanitarian prosperity programs in the U.S. and Canada can look for the mass deliveries to occur within three business days of NESARA's announcement. There used to be a plan to deliver the same evening as NESARA's announcement, however, I now am hearing that the mass deliveries will be as soon as possible in the days following NESARA's announcement. Because those of us in the humanitarian prosperity programs have such great amounts of wealth to steward, we need to pay close attention to the NESARA announcement and details of the economic and financial changes.