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"Hello, Central! What Is The Meaning Of The Three Suitcases In Casper's Update on 2-17-08

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: JB

To: "Patrick Bellringer" <>

Sent: Monday, February 18, 2008 6:00 AM

Subject: Question regarding "suitcases"

Good Morning Patrick,

I hope things are well with you and Anne. I just finished reading Caspers most recent post, of the 17th. Are you able to share any insight regarding his reference to the "three suitcases"? I want you to know that I am very thankful for your sight and your committment to providing an outlet for the truth that I am sure would otherwise not see the light of day. We certainly do live in exciting times! Thank you so much. In love andn light.

With Kind regards,



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Feb. 18, 2008


Dear JB:

Thank you for your letter and kind words about our work at Fourwinds. For years the White Knights have been collecting evidence such as documents, notes, photos, video and audio tapes, etc., as evidence of the fraud, skullduggery and treason committed by the Bush/Clint/Bush Administrations. This evidence is to be used, as proof of their wrongdoing, in presenting the Truth to the people of America and to the entire world.

The three suitcases referred to in Casper's Update of 2-17-08 contain this evidence. Believe me, this is a time bomb about to explode! Not for very long can the Truth ever be suppressed.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer