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"Hello, Central!" How Will The Darkside World Elite Be Neutralized To Allow NESARA To Work Without Their Interference?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: JBB

To: Bellringer

Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2008 5:55 AM

Subject: Re: Hello Central

Dear Patrick,

Thank you for your reply below about how, many questions will be answered with the NESARA announcement. However, doesn't the world wide Darkside regime have to be somehow neutralized or removed before the announcement? You know the Darkside and their media outlets and radio stations will write and talk about how terrible NESARA is and how it won't work, so isn't it mandatory that they are silenced or controlled before the announcement?

Also, because NESARA deals with so many major political and financial changes, you can't have the same existing Darkside political and financial criminals in office today, involved with these major changes for obvious reasons and they must be removed. My focus and concerns are not about NESARA, as much as:

How are the Darkside world elite going to be neutralized to create the proper environment for NESARA to work without their interference? I know you know they will destroy NESARA after it is announced if given a chance, so please tell me your understanding as to how they will be handled before the announcement. Thank you.

Keeping the faith,



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Feb. 6, 2008


Dear JBB:

Thank you for your very thoughtful questions. For some time there has been an on-going removal by the Chinese Secret Society of those resisting the Global changes to goodness. There is presently much happening in many countries to convert national governments from control by the elite to control by "We the People". Many dictatorships are only a shell and are soon to crumble. The same holds true for the U.S.

As I explained earlier, 48 nations signed agreements with Global Family to cooperate with Creator's Plan for our future; namely, to end all war, to honor the environment, and to provide abundance to their people. The main problem countries not keeping their agreements are the Zionist controlled nations known as the US-Britain-Israel Triangle.

The secret to their demise is NESARA! The removal of the Bush/Clinton Cabal will quickly topple Israel and Britain. NESARA is part of the Divine Plan, and the Forces of Light are giving assistance where needed to help implement it.

Many months ago the Forces of Light working with some of the military White Knights successfully removed all remaining 4D evil entities from our planet. This left only Satan's 3D minions to make up the Darkside's forces. Their ranks have been drastically thinned over these last few months, though to the general public, that does not appear to be so.

Due to the lowering of their frequencies from their increasing negativity, coupled with the ever increasing positive frequencies of our planet, the stress on the body cells is causing physical deterioration of these 3D evil minions. Many are choosing to leave Earth Shan through physical death. Some have actually awakened spiritually, and have returned to the Light.

Living in the U.S. with such highly controlled media, it is harder to see the signs of change than for those living elsewhere. Know that miracles are happening and change to goodness is upon us. Our task is to "keep our shoulder to the wheel" and the Light of Truth in our heart, as Creator's Plan unfolds in our world for our time. Believe me, it is happening!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer