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"Hello, Central!" Why Has The Writing And Publishing Of The Phoenix Journals Been Stopped?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: KR


Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 5:10 AM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Dear Mr Bellringer,

Hearing from childhood the reading aloud of Jesus' sayings, including the one at his trial before the Roman Pontius Pilate, "My Kingdom is not of this world; if it were, then would my servants fight", I've understood the world of meditation to be the real one, and the realm of the psychic as being close to the phisical 3D, and subject to the gift / merit / interpretation of the receiver, who's channeling a message transmitted psychically, by thought transfer, or whatever.

Sincerity in such activity not questioned, the receiver being perhaps a spiritually aware soul.

So, I've placed great value on the Phoenix Journals - describing as they do, that the credentials of their content are established by short-wave radio transmissions by Christ Michael directly to Dharma, his thoroughly trained Earthly "secretary".

My question is, why has there not been a continuation of such Phoenix communications to a desperately challenged humanity - in much greater plight in 2007 than back in the apparently less sinister times of the nineties?

Why is psychic communication relied on by Christ Michael as an accurate and believable means of imparting his detailed thought, when radio would be demonstrably accurate and therefore reliable.

The psychic messages of these times don't always agree.

Could the beautiful spiritual principles and truths of his and others' series "Journal #34, the Pleiades Connection - Phone Home, ET" have been transmitted psychically?

Why have they stopped: the Phoenix Journals? I'd appreciate your comment. Thanks, and be encouraged.



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Nov. 18, 2007


Dear KR:

Thank you for your letter.

You are correct in that the Phoenix Journals were transmitted from the Phoenix Command Ship of the Pleiadian Star Fleet via short-wave radio transmissions to Dharma (Doris Ekker), now deceased. This is far more accurate than transmitting information through the human psychic, which is filtered through human perception and experience, and therefore is subject to alteration. Of course, there could be human physical error in receiving radio audio information by not hearing correctly or in not typing the information accurately onto a computer. This would not alter the information as much as would psychic filtering.

The history of the process of receiving messages from the Phoenix goes back to the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987, and can be pieced together by reading the various publications by this group of Lightworkers, who were called to gather at Tehachapi, California for this project. These publications are located in our Phoenix Archive ( ). To give only a brief sketch of this history, Truth was being made public about the George Bush, Sr. corrupt presidency and Gulf War. This angered the Bush Administration, and every attempt possible was made to stop the work of these Lightworkers.

Publications were stopped by Bush, Sr., and new ones started by the Lightworkers. The US Courts banned ten of the Phoenix Journals and ordered over 110,000 copies burned. These banned Phoenix Journals were the very first ones we put on the Internet for the world to read back in 1996. Ever since then, we, too, have been under attack by the very evil U.S. Government.

The Contact Paper was born in 1993 and the Contact staff continued with their work of publishing the weekly newspaper and compiling and publishing the Phoenix Journals. Some fifteen projects were started from growing hydroponic food to creating free energy and building houses from ceramic bricks made of compressed earth. People came to help and left for various reasons. Organization and money were major problems.

George Bush, Sr. sent in his disrupters (i.e. George Green) (V.K. Durham), court cases evolved over property, Ekkers lost their house among other things, all to distract and slow or stop the work of presenting Truth to the world. Ego was a constant problem, and gradually Doris Ekker moved from being an accurate receiver for Hatonn/Aton to being boss of the "operation". This is the main reason for the schism that later developed in the Contact staff and for the ending of the Phoenix Journal Project. Finally, in 1998 George Bush, SR. enticed E.J. and Doris Ekker to leave Tehachapi, CA and move to Manila, Philippines to develop humanitarian projects based on the fake money they thought they had received from the V.K. Durham Peruvian Gold Certificate.

By this time a schism had developed in the Contact staff, and those, who left, began a new publication called The Spectrum Newspaper. Thus, Ekker's abandoned the Phoenix Journal Project, and only a few new people carried on the failing Contact Newspaper. George Bush, Sr. got his wish and stopped the Phoenix Journal project of presenting Truth through this means to the world.

Due to lack of money, only 115 Phoenix Journals were actually published in softback book form. This leaves 143 journals of the total of 258 that were never published. Of these 143 journals 12 are missing in the files and 5 are corrupted. All of the available Phoenix Journals, 115 published and 126 unpublished can be found on our website or on our sister website,

It is important to understand that though the Phoenix Journal Project was terminated, the Truth has been made known. Hatonn has said that all that was needed to be said, was said, and that these journals stand, as the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms for all to freely read and to learn Truth.

I end by clarifying another point, the use of the name, Christ Michael. This name comes from The Urantia Book and is not found anywhere in the Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper, Phoenix Liberator or Phoenix Express, the prior publications of the Contact staff. The only name used in these publications for Creator God is Aton, or Hatonn in reference to fourth dimension, as Commander of the Pleiadian Star Fleet.

Candace Frieze has spread the name Christ Michael across the Internet through her psychic channeling. The Urantia Book was compiled in the 1930's by many unknown people of dubious background, and who to this day still remain "unknown". On many points The Urantia Book has been questioned by serious Lightworkers for its accuracy and authenticity. It is thought that only a small percentage of The Urantia Book is accurate and Truthful. Regardless, it matters not by which name we address Creator God, but that we communicate sincerely with Him.

The Urantia Book project was basically of human effort to compile knowledge with some psychic input, but not a project in full cooperation of the Realms of Light. It is all about freewill. The Urantia Book authenticity was limited by freewill choices. So, too, was the Phoenix Journal Project, which was both started and ended by human choices, but the difference in validity lies in the involvement of the Realms of Light that was allowed by the human receivers and participants.

The spiritual world of fourth dimension involves both the Dark and the Light. There are spirits of Darkness and Spirits of Light to whom one may have access through the psychic. Therefore, the accuracy of psychic channeling is dependent upon the receiver's spiritual ability to discern a clear channel to the proper sender of the message. Many receivers may lack the spiritual ability to reach beyond 4D to make contact with only the Light. Many receivers today are getting messages from entities they cannot identify, or that are of the Darkside, and are fooled into thinking they are receiving Truth. Also, with today's technology psychic messages can be given to receivers through their brain to make them think it is Truth, when it is not.

Everyone has the same ability to communicate with the Lighted Realms through their God Spirit within. Part of our lessons in soul growth is to learn to do this our ourselves. Our God Spirit within knows all, and making contact with our own God Spirit is the most accurate source of Truth for us.

I continue to encourage you to use great discernment in everything you read, regardless of the source, and to go within for your answers.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer