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Message from Creator God Aton

Through Anne Bellringer

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o ALL THAT IS. That means you are connected to Creation/Creator Source and to me, Aton, Creator God of your Universe. You have cleared yourself and are communicating directly with me, ATON. I tell you Truth, and you can verify that through your own God Spirit. The Dark Ones are not permitted in your space.

At this present time, I shall tell you that your country is at the major cross-roads of history. Either the U.S. shall rise to the heights for which she was created, to lead the world in goodness and harmony, or she shall go down in ignominious defeat into the dust of history, a once great nation that succumbed to the dark lords and was trampled under the feet of the lesser nations, who used to look up to her greatness.

It is with joy, at this moment, that I give you the latest news. You can verify it by your own God Spirit within, and know that this is Truth. The Lightworkers all over the world have been praying for the U.S. to defeat those Dark Lords that have come to rule your country, and hopefully, the entire world. They have risen in darkness, fear, and the mightiest powers of Satan. They have lost sight of the goodness they could have achieved, and instead have made themselves gods of your world. Since Heaven did not interfere with their plans, as this is a freewill planet, they have succeeded in proving to themselves that truly, they are the gods and rulers of this world, and nothing, and no one can stop them. Since there was no interference from Creator, they absolutely believe they are gods.

Since they come back again and again without memory, they come back to the same frequency and continue on toward their One World Order goal. They have in past lifestreams conquered in Atlantis and other civilizations, and in the distant past have destroyed other planets, namely Venus and Mars. Their lust for conquest has never subsided, for they come to conquer and prove they are the Lords of the world, and their goal is lust, greed, power, and control.

My chelas, their time has now ended. Ever since your planet has borne human life, which is like the stroke of midnight in the over-all beginning of Earth Shan, they have conquered and ruled. Each successive lifestream they have worked toward their goal, only to return again and again to reach their final goal of total world domination. They did leave a couple of things out in their equation.

Number one: Mother Earth. They did not realize that Mother Earth is a living sentient Being with her own freewill, and they neglected to realized that this living planet has asked for her right to birth into a higher dimension. She has served well for millions and millions of years, giving her all to the inhabitants, who lived upon her surface. She relishes those of the higher dimensions, who reside in Inner Earth, but it is those humans, who now reside upon her surface, that are her main concern.

She has given all but her own life to these dark ones, hoping they would turn to the Light again, but alas, they have continued on their destructive path to the point where Mother Earth can no longer tolerate their presence. She, at last, has been granted birthing to the 5th dimension, where no evil shall dwell upon her surface. The Dark Lords have neglected this point, and since they believe not in Creator Source, nor think the earth they live on has any feelings, they have thought to be free and clear to do what they want. No longer is this the case.

The second point that the Dark Lords have not considered is that those humans, who return lifestream after lifestream without memory, have agreed to do so. This last lifestream of 3D on Earth Shan presents to these Dark Lords those, who desire to help Mother Earth in the process of their soul growth, and to assist her in obtaining her birthing. So all, who have come back this last 3D lifestream, are Returned Masters. Their contracts are with Creator God Aton and Source, and they wish to complete the Mission of bringing Mother Earth into her birthing. Many of these souls have not awakened, but many have, and are using their thought-power through their God Spirit within, the connection with Creator God/Source/Creation to defeat the Dark Lords.

This accomplishment has taken a toll on the Lightworkers, who have fought a great fight for goodness. The Dark Ones/Lords have not considered anyone connected to the Higher Realms, as they totally believe in their power.

Well, their power is now gone. For the first time in millennia, they are realizing that their power has been met with a Greater Power. Namely, those ones who have been dedicated to goodness, harmony and balance, have now at last come forth with power and might to meet the Dark Lords in battle, both physical and spiritually.

In plain words the power of the world’s money now lies in China. It is not the present Chinese corrupt system of communism, but the Family Dynasties that have kept quiet, kept the faith, and hold the wealth of the world in their hands. They have come forth, namely the Global Family, to declare victory over the Dark Lords. There are many, who have worked in secret under them, that will bring forth the 3D physical power to defeat the top Lords and topple the evil reign they have held for millennia.

So, my chelas, the Chinese Secret Society, which you have heard and read about, has been activated against the Dark Leaders, namely the Illuminati, who have run the evil “show” far too long. The entire planet is in jeopardy, as mass genocide, nuclear war and all sorts of horrendous acts to de-populate your planet are in the “works”. Their final trump card would be the destruction of Mother Earth, if it came to that, if they would not achieve their goal of world domination.

The challenge by Benjamin Fulford and the Chinese Secret Society to the Rockefellers, the “eye of the pyramid”, was met by the destruction of the world’s largest nuclear power plant in Japan with two major earthquakes caused by microwave technology. This is the final act of evil these ones can make, not only against the people of the world, but against Mother Earth. Creator Source has disallowed any nuclear war, even those these evil ones plan to start in the first week of August, 2007 against Iran, Syria and Pakistan. The fabric of your universe was shaken badly by this evil blast against the world’s largest nuclear plant, and that is why the Forces of Light have cleaned up the nuclear waste and have neutralized the effects of the radiation in Kashiwazaki, Japan.

Still, your Dark Lords sent Mr. Paulson to China to beg for 7 more days of grace until August 7, but the Global Family has made it very clear that all the deadlines have been passed, and no more grace period is left. The reason Mr. Paulson went to China is that your evil Cabal, run by the Illuminati, needs more money. This money would not have been to hold up your failed economy, but to use it to start their Nuclear War they have planned for centuries. That SHALL NOT HAPPEN!! As Mr. Paulson was told and I quote freely: “You no longer shall have any money, as of today. You have broken all your agreements, and for that you shall go penniless, as you wish for the rest of your nation. You shall be found wanting and begging for a tidbit to eat, just as you have forced such upon your people. The only way you shall have food for your bellies is to allow the goodness to happen as is planned. You no longer shall reap from the poor and wanting and make slaves of the world’s people in killing, murdering, raping, and devastation of our Earth. If you agree to allow the goodness to flow into your nation, you shall be fed, housed, and clothed. If not, you shall be destroyed and found wanting. No one shall receive you, not even Heaven. You shall reap what you have sowed. Your Kingdom is scattered, and you are history”

Anne: What did our evil Cabal decide?

Aton: The finality of their situation has been to finally look at the outcome of their evil kingdom. They have seen themselves begging in the streets for food, asking for others to kill them, but the masses ignore them, and they go hunting, begging, and unable to even kill themselves. At last, they have agreed to allow the funding to come forth to your nation. Many of the Illuminati are now gone, and the minions below them fear for their life, and cannot make any more moves. They are boxed-in, cornered, and chained to their evil.

I see today as a great day in your nation. The Lightworkers have prayed, fasted, and done all they can do. Many are weary and tired, and some have lost hope. However, goodness shall reign at last on your planet, even if for a short while. The time of birthing of Mother Earth is up to her. Those deliberate earthquakes in Japan did not help, but I can tell you that her tipping can be anytime. Mother Earth shall have her balance, as the abundance (money) shall be evened out to the people. How long you have after the abundance happens, which I predict shall start today, is not known, but it is not long.

Keep the faith and do what you are doing until the very end. Goodness is upon you of Earth Shan this very day. I leave you with hope and joy, that at last NESARA and the funding shall be done, as petitioned by mine ones. The “octopus” of evil has been severed in thousands of pieces, unable to be reconstructed again.