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From Esu Immanuel "Jesus" Sananda to the Bellringers

Anne Bellringer

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ayed in your Bible, but I am a warrior and I stand for Truth and the Laws of God and Creation.

Just because there are other communication out there with my name attached to them should not give you any cause to think that what you are hearing is not from me. You have known me all your life, chela, and I speak to you almost in stern tones to know that you are hearing correctly, and that it is I, who is speaking to you with authority. I have not changed, nor do I intend to change just to fit someone’s personal view of me from the Bible. Soon all shall know WHO I AM, as I come in glory and power at my Second Coming.

The Darkside has never quit for one minute, even though we have met them challenge for challenge, and have removed many Darkside leaders. These minions have continued their dastardly actions of destroying people and Mother Earth in the process, and have started another war to stop the Golden Age of Peace, which starts with NESARA.

You and Patrick have good connections to those, who know what is going on, and have bravely put forth the play by play of action dealing with NESARA. There has been a great struggle to deliver packets to the people from the prosperity programs, and there have been many delivered and you have proof of that, however, there remains a number of bank packets that are yet to be delivered. These will not be delivered until after the NESARA announcement.

The fighting in the Middle East has been started to stop NESARA, the Golden Age and to gain control of the Stargates and to gain control of the oil. Israel also wants all the water rights of Southern Lebanon. The Forces of Light have been helping in many ways, even though it is not seen nor reported to you via your lying news media, or even the internet. The evil ones, who have bombed Lebanon killing people and destroying Beirut and other parts of Lebanon, have made for themselves the loss of their very soul. There have been many miracles happening of which you are not aware, and the end of this fiasco is very soon.

The media hype you see is part truth, part lie, file tapes here and there, and a presentation to the American people that they need to support Israel and fight this war. People are seeing through the lies and the rising gas prices, and realize that it is a war of controlling oil. Some people are realizing the One World Order’s goal of total world domination by seizing the Stargates, so they can call in the outer world dark forces to help, and also to kill, kill, kill the Arabs, whom they perceive as their enemies.

There has been disintegration of weapons and bombs by the Forces of Light, leaving the soldiers manning the military equipment standing on the ground with no weapons. There have been those of the military in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and even Lebanon, who have been beamed aboard ship, as they were not willing to fight. They are attending Starship School, and will return at First Contact.

All I can say is that all this is to stop very soon. Creator God/Aton has decreed by the authority of Creator Source, that Earth Shan shall move into the Golden Age of Peace. The deadline is set, and it is very soon. The NESARA announcement is momentary, and can be at any time. All military personnel world-wide shall be ordered home, and your temporary government set up. Be prepared then, for First Contact very soon after that.

What a wonderful day lies shortly ahead for Mother Earth. Those that have chosen to stay and usher in the Golden Age of Peace shall have their full memory restored. All people shall again realize that ALL ARE ONE. They will remember all the lifestreams they have had, as other races, creeds, and each lifestream was chosen to learn lessons.

I am Esu Immanuel “Jesus” Sananda of the One Light of Creator Source. Do not give up hope or think I have forgotten about NESARA. Things are coming together quickly, and all is in sequence for good things to happen. Keep attuned with your God-Spirit, your I AM Presence, who knows all.

I leave you ones, but am only a thought away. I would enjoy another communication with you ones, Anne, so do not hesitate to call upon me. Salu.