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"Hello, Central!" Must We Now Go Overseas To Do Our Banking?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2008 9:41 AM

Subject: Travel Overseas For Banking?

Dear Patrick,


Casper seems to now be agreeing with Poof - we should all go overseas when the deliveries finally arrive.

If this is necessary, we shall certainly arrange, somehow, to do it.

However, would you be able to give your insight as to the necessity of leaving the US to get our banking done honestly and safely?

Thank you Patrick.

Many Blessings



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Jan. 12, 2008


Dear R:

We have not worked these many years to change the system and return to the original Constitution of the Republic of the U.S. of A. to have to run off to a foreign country to do our banking. That is not the plan! Poof and Casper focus on the money, but do not believe in NESARA. Having the money without having NESARA is futile. They go together, for NESARA changes the banking system officially in the U.S. to gold and removes the present evil U.S. Government. A clean sweep is necessary to begin anew. How can we settle for anything less?

Either we have NESARA or Mother Earth shall clean up the planet with salt water or both!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer