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"Hello, Central!" More Stasis Nonsense (Updated Nov. 29, 2007)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: CG

To: "BellRinger" <>

Cc: "Carol Gow" <>

Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 1:26 AM

Subject: Stasis

Dear Patrick;

Ihave been reading alot of this stasis stuff and have been wondering if all of us on this Planet in a short period of time will be going into Stasis while our Space Brothers and Sisters clense the Earth. I understand if I am reading things right that we all will be put into a deep sleep and while we are in stasis our Space Friends will take care of us all including our beloved pets and that when we awaken after thid clensing we will awake to a better world and it will seem like we have only had a good nights sleep which in reality has lasted to up to I think about six weeks. I WOULD REALLY LIKE SOME CLARIFICATION ON THIS AS IT AT TIMES REALLY DISTURBS ME. Also in regards to the planets evacuation, I really do wonder at times if our dear space friends are there and that they will evacuate us all including our dear pets to help us prepare for a better life either on Earth or Elsewhere without any of us having to die first before this can be accomplished.


All For One

One For All


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Nov. 28, 2007


Dear CG:

Thank you for your letter and questions about stasis. When you speak of stasis you speak of mysterious magic, the wonderful world of make-believe, where things happen without effort and without following logic or reason.

We live on a freewill planet, and we choose that which we experience. There is much nonsense floating about the Internet concerning stasis or a period of sleep, which all on our planet are soon to experience. Were you asked, if you wished to experience a mandatory sleep-state of six weeks? Did you volunteer to allow yourself to be placed at the mercy of others in this very evil world of ours? Were you given a choice to opt out of this experience? Was this "stasis" officially announced by the UN or the World Court or a major religion?

I am amazed at how easily people are influenced by the lies on the Internet being presented by CIA mind-controlled operatives to confuse and cause fear and compliance among the freewilled and highly enlightened Lightworkers. The Darkside is very subtle in their approach, and without great discernment many good people fall for their tricks.

People fall for the lie of stasis, because they are told it is a good thing. When they wake up from their magical sleep, all will be better. The Fairy Godmother will have come with her band of elves and cleaned up all the messes we have made, so we won't have to do it ourselves. This runs counter to Cosmic Law which say;, "You shall reap what you sow".

We love this stasis story because we are not held accountable for the harm we have done to our planet and her people. Through magic all is made better. The Christian Cult people love this, for it fits right in with the magic they believe about the "Second Coming" of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda. Magically, Esu comes floating down to earth on the clouds in his white robes, magically, as if by a great magnet, he snatches up all his true followers, and off they fly to sit somewhere on the pink clouds for ever and ever, with no responsibility for their wrongdoing, because Esu has magically washed all their sins away with his blood!

My friend, you are disturbed at this stasis nonsense because your soul is crying out to you to "beware"! The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect is basic to all of Creation. All happens by freewill choices on this planet, and everyone is held accountable for their choices with no exceptions.

Stasis is a Lie! The Jupiter Event is Lie! Planet X returning at this time is a Lie! Planet X is still 1600 years away from returning to Earth Shan. Evacuation of our planet, when major earth changes create unsafe conditions for our survival, is basic Truth! You shall have the choice to go to stay. This is one time you will not have to die a physical death to leave this planet for a better place, but again, that choice is up to you.

My friend, our life here is all about freewill choices, responsibility for those choices, discernment of the Truth, and our lessons in soul growth learned in the process. May you walk worthy of your calling.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer


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From: T

To: Patrick Bellringer

Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 7:10 PM

Subject: Stasis

People need to learn how to think!!!!

It isn't that they don't know how to put people in stasis. They can't do ANYTHING to us without our permission, and written permission is best. Anytime something like that is done to people, there is a chance that something could go wrong and cause your 'death'. So they are not allowed to do it without permission from you. They just can't!!!

So forget it, it won't happen.

And if someone tries to put you in stasis, ask them if they are working for the Light and who they are. You should tell them to get away from you and your family and never come back. You have the right to refuse to do it.

THINK!!! They put you in stasis and you are totally under their control. You just gave them your body!!! They can do anything they want to with it, and I can guarantee you will not like it!!!



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From: JD

To: Patrick Bellringer

Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 8:53 AM

Subject: The last pole shift..

If people want to find out what happened during the last shift, they only have to look at the Bible story about Noah's Great Flood. It was quite similar to now, no one wanted to believe it could happen!!! They didn't believe the warnings, didn't prepare (if preparation is even possible for something like this) and according to the stories, freaked out when the rains came. They couldn't get on the ark, and died. No matter how funny the stories get about Noah (Only two! Only two!) , the real thing is no laughing matter.

Can you even begin to imagine 98% of the people dying??? It happened. Records about the gene pool prove it did!!! The remains cover the whole planet still. You DON'T want to be on the planet when this happens. Pole shifts don't happen over millenia, it happens fast, and there is no way to avoid it. Winds, we are not talking about normal winds. Picture tornadoes and hurricanes in every country, on every ocean. 500mph winds at least, razing everything on top of the dirt and rocks. Cities flattened. And that is just wind.

Now add to that massive fires being spread by the wind. No vegetation left, no animals left alive (including the human animal). How do you breathe in smoke/gas clouds.

Don't forget the volcanoes, all of them lit at the same time, on land and in the oceans. Think hot ash clouds that cover the planet so you can't even see it from space. That is thick. Nothing survives that. You cannot breathe glass crystals that are microscopic. It kills you.

Water is next. The ice in glaciers has melted from the heat, filling the oceans with fresh water. Remember The Day After Tomorrow? As wild as it sounds, it gets a lot worse when a shift happens. Fresh water in a saline system of oceans really messes things up, for the whole planet. The oceans produce oxygen for us all, take that away, and it gets hard to breathe. No air, no life. You would be one of the lucky ones if you drowned by the waves washing everything off the land.

Water, the last one. It puts out the massive fires, cools down the volcanoes, and the wind slows down. But no one is alive to see it. The waters have washed away some of the devastation into the ocean beds to be recycled. Continents have sank into the oceans, some have come up out of the waters that sank before.

If, by some miracle, a person survived the devastation, who would they mate with to make babies to have the human species survive?? You look around, and no one else is around, it is just you. No food, no clothes, no shelter. No other people. If you are lucky, you die of exposure, or the earthquakes that will still happen everywhere. Very likely you are in shock at the devastation, and sit there silently until you die.

TRUST ME, this is what happens in a pole shift. That is why it is called a CLEANSING, because the planet is starting over with a clean slate. No humans to pollute and rape her continually. It is not her being cruel, it is how she stays alive in spite of us.

So... When someone evacuates you, THANK THEM.