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"Hello, Central!" Why Bother With All This Struggle To Bring Change, When It Will Be Lost In History?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: SK

To: Bellringer

Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2008 12:21 PM

Subject: --S

Patrick...of what value, for what purpose would earth be "held" when the tipping would wipe it all out anyway including the historical record??

Why bother with all these years of b.s. and this most recent "war" ? with no public knowledge of "evauation" coming for our benefit, and no public knowledge of friendly space cadets, how is it possible that even a tiny percentage of earthlings would "run for the ships".

I am trying hard to "common sense this through" and must admit I am failing miserably.

Why do we need a new global banking system, worked on for years?

Why anything? Might as well wait on the porch for ships.

I feel like "Grasshopper"...



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Feb. 10, 2008


Dear SK:

Thank you for asking questions. We have all been "Grasshopper" in our Kung Fu of spiritual knowledge. I do not know the extent of your knowledge, but I shall try to give direct and clear answers to you, even though the answers may be shocking to you.

First, by way of background to your questions the majority of the humans on our planet, Earth Shan (Cosmic name) presently are clones. Genetic engineering goes back to the time of Noah. Clones have no soul, therefore, no God-connection. They have no basis for values, morals, ethics or compassion. They do have survival instinct. This helps to explain the evil in our world today.

All souled beings on Earth Shan today are Returned Masters, meaning they have come from the fifth dimension (5D) or higher dimensions. They (we) have returned, meaning we have been here before in prior lifestreams and have now returned by agreement with Creator God to assist in Earth Shan's transition into 5D. Believe me, we, you included, are Star People! We have our homes and families in the Stars on other planets in 5D+ and we have come to the "holodeck" of 3D.

The whole purpose of life is to experience lifestream after lifestream to learn our lessons in soul growth to finally return to Creator Source and the Isle of Paradise of perfection. That is where we began, created by thought by Creator Source, and each given a fragment of Light (our soul, God Spirit) from Creator Source, who is pure Light energy.

So, for many lifestreams we have traveled the Cosmos and lived in 3D until we graduated into 5D, etc. Now, we both volunteered and were chosen from those volunteers to return to Earth Shan in this present lifestream to continue with our lessons and to fulfill our contract to help at this historical time. Earth Shan, as a sentient being, has requested and has been granted her request to move into the higher frequencies of 5D, where no evil exists.

She is tired of the evil upon her. She has provided 4 1/2 billion years of time for humans to learn their 3D lessons on her, and she is now dying from all the toxins and destruction and negativity with which humans have burdened her. This is a marvelous time in Cosmic history, when a 3D planet graduates in the fifth dimension. It is, also, exciting for us to be a part of this experience.

Now, to answer your first question, Earth Shan is being held from tipping to allow the NESARA Mission to be completed. We, the Lightworkers have worked hard for many years to bring goodness to our planet by defeating the Darkside. There must be finality brought to this mission, and victory must be declared over the Darkside to bring closure for the Lightworkers.

Because we live on a freewilled planet, except in rare occasions, the Cosmic Law of Non-intervention can not be violated by the Star People/Forces of Light. Thus, Creator God Aton, creator our Nebadon Universe, has allowed this history of planet Earth Shan to spin on out. This has delayed the Divine Plan for Earth Shan a bit. Even though she is dying and must soon move into her next normal phase of self-cleansing, as she has done in the past, she is being held, if only for a very short time, to allow us to declare victory of the Light.

This period of delay since 1987 has allowed much to happen in enlightenment and lessons in soul growth for many people, and for all of us Lightworkers. Do not even raise the question of whether you are a clone? You would absolutely not be asking these questions, if you had no God Spirit within or God connection!

Major earth changes shall occur when our planet tips on her axis. Chapter 5 of Phoenix Journal #5 ( ) will give you some of this activity. Lemuria and Atlantis shall rise, as other land including much of the U.S., sink beneath the salt water for 3000 years of cleansing. At that point, those, who wish to leave, shall be taken to safety.

Everyone will be told in their thought about evacuation and what to do to board the Starships. Everyone will have a choice, no exceptions. No one will have to run anywhere, for the evacuation beam of Light shall come to you.

The Global Banking System is part of the Divine Plan to bring balance and harmony to our planet. We continue with this plan to bring goodness for as long as we are allowed to do so by Mother Earth. Because this is a freewill planet, she decides when it is time for her to start self-cleansing. I must add that for a moment she has agreed to allow the Galactic Federation starships to hold her from tipping, for our benefit.

Do not be discouraged or depressed about having time to continue on in our present 3D lifestreams on Earth Shan. This life here is nothing compared to what awaits us aboard the ships and on our home planets. We returned here without memory, as agreed, but we will have our full memory restored, meet our friends aboard the starships and return to our family in the Stars. We will simply walk out of this "holodeck of 3D" and back into reality. We have completed our mission and our lessons, and it is time to move on.

The historical records are never lost. The history of Earth Shan is recorded in The Hall of Records located under the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt (in 5D), in Peru, Tibet, Mt. Shasta, CA, etc. Also, every thought of every souled being is kept in the Akashic Records located in the "great computer" aboard the Phoenix, the Command Ship of the Pleiadian Star Fleet, under the command of Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton. The Akashic Records are under the authority of Commander Ashtar. Also, Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda is aboard The Phoenix, as he is in charge of Earth Shan's transition into fifth dimension, under the authority of Creator God Aton.

Heaven makes no mistakes! The Divine Plan for Earth Shan is unfolding in Heaven's sequence and timing and perfection This is truly the "End of the Age", as foretold by Esu Immanuel 2000 years ago. It is exciting to be here at this crucial time and to experience this most magnificent event in all of our planet's history.

Be in peace, my friend! Be in hope and joy!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer