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"Hello, Central!" Where is Heaven?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: AS

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Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2007 5:11 AM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Hello Patrick.

Where is heaven? Is it Hatonn in the Pleaides constellation or is it a "local Heaven" near planet Earth? It is confusing when religion and psychics present differ views on "nirvanna".


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Nov. 27, 2007


Dear AS:

Thank you for your letter and your most important and interesting question: "Where is Heaven?"

It is interesting that many sources including the "Holy Bible" tell us all about what is Heaven but very little, if anything at all, about where is Heaven. Creator God in the Phoenix Journals states that no evil is allowed in Heaven and equates "Heaven" with the fifth dimension. We are told that evil is allowed in 4D and the lower dimensions, but no evil is allowed in 5D and higher dimensions.

This being true, we then know that Heaven is not a set location or place, as we have been told by religion for centuries. Heaven is the fifth dimension and all higher dimensions, where time, space and matter (and evil) do not exist. Heaven is the Realms of the Spirit.

All planets of our solar system are presently in the fifth dimension, except for our planet, Earth Shan. This means that "Heaven" exists on all the planets of our solar system, except for our planet. Thus, Heaven is a level of frequency equal to or higher than the fifth dimension, and exists in many places in the Cosmos or Grand Universe.

Hatonn says in the Phoenix Journals that there are more than 178 billion life-supporting planets in our Milky Way Galaxy alone. Common sense tells us that some of these planets would surely have attained their ascension to the fifth dimension, and would be "Heavens".

Our own planet, Earth Shan, is presently making her own transition into the fifth dimension. This means that "Heaven" will be established here on our earth, when she has been restored to her original pristine condition. So, when we graduate into the fifth dimension, we can choose where we wish to locate and continue our lessons in soul growth in Heaven. We can return to this planet or we can go anywhere in the vastness of the higher dimensions.

Yes, we can also choose to return to 3D or 4D to assist those still in the school rooms of the lower dimensions.

You mentioned "nirvana" or what the Buddhists call "paradise". The Urantia Book uses the term, Havona, meaning the Central Universe or Isle of Light, around which the Seven Super-Universes orbit. Havona is where Creator Source resides. By way of explanation I give you a quote:


Quote from:

Havona : In the central universe, Havona is a system of one billion enormous worlds arranged in seven concentric orbits, or "circuits." The Havona system is spiritually perfect and physically stable, and each of its worlds is unique. Havona serves as a vast training system for all orders of beings. After finishing training in his or her superuniverse of origin, a mortal will be advanced to Havona where each of the billion worlds will be visited. The book says that "each of these billion study worlds is a veritable university of surprises. Continuing astonishment, unending wonder, is the experience of those who traverse these circuits and tour these gigantic spheres." The Havona training experiences finally prepare a being of mortal origin to attain the Universal Father and be admitted to Paradise.Holy Spirit : See Mother Spirit.


May you find the Truth you seek, always!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer