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"Hello, Central!" Is Brendan The Brussel's Banker A Shyster? (Updated Feb. 7, 2008)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Subject: From: Patrick H. Bellringer

Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 19:23:49 -0700

FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer

TO: Brendan, the Brussel's Banker

DATE: Feb. 1, 2008

SUBJECT: From Patrick H. Bellringer

Dear Brendan, the Brussel's Banker:

You have given several updates about the progress of the delivery of the NESARA/Prosperity Program packets, which we posted on Fourwinds. The most recent one was dated 1-29-08. At the end of the report you say you can update mailing addresses, and are willing to buy program units from those who want out.

My question is "Are you for real or are you running a scam on the people? Judging from your last update, which we had to put into proper writing format, you cannot even write correctly the English language.

I have received several emails from people questioning your integrity. You are demanding money from various people, and when they cannot pay, you threaten them. One such person you replied with the following statement. "You have been deleted from the NESARA program due to an unacceptable spiritual nature. Goodbye and good luck. Ciao."

No good person would demand money from someone, then threaten them, if they could not pay the demand. I demand of you, sir, an immediate explanation of your actions and attitude. You have led us to believe your assertions that you are, indeed, a banker from Brussel's, Belgium, and that you were working in the U.S. with good intent to assist the process of payment of the Prosperity Programs. Unless I receive a proper and acceptable answer from you immediately, I assure you that I shall post this very letter on Fourwinds for the whole world to see and be made aware of your fraudulent activities.

You have no power to remove anyone from any of these Prosperity Programs, and I believe that you cannot update addresses but are collecting them for the purpose of scamming the people, once they have received their money. You want to buy out those, who are willing to give up their units at the eleventh hour, so you can get rich quick.

Prove me wrong or I shall expose you to the Light of Truth. This is not a threat! This is a fact!

In the Authority of the Creator,

Patrick H. Bellringer


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To: Bellringer

Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2008 12:05 AM

Subject: FW: From: Patrick H. Bellringer


Dear Patrick, the email you refer too with me deleting the sender from the nesara program was sent as the sender was bombarding my inbox with abusive emails. I have never demanded money from anybody merely asked for donations as you yourself do and I do not charge for consultations as do others, I had a number of people ask me if they could purchase units and you will note that when I asked people if they wanted to sell I also advised that I would obviously not recommend it ,but that I understood that if they had run out of patience with the whole nesara program and simply needed there money back for there own personal reason. what should I tell all the people writing to me requesting money for life saving operations for themselves or there families or about to be evicted from there houses or do not have enough money to feed themselves or there families should I tell them to contact you and casper and you will pay there life saving bills?, as you are so sure that for the umpteenth time they will be paid tomorrow. it is easy to sit back and cast petty stones but these people need money now to save there lives unless you or casper or anybody else in there glass houses throwing stones want to stump up the funds and pay for these peoples operations I suggest you get off your high horse and open up your own personal wallet like I have and really help these people, as to your eleventh hour comment has it not been the eleventh hour for 15 years now most of the people waiting who were ill are now dead,did you aid them with your own funds. after I saw the amount of hypocritical comments from people who are not even big enough to put there own money where there mouth is but believe themselves holier than thou but would not offer the same service to help out there fellow man I decided not to bother with providing the service of putting willing and needy sellers in contact with eager buyers and have washed my hands of providing any more updates and will leave that to the ignorant informants you currently rely on. Yours faithfully Brendan.


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From: JR

To: Patrick Bellringer

Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2008 10:40 AM

Subject: Brendan the Banker

Hi Patrick, a few weeks ago Brendan sent me a pay pal request for $1,000 dollars to help get nesara announced. I told him politely i don't have that kind of money and gave him $10 dollars instead.

My question is, if he is a banker like he claims wouldnt he already be well endownded finnically speaking? Also he says he is working with saint germain if this is true then why doesn't master Germain fund him?




FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer

TO: James Rink

DATE: Feb. 2, 2008


Dear JR:

Your questions are most appropriate. I do not have an answer for you, other then Violinio Germain does not work with the Darkside.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer


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From: SK

To: Bellringer

Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2008 10:25 AM

Subject: RE: BRENDEN

Goodmorning Patrick and Anne,


In re-tracing the footprint" of Brenden...

The originating email address is from Washington D.C/Quantico.

He certainly reeks of being a Shill.

Thanks for addressing this for the people--

They NEED To know!




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From: JM

To: Patrick H. Bellringer

Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2008 2:43 PM

Subject: Brendan the banker and his English grammar

Blessings and Light to you Patrick and Anne ---

You are so right about Brendan, the Banker's English grammar. In grade school - around 1933 or so - I learned about two particular words that are identical in pronunciation but are spelled differently and have different and unrelated meanings.

Those words are: THERE, an adverb which indicates a place or location.

and: THEIR, a plural possessive pronoun form of HIS or HER.

In his reply message to you, Brendan used THERE nine times when he should have used THEIR.

My God Spirit inside tells me that English may be a second language for Brendan and easy mistakes like this happen frequently and are not something to send a person to hell for. I am saying this in love. But a person who apparently is in a position of some influence and power should know how to use the basics of the language. If you care to tell Brendan about these two words, feel free to forward my message to him and I wish him the best of all things.

As always, thanks to you all for your untiring spreading of the Truth of all matters.



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From: DR

To: <>

Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 11:49 PM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Sender Message:

Hi Patrick,

I was just wondering if you agree with Casper about not dealing with Brenden, the Brussels banker. I'm not trying to unload units, as I'm not sure I own any in the first place. I was interested in purchasing units. But, even before I read Casper's latest report, I was somewhat concerned about the authenticity of such a transaction and whether "Brenden" is for real. Do you have any insight on the matter?

Also, I read the comments by "S" the other day about expatriating out of the "system". I went through the process back in 2001 of expatriating out of the present statutory "system" with the assistance of someone who had achieved total and complete freedom (as though NESARA was already here).

Moreover, as "S" indicated, I have experienced a backlash by the authorities trying to "get" me any way they can. Fortunately, to date, they have not succeeded.

A while ago, I filed a petition (with a civil and criminal complaint included) for redress of grievances under the First Amendment (and also cited Titles 18 and 42 of the US Code for "Deprivation of Rights" and "Conspiracy Against Rights"). I also cited NESARA as de facto law in support of my complaint.

I am not a lawyer or a paralegal (wouldn't want to be!), but I do have a better than average understanding of the judicial process and how to write court pleadings.

This is my question: How do I overcome, if it is even possible, the courts' resistance to granting me anything at all because I am not a part of their "system"? Do you or "S" have any suggestions?

I suppose this may be a moot question if NESARA's public announcement is truly as close as we believe it is. But, I would nevertheless appreciate any comments you or "S" may have on the matter.

Thanks loads, Patrick.

In love and light,



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Feb. 2, 2008


Dear DR:

As per my "Hello, Central!" of February 1, 2008, "Is Brendan The

Brussel's Bankers A Shyster?" and his answer to me, I would strongly advise

you to have no dealings with Brendan.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer


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From: S

To: "'Bellringer'" <>

Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2008 7:48 PM Subject:

RE: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Dear Patrick:

Here is my best response to DR per his/her inquiry of Feb 02:

I am reluctant to jump to conclusions about the alleged banker, but there seems to be something not quite right. Although his response to Patrick's comments are quite strong, seemingly making a reasonable argument as to why he/she made certain offers openly to Fourwinds readers [to connect would be buyers and sellers of units at this late date, and to make formal changes in the Brussels data base for those needing addresses updated], his/her sense of appropriateness through posted communications at this date seems very "off".

I made a private inquiry to Patrick myself on the subject of the alleged banker. I did not want it posted. I inquired as to whether anyone known to Patrick or Patrick himself could 'vouch safe' for the person in question, and whether he/she has in-fact known official capacity to act in a manner offered. My 'issue' was that I would like to have had some way of updating official records as to current address, other than relying on the various other ways of effecting such on various public records.

When one has worked years on being a private lawful man on the land, and makes a concerted willful effort to live privately, does not have a big footprint 'out there' in the public commercial world, does not have a 'permanent residence', credit cards, bank account, etc. etc., leaving a 'blip' of a footprint by conscious choice with great discrimination and some reluctance for such purpose as this is an important consideration and decision. My first choice would be to contact a bona fide "official" or 'agent' of this entire thing, and make the address changes direct. In contemplation of doing so, I first attempted to ascertain the alleged banker's official capacity and verifiable credentials to do what he/she has offered to do.

I am not satisfied that the alleged banker has such official capacity, and if it cannot be verified, he/she should be scrutinized very closely, his/her true identity found out, and further background research done as to who/what his/her alignments are as a matter of involvement in this whole thing. Has he/she acted to anyone's detriment or injury?

I use the word "alleged" to refer to the person of the banker. Who knows anything, really? I certainly do not. That is why I chose to try to find out. Address changes at any point are most likely automatically updating, because if this is running out of Brussels as Poof and Casper and STORY seem to point to, Brussels is running the BEAST computer with terminals around the world. That's right. IBM Model 666 was a top secret project inside IBM's advanced research sciences division in Silicone Valley for years. The mainframe was installed in Brussels, with "ports" in other major power centers of the world, including NYC, LA, DC, London, Rome, etc. The fiber optic cables used to transport information at light speed to the BEAST mainframe are said to be 6-8" in diameter [???}, something like that. It updates information on all of us at nano speed in real time 24/7. I would surmise that it does the same on all commercial fiction business organizations as well, including registered trusts, LLC's, etc.

This is one of the major reasons why 'they', who run the BEAST of Babylon SS-y-stem refuse to accept our becoming 'dis-enfranchised' from it by action of 'resignation' and/or 'revocation', 'rescission', and 'severance of legal relations', otherwise generally referred to as 'expatriation'. Thing is, one cannot expatriate from that which one has never been consensually-legally-lawfully 'in' in the first place.

The alleged banker would have to have official capacity, status, and standing within the WTO, or whatever super-structure in Brussels is running this at the banking root. But, according to some, they are not THE root. They have protocols, procedures, rules and regs, and they have their "orders". Does the banker have an order or delegation of authority to make a public offer to update address changes for the official data base? THAT is a power player and a huge responsibility. I mean to tell you, someone that can make changes in the data base of recipients, would have to have ACCESS TO ALL EXISTING INFORMATION on record for each recipient desiring to accept his/her offer. That data base is protected, encrypted, locked, etc., so for the alleged banker to suggest he can do this thing means he/she has official capacity to do or provide new data entry inputs that the BEAST machine is not otherwise receiving from the netherworlds of commerce.

I DO NOT TRUST IT. I SMELL A SKUNK. MAYBE THE BANKER IS NOT WHAT HE/SHE SAYS. MAYBE HE/SHE IS. IN ANY CASE, THE MEANS BY WHICH THE OFFER IS MADE AND ACCEPTED BY ANYONE 'IN NEED' IS ALSO VERY SKUNKY. NOT AT ALL IN KEEPING WITH HOW AN EXPERIENCED TRUSTED PROFESSIONAL EURO BANKER IN GOOD STANDING WOULD OPERATE....AT ALL. Then again, that may be as difficult as finding an honest attorney to 're-present' you. In the Babylon System, 're-presentment' is an admission of 'incompetentcy'. All of these bankers and attorneys are 'holdin' to those who have the POWER and they do not operate for the minions. They operate for the POWER, unless they are ALREADY AWAKENED. Who to trust? Follow inner Guidance.

In regards to DR's next question quoted below, I will write tomorrow, as there is no easy answer. It is a good question worth the time to answer, because it goes to the core of all of the issues we all have with the BEAST SS-y-stem: WHO AM I, AND WHAT IS THE SSYSTEM? HOW DO I RELATE TO IT AND IT TO ME? Part of answering the below question is to ask more pertinent questions. I know any number of folks who are dealing with the same question. Some few have found silver linings. We need to put the questions into proper context first. Suggestions? Maybe.

" This is my question: How do I overcome, if it is even possible, the courts' resistance to granting me anything at all because I am not a part of their "system"? Do you or "\" have any suggestions?"

Good work. Do not give up, even when the SS does not acknowledge you. IT cannot 'see' you. IT deals in fiction.



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From: EW

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2008 11:05 AM Subject:

Re: DR's Message To You

Hello Patrick

Re: DR's post in "Hello, Central!" Is Brendan The Brussel's Banker A Shyster?

DR, and all those who think they can 'expatriate' from the current Roman system of governance of the USA need to realize some facts.

The US Constitution has never been a document of 'General Law". Since the 'assumed to be'sovereign people never ratified that Constitution, and only the corporate bodies called States did so, it is a 'corporate document' for corporate members/body parts of make-believe ships at sea. That is the true nature of any corporation, be it a body politic, body corporate, body military, body ecclesiastical, land mass with boundaries, or associative body.

The American Revolution against England only removed the Monarchy of England as the agency of control for the Vatican's Holy Roman Empire claim on Virginia (North America). It did not remove the Vatican's (Pope's) claim on the land and minerals, nor the claim of all human kind being subjects (slave property) of the Pontiff of Rome [See Papal Bull, UNAM SANCTAM 1302].

The Holy Roman Empire, a corporation/make believe ship at sea, is the head corporation of the fascist/corporate structure that is the United States of America. One can find the fascist symbol, the bundle of sticks and axe, the fasces, in the symbology of the USA.

Since the Pope cannot claim ownership of the souls and the free will minds of mankind, there was a scheme derived in the middle ages to have humans envelop themselves in corporate (State) owned names, and then apply the legal(by contract within the unalienable property right) maxim, 'accessio cedit principali' - an accessory attached to a principal becomes the property of the owner of the principal'.

Within the last 80 years or so, the States governments have come up with a more direct way of signifying that the 'legal identity' name is the property of the State, and that is by changing the family name, a referential name, to 'surname', meaning 'primary name'. In earlier times, if one gave a 'Christian name', it was assumed that that name was owned by the Holy Roman Empire, as 'Christ' and 'Christian' is a Roman derived term from the pagan religions of the Middle East and India. Having a name where the family name is primary is obviously fiction. Using/accepting that name is an act of enveloping oneself in that State owned name, and thus being, in combination with that name, of the status of 'plantation slave' owned by the State.

Ignorantly accepting/using the State owned name is considered being a voluntary party to a contract of servitude. Only 'involuntary servitude' is unlawful. Queen Elizabeth I limited such voluntary servitude contracts to 5 years, but one's continued use of the 'birth certificate' fiction name equates to constantly 're-uping' into the contract. Some people still dwell on the 'all caps' spelling of the name. That only means that the slave is pledged property in bankruptcy of the State. Bankruptcy just means a definite status of servitude of the vassal State to the Creditor, the Vatican, whose agents are the bankers of the Vatican owned City of London.

Thus, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are applicable ONLY to 'obedient slaves'. A 'disobedient slave' is deprived of all rights, including 'due process of law'. This is clearly stated in the Federal Act called the Fugitive Slave Act 1850, Section 6.

Is there a precedent in the Roman Law system?

Under Roman law they called "disobedient slaves" "homo sacer". This was a human who could be killed by anyone, (especially by police) without the killer ever being guilty of homicide.

In fact, the idea of "homo sacer" was contrived as an excuse to impose justitium, or a state of exception, that is to say a suspension of civil liberties and the imposition of martial law. "The so-called sacred and unalienable rights of man prove to be completely unprotected at the very moment it is no longer possible to characterize them as rights of the citizens of a state."

The American Government imposed this Roman law on escaped slaves, and their statute says - Section 6, Fugitive Slave Act 1850:

"In no trial or hearing under this act shall the testimony of such alleged fugitive be admitted in evidence;" And then continues to say that the "certificate" of the agent is sufficient for conviction (guilty as charged), and that no suit can be brought against the agents of the master/owner of the slave, nor the judge.

So, to sum up, as long as such, as DR, attempt to 'expatriate', and use the State owned name to identify themselves to government officials or to the court, they are considered disobedient slaves.

As David Icke just used the example of a carnival merry-go-round in his latest newsletter, people fighting this Roman system find themselves going around and around, believing that they are making progress.




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From: D
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2008 12:31 PM
Subject: Brendan's 2nd email

I believe Brendan also uses this email address for PayPal :

brendan georgeson    (



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From: JR
Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2007 11:10 PM
Subject: Re: NESARA/PROSPERITY PACKET donation request from brendan the brussels banker
Brendan, I'm broke i cant even pay my AAA car protection package which is due like right now. My debts are building cause my boss cant pay me  cause he's broke too. I only have $30 dollars in my bank account. I'll give you ten dollars, sorry cant give anymore than that.

My financial situation is dubious at best. I am a recovering MKULTRA victim and my numerous health problems which are side effects of the programming, prevent me from holding down a stable income.

After NESARA is announced I'll give you a hundred million if you like. I am on the prosperity fund gifting list.

"" <> wrote:

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Dear JR,

brendan georgeson ( would like to be paid through PayPal.

Money Request Details
Amount: $1,000.00 USD
Note: dear james,just a donation request to help fray the enormous personal financial costs in bringing NESARA and the prosperity programs to fruition the normal donations are between $100 us up to ten million us$ any little amount helps love brendan the brussels banker

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