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"Hello, Central!" The Majority Do Not Want To Know The Truth!

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From: WM

To: "Bellringer" <>

Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2008 8:30 PM

Subject: Hello centerel

I have been trying to enlighten people as to the many things that are going on , such as postings on your site , end times, governmentevil , chem trails etc. I have concluded that the majority simply do not

want to know. Example, on a clear blue sky day , wecouldn't have had a better demonstration . This plane was laying down a thick white plume from horizon to horizon then backagain . Thruout  the next few hours we watched them spread and form a thin whispey veil overhead . Still they wouldn'tbelieve it, and so it goes with everything else also. Most efforts in this endeavor seem to be met with disbelief , ridicule or rage.

 If our overall advancement and escape from this prison is dependent on the  awakening of these ones , I fear we are doomed, for they do not want to know.

                                                                       In love and light     W.M.


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

      TO:  WM

DATE:  May 13, 2008


Dear WM:

    You are experiencing what the enlightened ones are encountering constantly across our planet.  The majority of the people choose to ignore or reject the Truth.  There is no way to make anyone believe what they choose not to believe.  They have closed their minds to anything that is counter to their thinking.  That is their choice.

    Our task is to present the Truth freely to all, and then let them do with it what they will.  Under Cosmic Law all are held accountable for their

choices and their actions.  Everyone must learn the same lessons and live the Laws of God and Creation to graduate out of 3D.  They will repeat their lessons in 3D until they learn them.

    We feel pity and compassion for those, who refuse to learn, to grow in spiritual knowledge, but know that everything we do to expose them to the Truth shall bear fruit at some point, if not now, then in a later lifestream.  That, too, is Cosmic Law.

    Creator God's Plan does not doom us to this prison planet of Satan, dependent upon the number of those who awaken.  Each person's destiny is determined by one's self.  We reap whatever it is that we have sown.  No one determines our future but us.  That, again, is Cosmic Law.

    Our Mother Earth determines the length of our present 3D civilization, which present earth changes indicate is not much longer.  When conditions become unsafe, Sananda returns to, as he says, "to take his flock home." Then it is that the enlightened shall escape this "prison planet".  Indeed, then my friend, we shall return to our homes in the stars.

                            In Love and Light,

                            Patrick H. Bellringer