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"Hello, Central!" I Have Some Questions About The Impact Of NESARA On European Currencies!

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From: M

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Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 9:13 AM

Subject: 5 questions about the impact of NESARA on European currencies

Hello Patrick,

Thanks for a great site. I have some questions though that don't seem to be answered anywhere, and I wondered if you know the truth about them :-

1. We all know what NESARA is and how the $ is going to be replaced with a new gold backed currency, but little is said about Europe & the rest of the world. Does Europe have its own new gold currency in the works? If so, will it replace just the Euro or the £, Swiss franc & Nordic kroners, etc as well? Will there be a straight "Euro for Euro" swap like the claimed straight $ for $ swap, or will it be calculated at some exchange rates, and how will it be valued / priced to the new US notes? Or perhaps the Euro itself is already secretly gold backed? Do you know if new notes are being printed to replace the Euro, SwF, £, Nord-Kroners, etc?

2. Is the same true of Russia, Asia, Africa & S. America? Will all countries have their own new individual currencies or will it be a few regional ones (N. America, Eurozone, Russia (maybe in Eurozone?), Asia, Africa, S. America, etc) or will it even be one single global currency?

3. Why will gold be priced specifically at $441 (I think I read that in another post of yours)? Also, will silver, platinum & palladium be adjusted similarly? Will this happen in one go or a gradual adjustment? Has the significant increase in the price of gold over the last few years made any difference to this figure?

4. If gold is going to be downward adjusted by 50% whereas paper currencies will be exchanged 1:1, then surely people who are thinking of buying some gold would be better off holding onto paper and exchanging 1:1 than buying at $900/oz and only effectively exchange 2:1 (if it's going to lose 1/2 its value soon)? Is the 1:1 swap really definite, as it seems like an awful lot of gold will be needed to back the vast numbers of currently printed $?

5. Will personal debt annulment be extended to non-Americans? Will this happen at the same time as US debt annulment or be phased in over weeks / months / years? Will Britain & Europe get the same "loan & mortgages" annulment or just credit cards?

Thanks again for the many positive words you have written, and also thanks in advance for any of the above questions you can answer. I'm sure you can appreciate, it's easy to see how NESARA will impact the US, but not so easy to see how it will impact the rest of the world as so little gets talked about planned European money changes.


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Feb. 4, 2008


Dear M:

I assure you that I do not have all the answers you seek, but I shall answer what I can.

There is a Global Banking System backed by gold that is nearly completed. All nations signed onto Basel II, February 1, 2008 and essentially are now a part of the Global Banking System. This new system is to be activated this month of February, 2008, when the money pipeline has been completed to the world's nations and the money then released into the system.

The plan is for each nation to be sovereign and to have their own chosen national currency with a constant exchange rate to all nations, and all nations operating with equal rights under the Global Banking System. The price of gold shall be fixed. It was determined to be $441. per ounce, but that may have changed.

NESARA is the trigger to start the changes needed in the U.S. These changes shall have a ripple effect going out to the rest of the world. All debt is to be erased, all governments are to be of integrity, abundance is to be provided to everyone, no more war shall be allowed, all new technologies shall be released for the good of all, and all nations and peoples shall honor the environment, etc. I have answered all I can at this time concerning Q. 1, 2, and 5. You may be able to deduce other answers from what I have said.

Q. 3. To have a stable world economy the base metal, in this case gold, must have a fixed price. Before the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1933, the fixed price for gold was $35. per ounce. This fixed price for gold then holds prices and wages stable over time. Silver has usually followed at a ratio of 50 to 1 against gold. Should gold have a fixed price of $441., at 50:1 silver would follow at $8.82. During this economic change, the stock market must return to its true value level, which, I understand, is at least a 50% drop from its present level.

Q. 4. There is far more gold backing the new Global Banking System then anyone even imagines. There is no problem in having enough. If needed Violinio Germain will make more for us quite simply out of lead! I am not a financial expert, but as I explained earlier in a "Hello, Central!", there is to be a 90% downward adjustment made in both prices and salaries starting in the U.S. to bring these to a level more equal with the majority of nations of the world.

The 50% downward adjustment in the price of gold would be off-set by the 90% upward adjustment of the buying power of that gold. Yes, the l:1 swap of old dollar for new dollar is set.

Hopefully, these economic changes will be completed yet this month. The return to goodness is so needed by all. I always preface my comments with the statement that we shall move ever forward with our efforts to restore balance to Earth Shan for as long as she allows us to do so.

I truly believe our journey is not long!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer