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"Hello, Central!" What Is Best To Do When We Receive Our "Packys"?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: RF

To: <>

Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 10:36 AM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Dear Patrick!

Thanks for all of your continued update from Casper, Poof, etc. My friends and I have to admit to being totally confused about all of our "Options" after receipt of our packages! Different messages from different messengers! Can you personally add to the possible clarifications and how we can learn about what "BEST" to do! A lot of us are NOT wanting to mess up BIG time, but don\'t really know what to do, and really what is in our "packys" once we receive them!

Thanks for any positive assistance you can possibly provide!



FROM: Patrick H Be. Bellringer


DATE: Nov. 12, 2007


Dear RF:

Thank you for your letter and most crucial question. Those advising you to access your money in Europe, do not believe in the Divine Plan of NESARA and that the U.S. will have a gold banking system of integrity.

Global Family is tracking your money very carefully, and it shall be used for its intended purposes. The present delay in the funding process is all about moving these funds in safety and house-cleaning of the banking system along the way. The banking corruption and deceit is beyond our imagination.

NESARA brings in the gold banking system and makes many changes togoodness. We have not come this far to lose our wealth to the Dark Brotherhood again. Our funding shall coincide with the implementation of NESARA. We are establishing a new "nation and a new world", and a new global gold banking system for use by all sovereign nations. It makes no sense to have to chase to Europe and access our money in a foreign nation, with no safety in our nation. That is certainly not the plan.

My advice to you is to follow very carefully the instructions you are given in your bank packet. Not until all is ready for your banking security in your own country and your own community shall you have access.

Those, who believe the Federal Reserve shall remain in power in the U.S. and to access their money through that system, they would surely lose it to the Dark Bankers, have no other option but to access through the Euro money system of the European Union. With no governmental change in the U.S., to bring funds back into the U.S., Homeland Security would seize these funds as terrorist money. To avoid such loss you would have to keep your money off shore and live there, hopefully, happily ever after.

This is not Creator God's Plan for this nation of the U.S. of A. nor for any nation. The Darkside money-controllers are going down, and each nation shall have their sovereignty and their sovereign money system under the Global Banking System established September 19, 2007.

Be patient and watch the changes to goodness happening all around us, even though the Darkside's illusion appears to go on unabated. Know that their end is near.

May your choose wisely the pathway you take in these chaotic, yet exciting times.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer