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"Hello, Central!" Re-Seating The Republic Is Not Difficult To Do, If The Masses Get Educated!

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: JBB

To: Bellringer

Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 4:04 AM

Subject: Hello Central

Dear Patrick,

You have recently posted a series of excellent essays about the UNITED STATES and the status of its' Citizens by "S", and how said status applies to receiving prosperity or farm claims, should they occur under existing US law. As a Constitutional Law researcher, I would like to confirm to your readers that everything "S" has said is both truthful and accurate and his writings are absolutely essential reading to anyone who sincerely wishes to understand what is going on in our country and the world today.

The information presented by "S", and in much greater detail by our research group, was presented to the Military Joint Chiefs of Staff as part of our plan to reseat the REPUBLIC FORM of government. Their administrative staff confirmed the lawfulness of our proposed plan and the existing foreign ownership of our country and offered support. The Citizens of our country must know who they are in law or they will never obtain their sovereignty and freedom. Understanding what "S" has written is a good starting point along with other Fourwinds articles.

When the Civil War ended and the southerners limped back to their homes, farms, and estates, "Carpetbaggers" from the north had claimed ownership to their properties as war booty as alleged victors of that war. Lawsuits ensued as southern land owners demanded lawful remedy to get their estates back. Southern politicians were personally, severally, and individually liable for their misdeeds in enforcing the law and were often named in these law suits pertaining to these ownership disputes.

To insulate themselves from these and other law suits, congress deemed it prudent to form a CORPORATION (hereinafter CORP) in 1871 and for the purpose of carrying out the business functions of government, however,only applicable to a ten mile area within the District of Columbia and not the SEVERAL STATES. When they formed this CORP they trademarked the following names: US, U.S., USA, U.S.A. and THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. When you hear the term THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, it refers to this private Corporation. Since at least 1944, every election for President has been an election for the President of this private CORP. G. W. Bush is not the president of our Republic. All these silly primaries going on now are not for the president of The United States of America as formulated by our founding fathers.

This new private CORPORATION used the original Constitution as their CORP constitution and soon removed the 13th Amendment which precluded attorneys and others with titles of nobility (British Agents) from holding office. The British would not be able to manipulate our government if the 13th Amendment became law so the war of 1812 had much to do with the destruction of the public records and the real 13th Amendment, which was passed into law despite their destruction efforts. The real 13th Amendment is there for our use as soon as we reseat our REPUBLIC. When you see any constitution with 26 Amendments, you know that is the CORP constitution and not the original Constitution that protected your inalienable rights. The original Constitution didn't have a 16th Amendment (added after 1871) which only applies to the private Corp. and those who wish to be under that jurisdiction. So why do anti -IRS people want to waste all their time saying the16th Amendment (Income Taxes) was never ratified (which it wasn't)? Who cares about the 16th? The 16th only applies to the private CORP and not you if you know who you are. As "S" has indirectly said, their private Corp Amendments (16th) do not apply to the Citizens of the SEVERAL STATES. Learn how to be a sovereign Citizen and see how you are not someone SUBJECT TO or LIABLE FOR an income tax, which was outlawed in our original Constitution.

In 1944, under the Bretton Woods Agreement - (Title 22 sec.286), all of the stock in that private CORP formed in 1871 named THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT was essentially quit claim deeded to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This is a long story I don't want to get into, but what this means is that not only is that thing people erroneously call our government a private CORPORATION, it is also foreign owed. Do you think the foreign stockholders care who we want to be the next President? Forget about the primaries as your vote doesn't count. The stockholders will have a board meeting and they will put in the president of their choice. We are living in the Matrix and the entities that control this planet decide if and when Wanta or anyone else gets paid. Every time Casper, Poof or anyone else says packets are going out tomorrow I have to wonder where they are getting that info. That's another subject for another day. My purpose here is to encourage people to read ("S ") about your status in this no-government world we live in as we can't fix the problem until people learn what the problem is. There are solutions and reseating the Republic is not difficult to do if the masses get educated.



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Jan. 30, 2008


Dear JBB:

Thank you for your statement of affirmation of the authenticity of the information we have recently posted on Fourwinds by "S". His information has been very helpful to many. We honor you for the work your group has done in this same area.

For a very long time we have had discourse about your unbelief in NESARA, because you demand absolute proof that such a law exists. Thus, you scoff at Casper, Poof and me for even talking about delivery of bank packets. I repeat one more time that NESARA does exist and is a part of God's Plan to clean up our government and put We the People back under our original Constitution of the Republic.

NESARA was passed by the true Congress on March 9, 2000 and signed into law on October 10, 2000 by President Bill Clinton. The Supreme Court immediately put a gag order on all information concerning it and expunged the records of the Federal Registry. All records of NESARA are stored in the Supreme Court files until the public announcement makes it official.

If you have access to the Supreme Court files, you would have proof. No public official will talk about NESARA, for they are under threat of death, if they do. Some have died over talking. This is very serious, because the evil U.S. Government does not want to step down, which NESARA requires.

There is a Global gold banking system being established, which shall be activated this next month. When it is ready, NESARA shall be announced and the changes made that it entails. There are at least two separate sets of bank packets, one with small amounts of "expense" money to be delivered now, and one with larger amounts to be delivered after the banking change. The first set uses debit cards to a gold-charted bank that by-passes the present Federal Reserve Banking System. The Bush/Clinton Cabal does not want even this "expense" money to reach the people, thus the big fight still happening.

Believe me, NESARA is very real, the Bush/Clinton Cabal shall lose, and the people shall have both their money and their proper government returned to them this coming month of February, 2008. It's in the cards!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer