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"Hello, Central!" Are We To Expect Any Darkside Evacuation Ships, And Is There Divine Emergency Override For A Compromised Provost Marshal?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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To: patrick Bellringer

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 8:30 AM

Subject: Hello Central

"Hello Central" Blessing to you and your family, Mr. Bellringer! I have two questions that have puzzled me for some time and I am in hopes you can share your light and wisdom for us.

1. I know that you have said that the Syrians have their own agenda and may not be in our best interest. When it comes to evacuation, how will we know what beams to step into? Does everyone on the evacuation teams have the same "highest intent" and all will be well?

2. If the majority of the world has called for an end to all wars and for peace, (in whatever form of belief system they have) isn't that in keeping with our free will choice to ask for Divine and direct intervention? I'm thinking, if the Provost Marshall has been compromised, is there such a thing as an emergency override from Aton that allows for divine and direct intervention when we have done everything we know how to do? I know that this is a spiritual battle, but on a 3D planet, won't something physical actually have to be done? Just as evacuation is a physical intervention, can we ask for physical intervention in this case also? Could you give us your thoughts on this? Thank you for all you do to light the way, K


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Nov. 16, 2007


Dear K:

Thanks for writing, even though I have so much e-mail I measure it's depth by the inch.

Q.1. There are over 200 various Star Nations represented by the starships presently in our solar system and our atmosphere, who are here to observe or to help with the transition of Earth Shan into fifth dimension. The ships and Militant Angels of Archangel Michael will allow only those Star People of good intent to be involved in the evacuation of Earth Shan, when that becomes necessary. Evacuation plans were not as well orchestrated in the early 1990's, when the Phoenix Journals were written and told of evacuation, as they are today. Should you have any doubt about an evacuation ship, ask if they are of the Light. By Cosmic Law they must answer, and if they are not of the Light, tell them to leave, and they must immediately do so. For evil to defy Cosmic Law is to be immediately vaporized into nothingness.

Q. 2. Yes, the majority of Earth Shan's inhabitants have called for peace, and Divine Intervention is in place. You would be amazed at the number of wars and acts of terrorism by the Darkside that have been averted or neutralized by the Forces of Light. Under Common Law the Provost Marshal General holds authority over a sitting president for various reasons, such as breaking the military code of honor. Should the Provost Marshal General become compromised in his duties and loyalties, in this present situation I believe Violinio Germain is our "emergency override", who can use direct intervention and the Forces of Light to continue the Mission.

To my knowledge General Rodney L. Johnson, the U.S. Provost Marshal General was overwhelmed by the fraud and corruption within the banking and political circles, and allowed himself to be influenced by the Bush/Clinton Crime Families. Having now received more investigative help and military support, and counsel from Germain, General Johnson is moving forward rapidly with his mission.

Know, my friend, that your prayers and petitions, and that of the Lightworkers across Shan, have created much positive energy that has held this mission of goodness stable and moving rapidly toward closure. Let us continue to ask for Divine guidance and protection for all involved in this process until victory is declared. That is our task!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer